30th Birthday Weekend

Thank you for sweet birthday messages on both the blog & my Instagram.  It has now been 3 full days since turning 30, and I must say … so far, so good.  I celebrated in the best way I know how, with lots of special people who made entering a new decade pretty memorable.  Most notably, of course, my main girl & the best gift I could ever receive.

My actual birthday was spent with that sweet face, as much as possible.  We had lunch out, a shopping date, & dinner with our families.  After a few days of being back at work, lots of quality time with Waverly Maye was just what this birthday girl needed. 
Of course, she totally stole my thunder at dinner with her ruffled collar & mary jane shoes.  I forgave her & have a feeling she is going to be upstaging me for quite a while.  And though I haven’t completely given up my shopping habit (although my wallet would really benefit if I did), it is true what they say.  Once you have a kid, their wardrobe quickly becomes more important than your own.
I am totally “that girl” who is always with her child.  I really do cherish my moments with Waverly and hate leaving her, like ever.    So nights (exclusively) with my girls have been few & far between.  I am proud of the fact that we have all stayed close, even through some major life changes, but most of our time spent together has been with kids & husbands.  And I do still believe that there is nothing like a girls night, they seriously are good for the soul.
So Friday night was a LONG overdue girls night, complete with lots of girl talk, margaritas, and dancing.  Apparently life does exist after 9pm, I just haven’t been a part of it in quite some time.
And because turning 3-0 totally translates into 3 nights of celebrating, my birthday celebration was extended one more night for a romantic evening with the husband. 
The original plan was to have our first entire evening child-free while Waverly stayed with my parents, but long story, short …. we were home by 8:30 with Waverly Maye sleeping soundly in her room.  Since I have been back to work this week, Waverly has had enough change without us throwing her even more for a loop & leaving her for the night.  It must have been the thirty-year old in me to make such an adult decision. 🙂
Or more likely, the mom in me.  This same mom was woken up at 6am both mornings after I decided to celebrate the departure from my 20s, and like usual, Waverly didn’t care that it was my birthday weekend or that I was the least bit tired from the night before.  Good thing she’s cute.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & HAPPY LABOR DAY!

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