2012 in Photos: Part One

Now that 2012 is officially coming to a close, its an obvious time for reflection.  Without a doubt, it’s been a big year.  It was at the beginning of this year that my journey towards motherhood began, and I certainly was clueless as to what it would bring.  Although I knew I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure if it was viable, what we were having, and to put it lightly, anything about being a parent.  Now, as I type today’s blog post, my five-month old baby girl is sleeping soundly in her brown & pink nursery.  Waverly Maye is on a (pretty good) routine, can roll over, and laughs out loud on a daily basis.
What a difference 12 months can make.
It’s apparent that I like to take a picture or two, so I definitely have quite the collection of candids from 2012.  It was definitely hard to narrow them down, but I figured it was the perfect way to reminisce such a significant year.  Here are my Top Ten Photos from 2012 (Part One):
(I tried to narrow it down to just 10, but seriously, that was impossible.  So bear with me, there are two parts to this flash-back post.)
10.  To be fair, I must point out that this picture was actually taken in 2011.  But it is that important to me, and so relevant to this year, that I had to include it.  This was the night that we told my family that we were expecting a baby!!!  And this baby-to-be was the first grandchild on my side of the family.  Needless to say, there was definitely excitement in the air. (And one year later, Waverly Maye is definitely not hurting for attention, she’s got plenty of love.)  
9.  I had to include one “bump” picture, because I took a ridiculous amount (surprised?).  This picture was taken in February, when I was about four months pregnant.  It is the first one with a hint of a baby bump that I could find (although it definitely got bigger than this).  The minute I found out I was preggers, I couldn’t wait for my bump to show and although I am certainly glad to no longer have to walk in Motherhood Maternity now, I was proud of my belly.  A definite change to my previous fashion philosophy, I always wanted to adorn tight tops/dresses to show it off.

 8.  The first photo of “Baby B” – that we could actually tell that he/she was a baby.  I was so proud of this picture – I brought it everywhere with me & even made it the wallpaper on my phone.  This was before we knew Baby B was a she, but even though I didn’t admit it then, I thought that little precious face looked rather feminine.

 7.  Best day EVER!  Baby B’s gender reveal party … when we found out that the little bun in my oven was a baby girl!  The only day I might have been that happy (other than my wedding day) was when we found out we were expecting.  I always hoped for a girl, but never voiced my strong desire, for obvious reasons.  The entire following day was spent shopping for ruffles, bows, and as many headbands as we could find.   

 6.  The start to Waverly Maye’s nursery!  My sweet husband surprised me by painting and setting up the room while I was on a trip to NYC.  It was the perfect surprise, and definitely made our upcoming major life-change feel a lot more real. 

 5.  My first baby shower, hosted by two childhood friends.  I love a celebration, and this was definitely a reason to celebrate.  I felt lucky to be able to feel the love from all of my girlfriends, and of course to snag some pretty cute clothes to add to my baby girl’s ever-expanding  closet.
 4.  My second baby shower, hosted by my sister-in-law & niece.  Another celebration full of pink & femininity that couldn’t have been more perfect.  This one was closer to the due date so we didn’t know if we would have an unexpected guest, but that definitely wasn’t the case. 

 3.  Three weeks before my due date, although my bump was so big that I was convinced I was going to go into labor early.  I was so ready to meet my baby girl, but since she had not decided to make her debut, painting a flag on my stomache in honor of the 4th was the next best thing. 
 2.  Maternity Photos.  One of the parts of my pregnancy I was looking forward to from the start.  They came out great and I’m so glad I have this documentation from this special time.  (I payed a ridiculous amount of money for that documentation, but nevertheless, I got it.  Totally worth it.)
 1.  YAY!  We made it.  Last picture as a family of two, as Waverly Maye was born two days later. 
(Yep, two days.)

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