22 Weeks and Counting …

The time really is flying by.  I can hardly believe that I am 22 weeks pregnant and OVER halfway to the finish line – also known as the day I get to meet Baby Brickner for the first time.  It doesn’t seem long ago that I was wearing the tightest shirts possible in effort to draw attention to my “barely” there baby bump.  I realize this sounds backwards … but I seriously went from wearing flowy silhouettes pre-preganancy to slim ones from the very first days because I was so proud of the bump I was beginning to show.
These days, there is little reason to find the tightest shirts in my closet, as my stomache has grown to the point where it is quite obvious regardless.  Yes, there is definitely a baby growing in there and she seems to be getting bigger everyday.  In fact, last week marked the point where it became essential for new undies & bras.  I was starting to have indented lines all over the areas where my previous ones clearly didn’t fit.
It is hard to imagine what my bump will be like come July.  But the fact remains that I am honored to carry this little princess each & every day.
22 Weeks

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