28 Week Update!

It’s official.  I have welcomed the third trimester with open arms and can hardly believe we are that much closer to meeting our precious baby girl.
And yes, she still is a girl. 
 (I know … it was confirmed two weeks ago but you know those stories in which the ultrasound technician gets it wrong, throwing the future parents into a complete whirlwind ´╗┐because of an incorrect wardrobe and color palette in the nursery.)
So that second confirmation came yesterday morning, at our second ultrasound and second sneak peek at our little lady.  She is now 2.5 pounds, with 2 inch feet, and some pretty adorable fingers, eyelashes, ears, and cheeks.  I fully admit that I am biased, and am so obsessed with her photo that I peek down at my phone every hour or so to catch yet another glimpse … as her image appears on my screensaver, of course.

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