Age:  Seven Months

Height:  24 inches

Weight:  16 1/2 Pounds

Milestones:  Waverly Maye is getting ready to be mobile.  She is sturdy as ever sitting up now, and can even go from sitting to her belly in order to grab something (most often a remote, cell phone, or computer).  She continues to like tummy time more and more, which totally confirms my belief that she is getting ready to crawl.  And (at least for me!), the most exciting milestone of the month?  I am almost sure that she said her first word.  And yes, it was MOMMA!  Although my husband doesn’t want to admit it, both my mom & sister-in-law confirmed my intuition.  Although I assume one day I may feel differently, I could seriously hear her utter those sweet syllables ALL.DAY.LONG.

Sleep:  When I write these monthly updates, I often look back on the month before to see how much Waverly has changed in just four short weeks.  Looking back on the 6 month update, I realize exactly why I am superstitious and hesitate to comment on how smooth our nights are going. As previously posted, our nights were anything but peaceful this past month.  Our “perfect sleeper” stopped sleeping on her own, and instead wanted to bunk up with us each night.  I am rather elated to report that at the moment, we are back to normal (although I am nervous to …)  I will post soon on the details of how we got there.

Eating:  Our baby girl is growing up … and eating more foods than ever.  We are now officially on a eating routine of oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal & a fruit for lunch, and oatmeal & a vegetable for dinner.  All of the oatmeal is mixed with breastmilk, and she has snacks of breastmilk in between each of her meals.  It does seem we have a picky eater on our hands, as the only vegetable she really seems to like is sweet potatoes (we tried green beans, peas, and avocado … and all were a no-go).  She loves all of the fruits though, which totally makes me think she has a sweet tooth like her momma. 🙂   

Favorite Moments:  This month is no different from others, in that I pretty much love every minute with this spunky little sweetie.  She has made the most mundane, routine activities so much fun … and I continue to drive home from work each day with butterflies at the thought of hanging out with my girl.  Our favorite place to be most likely is still the mall, and we also love her weekly classes at the Little Gym, spending time outside, and (a new destination) the pool at our recreation center.

Worst Moments:  Without a doubt, the (only) bad moments of this month all have to do with Waverly’s sleep.  But as posted before, even the worst moments with her are better than any day I had before she was here.

Extra Comments:  Seven Months?  At times I can’t believe she is already over half-a-year old, but when I think about it, I seriously can’t fathom life before herI totally get why moms get sad as their babies grow, but for me, I really do enjoy every step as she gets older.  She gets more alert, fun, and I truly can’t believe I am lucky enough to keep this girl forever. 

No, these photos are not from Waverly’s birthday, as we have until July to prepare for that.
And, by the way, “prepare” for her first birthday is obviously more than an understatement.  I will try to keep my desire to have a festive, themed entire day-long extravaganza (halfway) to a minimum.  But it’s going to be hard.  Anyone who knows me could tell you that.
Thesse pictures, however, were taken for another reason … and one reason only.  And that was to wish Waverly’s Papa G a Happy, Happy Birthday!  Waverly Maye is the first grandchild on my side of the family, so needless to say, pictures of her are the perfect way to start my dad’s celebatory day.  And even though we clearly do not have a lack of those, I have a hunch that a few more will bring a smile to my dad’s face.


I get asked a lot about how we decided on Waverly Maye’s name. 
Honestly, we didn’t decide on her first name until the final moments in the delivery room.   
We went in with two names that we both liked, but each liked (a different one) a little more than the other.  Needless to say, after 48 hours in the hospital before meeting our baby girl, her name was Waverly … the one I preferred. 🙂
Her middle name, however, was finalized as soon as we found out we were having a girl.  Maye was my maternal grandmother’s middle name, and so … Waverly Maye is named after her, in honor of my dad.  We love you more than you know, Papa G. Happy Birthday 🙂

YAY for Friday! 
And the fact that this Friday marks the end to a really good week.  Last time I posted Friday Facts, I definitely wouldn’t have considered that week the most positive one I had ever had. 
See post here.
In short, over the course of five days, I got a sinus infection, had two different sick babysitters, and lost my keys on a quick errand to Kroger … all on approximately five hours of sleep TOTAL as my sweet girl decided to stop sleeping unless she was being held.  What I didn’t include in that post because it happened later that Friday afternoon?  
Losing my cell phone and having to retrieve it (cracked) from a homeless man who found it on the side of the road.  
I won’t even begin to defend myself on that one.

So yea, it’s safe to say that this week has been a little bit better.  Life is back to normal around here as Waverly Maye is now sleeping again. 
On a side note, I am extremely superstitious, so fingers crossed I don’t completely mess this up by proclaiming this major milestone.
Getting to this point was certainly not fun (a few nights of tears, both from Mommy & Waverly Maye), but now that we are here, everyone is much happier.  Even the dog.

This week’s crest & crash?
Again, they are one in the same.  It’s funny how that always seems to happen.  
I  believe that Waverly Maye is about to crawl.
That’s right, people.  I said it.  My entire life, as I know it, is about to change drastically.  The days of setting our newborn down on her playmat to grab at the toys above her as we admire her calm, serene self are about to be OVER.
It’s time to baby proof the house because something tells me this little lady is going to be a wild one.

Momma, this is one big world.  You really expect me to stay still?  How would I ever see it all?
Waverly’s bunting is Northface; Hat is from Old Navy (No longer available).

Enjoy your weekend. We will be bracing for the craziness we are about to endure.

If I am perfectly honest, my mind is most often in style overdrive.  Fashion is pretty much my obsession.  I would be embarassed to admit how many minutes of my day are spent thinking about potential outfits, current trends, and my favorite stores. 
Before having my daughter, I had always heard that after kids, style no longer matters.  Most moms could care less about it.  Unfortunately for my wallet, that didn’t happen for me.  If anything, my desire to go to the mall has only gotten stronger.  Why?  For obvious reasons … to dress that cute girl of mine.  And truthfully, I still like to look nice myself, too.  Maybe not as much as before, but the need is definitely still there.  Fashionable moms can be good moms, too, right?  I really don’t think I need the “mom haircut” to be able to be effective at this new role.
So for all of the reasons listed above, and more, I am SUPER excited to link up with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan next week for Trendy Tot Tuesday.  Babies AND fashion?  I’m not sure it gets any better than that.
I’m so anxious to get started that I have to talk “Waverly Wear” now.
Actually anyone who knows me is aware I could talk Waverly Wear everyday if that was socially acceptable.
Today’s trendy topic?  Scarves for my baby girl.  It may not seem like scarves & a baby are a good match, and they certainly are not in high demand or taking over the racks at Carters.  However, we like a good accesory in this family, and furthermore, most of anything I wear, I feel like Waverly Maye can rock, too.  Here is my girl in some of her stylish scarves …

Onsie; H&M, Pants; Baby Gap; Shoes; Zulily; Headband; Baby Gap;
Scarf; Etsy
Outfit; Zulily, Shoes; H&MScarf; H&M 
Dress; Zulily; Tights; Babies’R’Us, Blanket; Target, Hat & Scarf:  H&M
Overalls; OshKosh, Onesie; H&M, Shoes; Zulily; Hat/Scarf Combo; Etsy
 So there you have it.  We love a scarf.  And perhaps the best part?  Most of them she won’t outgrow as quickly as her other clothes.
(Come on ladies … you know the best part of an accesory is that they always fit!)
Looking forward to next week for my first official Trendy Tot Tuesday.

 Since I will be a mom to a seven-month old in a week, I figured it was time to share our 6-month favorites.  This month has been eventful, with lots of highs & a couple of lows (a lack of sleep & the results of it).  So our favorites are pretty much all over the place. 
Here they are:

1; Baby Bullet Complete Care System;  I must be honest.  My super helpful and rock star husband makes most of Waverly’s food with this product.  But from what I have witnessed and tried on my own, it is super easy to use.  It is a cheaper way to make healthy, organic baby food and we love it.
2; Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Mirror; I don’t know who loves this mirror more … me or Waverly Maye?  It is so cute, and keeps Waverly entertained while I get ready right next to her.  It is so fun for both of us and pretty much fulfills one of my lifelong dreams.
3; WubbaNub Giraffe; The WubNub is a hot commodity in our home.  It is that comfort item for Waverly, without a doubt.  We get really nervous when we misplace it. 
4; Cloub B Sound Sheep;  Our other nightly must-have.  We would be lost without our sleep sheep, so much so that it makes me nervous for our future (Will Waverly be ten with her sleep sheep?  Is that a problem?).  The white noise it provides definitely helps our sweet girl sleep, and that certainly comes at a premium these days.
5; Trader Joe’s Wine;  OK, so this one is obviously for me.  As previously posted, we have definitely had some sleep issues this month.  Ones that resulted in more than a few tears to get Waverly Maye to sleep on her crib on her own.  So with no further explanation, a glass of wine is certainly a favorite of the moment.  Actually, an essential.  And Trader Joe’s cheap wine?  You can’t beat that.

Waverly using her mirror, while Mommy uses hers.  Words can’t describe how happy moments like these make me.  I love having a girl.  Times like these make up for all of those nights with no sleep.