12 Faves of Waverly: Part One

As I was listening to the holiday music channel on our TV the other day (you should try it … the celebratory options are endless!), and the classic “12 Days of Christmas” started to play – I couldn’t help but think of my Waverly Maye.  
Well, I actually am always thinking of her, a little obsessively … But you get the point. 
I thought of doing 12 Days of Waverly’s fashion, but I’m already doing that.  Actually, 25 days of that.  And I could do 12 pictures of Waverly each day, but its pretty apparent that I already do (over) that.  So today’s post will be neither of those two, but instead, (Part One of … ) Waverly’s 12 favorites … the current “things” that make her happiest.  Here goes …
12 – The Jumparoo; Waverly loves being in that “apparatus” more than any of the other vast amount of baby gear we have at our home.  Even though her short little legs don’t yet hit the floor, we strategically place a pillow beneath so she can go to town.  And she does.
11 – Her Baths; Waverly has always loved bath time, and still does as much as ever.  The evenings are typically her fussy time of day, but 20 minutes in her tiny tub is usually a no-fail cure. 

10 – The Jogging Stroller; A new favorite of Waverly’s & definitely one of mine.  Even though she is still a little small in it, we strap her in and she is immediately content.  And I get to fit in a workout.  Best.Invention.Ever.

9 – The IPhone; Well, the girl has good taste.  She is as obsessed with eating the Iphone as I am with her.  Even when I surround her with all of her toys, she only has eyes for my phone.  I can’t wait to give her the Iphone teether for Christmas – my guess it will be the new top of the list of her favorite things. 

8 – The IPad; My husband got me the IPad for my birthday when Waverly was just a month old.  I LOVE IT, already can’t imagine life without it, and use it often, especially when I’m breastfeeding and don’t feel like getting the whole laptop out.  Apparently, Waverly loves it, too … as she is almost as attracted to its screen as she is to the phone.  And I have downloaded her a couple of APPS (Giggle Gang!) that she loves.

7 – Eating; Speaking of breastfeeding, it still remains one of Waverly’s pasttimes.  And like mother, like daughter – it is one of my favorite times of the day, too.   When Waverly was first born, it was one of my biggest adjustments, but I am so glad I stuck with it because it truly is a bonding experience.

8 – Being Outside; It’s another one of those things that will calm Waverly down in a moment of fussiness.  We have both loved the unseasonably warm temperatures lately and as a result, the opportunity to be outside.  We definitely are not going to hibernate this winter.

7 – Mirrors;  Haha, this makes my daughter sound completely vain … but seriously if you were that cute, wouldn’t you smile at yourself too?!  I’m not quite sure if she knows it is her, but she LOVES to look at herself in the mirror.

The rest of Waverly Maye’s FAVES will be shared tomorrow.  In the meantime, a sweet photo of my little munchkin.  This will serve as Outfit #13 in her Chic Countdown to Christmas, even though it is not exactly a seasonal garment, I couldn’t help but share it.  It explains my feelings towards her in such a perfect way. 🙂 

Waverly’s Onsie is from Old Navy & her Headband is from Little Hip Squeaks on Zulily.

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