Our Waverly Maye had her kindergarten registration this week, can you even believe it?!!  I know every other mama before me can relate, it really is such a bittersweet milestone.  Part of me wants to cry a river over the fact that this seals the deal that she is literally growing up before our eyes, but mostly, I am SO incredibly proud of her and so excited for what is to come.  I think it really hits home for me even more since I’ve been on the other side of all of this for the past eleven years (as a teacher myself), we all have so much to look forward to and I can’t wait to be her biggest supporter through it all.  I also selfishly am excited to have her on the same exact schedule as me now, one of the reasons that I went back to teaching last year!

We have been going back and forth for months on what school we would send her to (mostly whether I would bring her to my school with me or to our neighborhood school), and for a few reasons, we ultimately decided to send her to the school we are zoned for.  Honestly the deciding factor more than anything was that she is SO EXCITED to ride the school bus, and could only do that if she went to the school in our neighborhood.  She has been pointing out yellow school buses and asking when she got to ride them for as long as I can remember, and it was what she was most excited to do on her registration day.  So funny how the little ones love to do that so much, I can remember hating the school bus in high school and begging my dad (then later my boyfriend, who is now my husband!) to drive me and pick me up for school before I had a car myself. 😉

Waverly woke up Tuesday morning and the first thing she said was, “I am so, so excited!”, and then debated over her outfit forever.  After we finally agreed on one, she packed her purse with lip gloss, a couple toys, and a toy for Avalon to play with later that day when she got to see her. 🙂  I took the morning off so just the two of us got to go together, moments like that are always even more special since we don’t get to be together just us very often.

The parents pretty much spent the morning filling out paperwork and listening to basic information while the kids went on a school bus ride, toured the school, and listened to a couple stories.  Waverly hardly blinked when she lined up to leave and when she got back, she said, “the school bus was great and I met a really nice little girl who was wearing flip-flops, but I don’t remember her name“.  Leave it to my kid to only remember details about the fashion, she seriously gets it from her mama.  We walked around outside her school afterwards and she peeked in every room wondering if it would be her classroom, and was so excited to see that there was not only one playground, but two.  She seriously can’t wait, and it’s such a rewarding thing to watch & be a part of.

For fun, I asked her a few questions before we left, I’m thinking I will ask her the same ones on her actual first day on September and see how much they have changed!
What is your favorite color?  Purple (it’s been purple for two years now).
What is your favorite food?  Spaghetti & Meatballs
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Elsa.  Or Moana.
What are you most excited for about today?  Her answer was literally “yep”, I think she was over my questions at that point …
What makes you most happy?  Avalon.

Happy Kindergarten Registration Day to my sweetest baby girl, we love you more than you will ever know!!!! XO

At the start of the school year I wanted to add some hooks and a little “school corner” for Waverly, which of course turned into a corner for both girls because, sisters.  They always want what the other has, and so even though Avalon doesn’t go to school quite yet (or ever, if I have anything to do with it… ), she loves to take a backpack with her each day just like her big sissy does.  This space has gotten so much use this year, Waverly is really good about putting her backpack up each day when she gets home and I also try to use the hooks to add cardigans, jackets, hats or anything else the girls may need that day before I leave for work.
We hung the hooks down low so that they could reach it, so that left a pretty large blank space above it and I really hadn’t found anything I loved or that felt right to put there just 
yet.  A few weeks ago, Minted reached out about their Semi-Annual Foil Event and as I was scrolling through (so much pretty stuff!!!) I came across this and just knew it would be perfect.  I had a drawing of our family that Waverly had recently done so I uploaded that to be made into her own foil print, which was super easy, and our friends at Minted took care of the rest.  The day it came in the mail and I opened the, package my heart skipped a beat, it was just TOO sweet and I really will cherish it forever.  Waverly Maye was also very proud, I love that it is one of the first things you see when you open the door to our house!
Minted’s Semi-Annual Foil Sale lasts until the end of today ONLY!!!  Use the code shine for 20% off, and it will be good for Mother’s Day Delivery as well.  Happy shopping!!!  XO

Easter is behind us and with weekends feeling like they are going by in the blink of an eye, I thought it would be fun to make a list of some of the fun things we want to get into over the next couple of months.  Not included but definitely at the top of our list, counting down to SUMMER!  After we put our Easter stuff away the other day Waverly asked what holiday was next and then said, “oh I know, summer!”  Yep.

1.  Picnic in the park.  Which will probably be Avalon’s most preferred activity, most nights when we have dinner we ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was and EVERY SINGLE TIME, Avalon says “the biiiig slide”.  Whether we went on a slide that day or not.

2.  Family Bike Ride.  We have a bike trailer (similar) that fits both girls and they love it so much, it is big enough to fit a cooler and snacks, blankets, or fishing rods for the lake near our house.

3.  Organize the Outdoor Toys for the Backyard.  We have super exciting plans for this weekend, to completely overhaul all our random outdoor toys to get better use out of them!  I feel like we have random bubbles, chalk, balls … everywhere.

4.  Aquarium Day.  We recently got a yearly membership to the aquarium, it has a beautiful outdoor trail which I’m really excited to get some use out of.

5.  Baseball Game.  We haven’t been to a baseball game yet with Avalon, I know she (and Waverly) will be in it all for the snacks.

6.  Beauty & The Beast.  We haven’t been to see this yet so it’s definitely on our list to do over the next couple of weeks.  Waverly LOVES the movies so much and it’s become a really fun thing for just her & I to do together.  We did recently see Boss Baby, and it was super cute!

7.  Farmers Market for Flowers, Fruit & Veggies.  Always such a fun trip, this is such a fun time to year to do it!

8.  Playhouse Plans.  Both our girls have summer birthdays and we are planning to get them a big joint present this year, a new playhouse that can really grow with them!!  We have been going back & forth with how to do it, whether to buy a new one, buy a used one off Craig’s List and make it our own, or for my husband to just build the entire thing.  I have been pinning some lately and there are SO many cute ones out there!  Hope to share some progress soon!

Also sharing some pictures from some of my spring break and other recent fun (including a few Easter activities), getting outside after a long winter has been the BEST!!!!!

Wishing you & yours a very happy weekend!!!

So I took a blogging break, completely unintentional, but it’s been a crazy (and fun!) couple of weeks our way.  Last week Waverly & I both had spring break, which was so much fun, and I can’t wait to share pictures!!!  But first, Easter.


We went to Asheville over break and didn’t get back until late Thursday night, so I couldn’t wait to fit in all the Easter things with the girls before the official holiday. Saturday night, we set out cookies (and carrots & ranch, per Waverly Maye) and just like Christmas, Waverly insisted that everyone go to bed immediately and without books so that the Easter bunny would come visit our house.  It was so funny, she looked me straight in the eye and said “mom seriously, do not go downstairs at all, you can’t even get ice cream”.   Because she knows I like to eat ice cream at night all by myself in my bed. 😉  All the while, Avalon couldn’t stop talking about how she “high-fived the bunny, but no hug”, when we saw him at a festival that day.  She was so proud.  Once they got up Sunday morning, they couldn’t wait to go downstairs and see if he came, the sight of them walking up to their baskets holding hands was so magical and just the sweetest ever.

Until they started arguing over who got the purple fairy wings and who got the pink.  Note to self, identical Easter baskets from here on out. 🙂

Table (Similar)

We had breakfast at our house and let the girls play outside, and then went to my sister’s for brunch with my family and an egg hunt.  The weather here was so good, way warmer than any other recent Easter holidays, so we loved getting to eat outside and it really feeling like spring!!!

After naps and a couple walks around the neighborhood, we had dinner and lots of dessert with my in-laws, Waverly & Avalon loved being able to play with their cousins and extend their sugar high just a little bit longer!  As I was putting the girls to bed, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that another holiday had come and gone so quickly.  I know the days of our kids finding holidays so magical are numbered, and as exhausting as they sometimes can be, living them again through my kids eyes are one of my favorite parts of being a parent.  I always try my hardest to make each holiday so special and happy for them, but it really will never compare to how special they make it for me.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter and weekend with your family and loved ones!!! XO

We hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt and brunch over the weekend, something we look forward to every year!!  We started this with our friends and their little ones after we moved into our house when Waverly was two, and I have loved watching the kids grow each year so much.  Life seems to get busier and crazier all the time, so even though we have a lot of friends who have kids the same age as ours, it’s hard to get together that often.  Every time we do, it’s so worth it and I find myself thankful for my kids being able to grow up alongside the kids of my best friends from my own childhood.

Waverly was so excited to help with everything this year, we let her hide a couple of the eggs (for the “babies”), and she never turns down an opportunity to help me bake some cupcakes.  We did some mimosas and this French toast bake overnight, and then everyone brought something to share.  The kids had so much fun hunting, although looking back I know to get a lot more eggs to hide next year, turns out four-year olds can hunt way better and faster than three-year olds can. 😉

Our yearly photo at the end, I couldn’t get the camera back far enough to get all the kids in the frame, a total of thirteen (so far!).  Love these babes so much!!! 🙂  You can see last year’s hunt here and the year before here & here – all of which confirm my babies are growing TOO fast!  XO