Being Brickner : Snowfall 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Snowfall 2018

Well, the "snow bomb cyclone" (whatever that is) hit us last Wednesday night and we are still feeling the effects, yesterday we had our SIXTH day off school in a row.  So crazy!!  I always hope for one snowfall a year, we usually get our fill after that, but goodness it is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Thursday morning, the girls woke up bouncing off the walls, it was still snowing like crazy but they were determined to go out in it.  Avalon really wasn't that into it last year, but this time around she LOVED it, her favorite part was making snow angels and of course attempting to eat all the snow.  Waverly Maye could have lasted all day without going inside, she is such an outdoor girl, just like her daddy.  We switched off between movies and hot chocolate inside and then trips out in the snow,         and pretty much did the same for the the few days after.  We bought some sleds off Craig's List last year and it was definitely everyone's favorite part!  

It truly was so beautiful and such a fun way to kick off 2018, but we most certainly have a big case of cabin fever and are ready to get back to a normal routine again.  Hope you all are staying warm and having the best new year so far!!! XO

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  1. Those snow pictures are absolutely gorgeous! What camera do you use? We had lots in NJ, too. I'm ready for spring. ;)