18 Months of Remerie Rue

And just like that, our Remerie Rue is one + a half!  From here until September, closer to TWO than one, but still very much our little baby.  I haven’t done an update on her since her first birthday, it’s been such a fun (and wild!) six months since then!  Per usual, I’m going to be incredibly cliche and say how fast the time has gone and how wonderful + hard it’s been at the same time.  Because it is SO TRUE.  Having little kids (especially three of them) is like this constant tornado of feelings, so badly wanting to hold on to every cute little second + neeeeever wanting them to grow up, but also feeling this permanent state of exhaustion + wondering when life might just get a little easier again.  The craziest part is that even in the hardest of hard moments, you wouldn’t change any of it.  Either way, Remie is growing into this precious little lady + goodness WE ADORE HER.

A little bit about our 18 month Remie Rue, the absolute cutest, most destructive human alive.  She seriously is so freaking cute that it almost makes you forget how much of a handful she is, 99% of the time. 😉 The big girls call her “Remie Rascal” and tell me how fitting it is that we named her with two Rs, because she is always into something.  Always.  The bread drawer, computer, stack of important papers, basket of clear hair ties, second grade homework, stack of perfectly folded laundry – when you turn your head for two seconds, she is in it.  I don’t ever remember my other girls being this into all the things they shouldn’t (or starting tantrums so early), so I am already mentally preparing myself for the two’s, but also cannot help but laugh when she smiles every dang time that she does something she knows she shouldn’t + makes you forget all about it.  She is always reaching out to give a kiss or hug, and wanting to to cuddle or hold my hand.  Her laugh is the most contagious and even though she is still so little, she is always the first to hug one of her sisters when they are upset about something.  She is just the cutest little combo of sweet + sassy!

She loves being outside (especially on the swing), music, and mostly just wants to be around here sisters, whatever they are doing she wants to do it, too! 🙂 Lately she has been into “reading” books, she will grab a book + blanket and sit on the couch with it open and it’s the cutest thing ever.  She still sucks her same two fingers when she is upset, in a new place, or always when she is falling asleep, while simultaneously playing with her hair with her other hand.  And ANYTIME we see a dog or a tiny baby, she gets so excited + has to get really close, these are definitely two of her most favorite things.

The older she gets, the less she looks like either of her sisters, which is so funny + also so much fun to see the differences.  Genetics just amaze me!  She is truly our surprise little babe, the best surprise ever, with a look + personality all of her own.  We loooooove to love you, Remie Rue! 

For fun, Waverly’s eighteen month update can be found here + Avalon’s can be found here.  Being able look back on these is one of my favorite things!  XO


  1. March 12, 2020 / 2:01 am

    she’s so cute! i also love looking back on my blog and comparing my kids. it’s such a treasure!

    • Ashley_Brickner
      March 12, 2020 / 12:10 pm

      Thank you so much! And it really is such a perk! XO

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