“0” Month Report

Even though I don’t feel “old”, I certainly am reminded at how fast time has gone when my students laugh at my recollection of having a pager rather than a cell phone when I was in high school.  In fact, they don’t even know what a pager is.  It is pretty unbelievable to me that I grew up in a world without social media/google/iphones, as I can’t imagine my life without all three now.  (On a side note, my iphone has been my lifesaver during my late-night feeding sessions.)  So to the point, I must admit that I am rather addicted to my phone, partly so that I can visit sites such as Facebook, BabyCenter Message Boards, and my new obsession, Pinterest.
Pinterest has so many ideas that it can become rather overwhelming.  So overwhelming, actually, that I am thankful that I didn’t discover it until after my wedding – or I would have had a major panic attack over all of the ideas it comes with.  And now that I am on to MAJOR baby brain, I have spent endless hours searching baby photographs, clothes, and creative ideas on the website.  One of my favorite ideas was to track baby’s growth & progress over each month during their first year of life.  So naturally, this is the perfect place to do it.  The plan is to include a picture and brief description of baby Waverly each month until she is one year old … and then she can look back on it one day.  Here is her first report, written by her mom all for her …

Waverly Maye @ 0 Months
There are so many people who love you so much already and have been to visit you during your first month of life- you are one lucky little girl.  Everyone comments on how pretty you are … they love your chubby cheeks, full lips, button nose, and of course, Mommy’s favorite is your red hair.  You can be so sweet with your big blue eyes, and have also shown your big personality with those high-pitched screams.  Your favorite time of the day is definitely bath time with Daddy, and always enjoy breastfeeding with Mom as much as you can.  You don’t like to put your clothes on, although Mommy is hoping that changes soon because she knows you are a true fashionista at heart (you showed us with how content you were during your first trip to the mall.)  You are so strong and can already hold your head up.  We love when you smile during your sleep and shake your head back and forth when you are extra hungry.  We just love YOU so much & can’t get enough.


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