Being Brickner : June 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

Strawberry Picking 2018

Aaaah, strawberry picking, forever one of my favorite activities!  I remember back when Joe & I were first engaged, driving out one day to the farm to pick, just the two of us!  Crazy to think that next year we will bring all three of our girls, who will be six, three, and about nine months.  Cannot believe it!

This time around my mom & brother came with me, strawberry season came right in them middle of the biggest renovations on our house so my husband was of course spending all of his extra time there, getting it ready for us as fast as he could.  Waverly loved it as much as every other year, she always takes it pretty seriously and works really hard to get as many as she can.  Avalon does not like strawberries, or really any foods that are not dessert at the moment, so she really could have cared less about the whole thing until we got bowls of ice cream at the end. 

Today is the last day of school and we are all so, so excited!!!  Bring on the summer adventures, hope yours is off to the best start! XO

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Waverly Maye's Dance Recital

It is officially the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL and we are sooooo excited to officially kick off summer in just a few short days.  This time of year is always pretty chaotic, I looked in my planner yesterday to find approximately 1496 things we have going on this week, but felt a whole lot less stressed when I turned to next week and it was mostly blank.  I don't think I have ever been more ready for some slow, non-scheduled summer days than I am right now!

Waverly had her third dance recital over the weekend, it was seriously the cutest thing ever and I wanted to take a minute to document how sweet it was because we really are so incredibly proud of her.  We started Waverly in dance when she was two & a half, I was actually in the hospital after having Avalon on the day of her first rehearsal three years ago, and it's crazy how far she has come since then!  She has now moved up to the 6-8 class and does an hour & a half of tap, ballet, & jazz each week -- I was nervous that after a full day of school she would be too exhausted for all that, but she loves it and it's one of her favorite days of the week!  She was crazy excited for her recital this year, she kept counting down to her "big day" and must have practiced each of her dances 100 times.  Watching her on stage was the best, she was so into it and you could just tell how happy it made her, which of course made me so happy.  And emotional, I feel like I blinked and she went from being one of the babies in the show to one of the big girls, hanging out in the back between dances looking at her yearbook.

She told me yesterday, the day after her recital, "mama, I just wish I could stay on stage and dance forever and ever".

Also worth noting, for the memory book, Avalon has zero interest in joining dance.  When I asked her for the tenth time last week, she responded with the longest, most drawn-out story ever -- "mom, if I did dance I would have to twirl, and then I would fall, and then I would get boo boo's.  And mom, I don't want anymore boo boo's.  So that's why I don't want to do dance."  Not sure how I argue with that.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Avalon Elle is Three!

Our Avalon girl turned an entire THREE years old yesterday, I am not sure where the time has gone but goodness I am loving this age with her!  She was so adorable about her birthday, we had been working on holding up three fingers for a couple weeks now and she keeps asking "now that I'm free, I can do the monkey bars, right?!".  The girls will be having another joint birthday party this year at the beginning of July, so we celebrated with a laid-back birthday brunch at one of our favorite restaurants over the weekend and then yesterday with an afternoon at the pool.  Simple and sweet, just like her!

Some things I always want to always remember about Avalon Elle from this age.

She has the biggest heart and is just THE sweetest.  She never lets anyone leave without a hug, and if she knows someone is upset, will get to close to them to sure they know that she is there.  She especially does this with Waverly, she will go give her hugs and say "it's ok, sissy".  She already loves her baby sister and gives my belly multiple kisses every day, I cannot wait to watch her become a big sister soon.

She talks a mile a minute, once she is comfortable where she is, and has a northern accent that is so random but is seriously the cutest thing in the world.  She tells the most detailed & long, drawn-out stories and also finds a way to convince you to let her do most of anything, she's so dang cute when she asks that it's nearly impossible to say no.

Of all the places we go, she probably likes being home the best.  She will play in her playroom for hours, mostly with trucks and balls and anything Peppa Pig.  The first thing she asks when I pick her up in the afternoon is when we are going home, she gets so excited to put on her favorite pajamas and just lounge around with her family.

She looks up to Waverly so much, is always thinking of her and wants to do everything just like her.  The other night the girls were supposed to be sleeping in their joint room, we could hear Avalon talking so we went in there and she was sitting on Waverly's bed, right next to her under the blankets, reading her a book while Waverly was sleeping soundly.  Sweetest thing everrrrr, and so true to her little personality.

She is so silly and loves to make others laugh.  If she knows that we think whatever she is doing is funny, she will do it forever.  At the same time, she is super shy at first and very careful about what she chooses to do, but always remembers everything about anywhere we are at, and tells us all about it later.

I still remember the day she was born three years ago so well, after another crazy long induction and labor, she came out with the face of a little angel, looking just like her daddy and with the sweetest demeanor.  So much has changed, but so much of that is still the very same.  Happiest birthday, Avalon Elle, we love you to the moon and are forever thankful you are ours!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Yesterday marked exactly two more weeks until all three of us girls are done with school for the SUMMERRRR!!  Gosh this is the most wonderful feeling every year, this time around is probably the best yet since most likely (unless she is really late), the next time any of us are back in school baby sister will officially be here with us!  Also my break will be super long, with summer plus maternity leave added on, I am going back to teaching next year but will take off until around Thanksgiving.  My due date fell within a few days of school starting, which obviously worked out nicely to get a long break, everyone asks if we planned it that way but she is our surprise baby & the timing was just complete luck!

With tons of house renovations still going on and a baby arriving in three months, I am going into this summer with plans to not make that many plans.  The girls are honestly just so excited to be in our new house and I know it's still going to take a while to get settled, so I am prepared to spend lots of days at home and that is exactly where I want to be. We have let some of our memberships go for this summer, spending multiple days in the heat at the zoo or aquarium or water park just really doesn't seem realistic for us right now - BUT our new house has a pool within walking distance so we just got a family membership there last week, which I am sooooo excited about!  It has a kids area and snack bar and does all sorts of socials throughout the summer, it's basically perfect for an incredibly pregnant mama and her two kids to post up at every day to take a break between nesting.  The only person who might be more excited about it than me is Waverly, she has been talking about it nonstop since we first went and when we asked her what she wanted to add to the summer bucket list this year, going to the pool was literally the only thing she wanted to do.

For all the reasons above, our list is super short this year but we couldn't go without one completely, can't wait to make these memories as a family before adding another little lady to the mix!

1.  Fishing with daddy.
2.  Our second annual lemonade stand (in our new neighborhood this time!).
3.  Camping in the backyard.
4.  Painting on canvases outside.
5.  Peach picking.
6.  Babymoon for the two adults only (most likely waaay laid-back, not too far away!).

Avalon really wanted to add "snow" to our list, and I really wanted to add about 5398 house projects, but we thought we would stop at six.

Happy June friends, and happy summer ahead! XO