2012 in Photos: Part Two

My look back on 2012 continues today, and these pictures are (without a doubt) my favorite since they are all with my Waverly Maye. 
10 – The first official photo of Waverly Maye on her birthday. 
This was taken 48 hours right after she was born, which was (by the way) 48 hours after the induction process started.
Just saying.  Yet she was (obviously) more than worth the wait. 
9 – This picture was taken the night she was born, in her very first outfit.  I love this outfit, and will definitely keep it forever.  Admittedly, a lot of thought went into her first ensemble, and the end result couldn’t have been more perfect.  And neither could she. 

 8 – This was Waverly’s “take-home” outfit, first time in the car seat, and first time out in the world.  Just like her first outfit, we searched for the perfect ensemble to take her home in.  Just like her … the chosen attire was classic & feminine, with a fashion forward twist. 

7 – One Month!!!  Like many others, I have been taking monthly photos of Waverly Maye since she was born.  This photo shoot was definitely the hardest, since she was just a tad fussy at times when she was first born, but I managed to get a couple pictures.  Even though she is a little more squirmy now, we definitely have more options for from our monthly photo sessions. 

6 – Our first family trip to the zoo!  I like any kind of family activity, so I had been looking forward to taking my baby to the zoo since I first found out I was pregnant.  And even though Waverly was a little young to enjoy the entire experience, her bright blue eyes were wide open the entire time, just taking it all in.

5 – I obviously have a ridiculous amount of pictures of Waverly …  in all different looks, in different positions, on different blankets, and on a bunch of different baby gear that we have in our home.  But for some reason, this is one of my favorite.  It may be the adorable baby legwarmers, but I think it has more to do with her precious smile.  This was right around the age that Waverly started to develop her sweet & spunky personality that I love oh so much.

4 – Another family outing I had been looking forward to since first starting to develop my baby belly?  The pumpkin patch, of course.  I love fall, the change of weather and the excitement of the holidays to come … and experiencing it with Waverly was that much more special.

3 – Another pumkpin patch picture, from a different day.  I actually would have gone every day in the month of October if my husband would have let me.  This picture is one of my absolute favorite of me & my baby girl!  It says so much about how much I love her.  🙂 

2 – Thanksgiving night, with my two favorite blue-eyed people in the world.  Another memorable, magical night with our baby girl.

1 – I’ve obviously made my love of Christmas clear, and how special it was with Waverly Maye.  This reindeer picture was my favorite of the many I took over the two days.  It shows how she was just taking all of the excitement of the day in.
So there you have it.  2012 is hours from becoming history, merely a memory of a significant year that has certainly changed our lives forever.  We begin 2013 as a family of three, with so much to look forward to that I can hardly stand it.  My resolution?  Not much different from last year.  It’s to enjoy every single moment, to live in those moments, and …
to keep blogging about all these moments so I won’t forget them.  And so Waverly Maye can read about them all one day too.
PS – I hope she will.


  1. January 1, 2013 / 4:36 pm

    What an amazing year! Happy New Year! 🙂

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