2012 Resolution

In a previous blog entry, I referred to the fact that this is not my first experience in the “blogosphere.”  In fact, throughout the 18 months of planning my 2011 June wedding, I blogged about my experience most days of the week.  Throughout the process, I realized how therapeutic journaling online can be, and since, have been lucky to have a record of my innermost thoughts during the months of 2010-2011.
So as I look forward to what is sure to be another eventful & memorable year ahead, I once again can’t help but to think of a resolution to keep for the months to come.  And because of my blogging history, I was able to look back to my “2011 Resolution” in the Burgundy Bride Book gifted to me by my husband on my wedding day.  According to the entry written on Sat., Jan. 1st … I made a promise to myself to:  Savor each moment & to appreciate all of the things that so many special people in my life are doing to make my day perfect.
And as I look at that now almost exactly one year later, it seems rather fitting to this year ahead as well.  Obviously, it is important to cherish this time with my husband, family, & friends … since it will be the last time I can before my little peanut arrives.  But furthermore, and more importantly, I hope to have a healthy & safe pregancy that I can look back on fondly … one that I was able to thouroughly enjoy. 
Oh yea … not to mention my second resolution:  To get my growing body on the treadmill each day to reduce the amount of fitness/dieting I will need beginning this August. 🙂
Happy New Year!

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