Stopping in mid-week with some fun winter styles for both mama and babe!!!  Dressing two little girls is so much fun, I love finding creative ways to coordinate them.  I am always on the lookout for pieces that are versatile and budget-friendly, and also mix in a couple special pieces from small shops each season.  As for me, my wardrobe has changed so much in the past few years since becoming a mom, and even more so since switching over from high school to preschool.  I am all about comfort, while also still feeling somewhat put together and fashionable.  During the cold months, layering is my jam for all three of us, with solid, classic pieces mixed with prints and some fun accessories!
CardiganNecklace BootsNavy Dress Floral DressGrey SweaterGrey Tulle SkirtFringe BootsWhite Tulle Skirt
I am so in love with everything from Old Navy for the girls right now, their basic dresses are perfect for Waverly to wear to school and are cheap enough that I am not too worried about what happens to them!  The tulle skirts are our go-to, paired with tights and leotards during the winter, both girls love them to play dress-up around the house and they also look super cute to go out.  I’ve even found some versions for me, I recently pinned this article with some ideas on how to wear them.  A fun mama & mini matching moment for sure! 😉
For me, I love the idea of boots with a low heel, but also have been rocking converse more than I care to admit.  I was recently introduced to these sneakers, which are also so comfy & cute!!!  And a good cardigan which can be worn on repeat is everything.  If you are looking for a good read, I love this article with some more key pieces for women this winter.  Hope you are having a great week so far! XO

I love Thanksgiving weekend so much.  Pretty much for all the same reasons that I love the week before it, there is just so much excitement in the air and a thousand plus things to look forward to.  I love having an extra long weekend with all of us home and I love the start of all the fun holiday activities, which with kids, are just so much more magical than ever before.

Thanksgiving day, we all slept in until 7:30 (which is big for us!) and then snuggled in holiday jams eating some snacks before my family came over for brunch.  My brother was in town from Colorado, and my dad had just gotten back from a long trip in Florida, so we were so excited to have everyone reunited again.  The girls loved having them over, they took turns being held and snuggled by everyone and then performing some of their current favorite dances.  It’s safe to say that they never, ever lack for attention. 😉

After some afternoon naps, we all got ready and headed to my grandparents and sister-in-laws for dinner and dessert, and then ended the night with the fullest bellies and fullest hearts!!!!  And of course, so very excited to officially kick off the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂
My Dress
Hope your weekend was magical and relaxing and just all the happy things!  I’m excited to share some more pictures of our weekend and some fun holiday activities we have been getting into (and have planned!) later this week.  Happy Tuesday!

I recently started a new thing where every night I think of two things from that day that made me really grateful, or made me smile, or that were just two really wonderful things parts of our day.  I think I read it somewhere, I loved the idea of it because as any other mama knows, our days are not all rainbows and sunshine.  Far from it.  But even on the most chaotic, meltdown filled day we have, it would be impossible to not find at least a few things that brought me so much happiness.  In the new year, I’m going to try to write them down each night, I think it would make it that much more meaningful and I know I would love looking back and reading them one day.

This year we had our challenges as I tried to figure out the best scenario for me as a working mom, and though I love my new situation so much, there isn’t a work day goes by that my heart doesn’t hurt just a bit from being away from the girls.  We’ve struggled with some behavior challenges with Waverly, our oldest babe is still just as spirited as ever and who can sometimes push me right over my emotional limits.  But I think it’s overcoming those hard moments that make you stronger than ever before, and more thankful for all the good that you have.  Forever grateful for our two little girls, for Waverly’s love of life and for her sister that really knows no bounds.  For Avalon Elle, who is just as sassy as the rest of us, but who melts us with her sweet & sensitive demeanor, and makes us laugh with her little faces and new words.  For my husband, the calm to our crazy, the glue who holds us together, and the best example of unconditional support and love that I ever could have asked for.  And of course, our family and friends, the older I get the more I realize how precious and special the people around you really are.

Sharing some pictures from our weekend, it was such a good one!!

Wishing you and your families the happiest Thanksgiving weekend ever!!!!!  I am always thankful for the support of our family and for this wonderful community! XO

Tis’ the season for wanting everything, is it just me?  Thought I would share a few things I am loving this Friday, cannot believe that one week from today we will be officially kicking off the holidays with some Black Friday shopping.  Cannot wait!

1 – I got this holiday blanket recently to update my decor this year and I love it so much!  It’s so fun and cozy, the girls have been loving snuggling up in it, too.  It’s also currently on sale, wishing that was the case when I bought it! 😉

2 – One of Avalon’s favorite things to do is to lounge on any type of chair she can find, so her big gift this year is definitely going to be a little chair she can call her own.  I’m loving this bunny one, how sweet would a little one be all cuddled up in this?

3 – I use Lightoom to edit all of my photos, I’ve been using the 5th version forever now but would love to upgrade to the Lightroom 6.  I probably don’t use it even close to how I should, but love it for making my images lighter, darker, or fixing the exposure.

4 – Now that I am teaching preschool along with my mama gig, I am all about comfort more than ever!!!  I recently got these overalls and LOVE THEM!  Like wish I could live in them forever.

5 – We got this comforter a while ago, but haven’t share it yet!  I had been been eyeing it forever and finally took the plunge, it’s way more than we have ever spent for something like that but we really can tell the biggest difference in the quality.  It’s even more beautiful in person and just so comfy to sleep in!

6 – My most favorite of them all, some pictures of the girls & I recently on the most beautiful fall outing!!  I coordinated a wedding at this museum and just couldn’t wait to take the girls there, every corner of the grounds is just gorgeous and one of their favorite things to do is explore, so of course they loved it.  My mom came with me and we took them through an old fashioned drive-in for grilled cheeses and milkshakes on the way home, it was just the best kind of fall day.

My jacket is from Bernado fashions, it’s been on repeat lately and is especially perfect for rainy days.  Thanks to our friends there for sending it over!  And happiest weekend, friends!

Happy halfway through the week!!  Hard to believe that only one week from today is one of my favorite days of the year, Thanksgiving Eve!!  There’s just something so special about that day, the anticipation of Thanksgiving but also for the holiday season that officially kicks off with Black Friday right afterwards.  I don’t know that I have ever been as excited for a holiday season as this one, we will be able to do quite a bit more now that Avalon is older, and I just can’t wait to see the girls interact and really get to experience everything together.

I have really been trying to plan ahead and think about ways to make the holiday season special for them, not only things that they would like on Christmas morning, but also some fun traditions that we can do as a family.  A couple years back I started the advent calendar with Waverly (you can see the first year’s here), and plan to still do that with both girls, with activities planned that we can do each day or special little treats for them, I know they will love it!  This year I am also going to combine it with a few new books, on the last 12 days before Christmas they will get to unwrap a new book that we will read that night.  They both love books so much, it’s one thing that they really have in common right now and it’s also the one thing I never, ever feel guilty about buying!!!  I have rounded up some of my favorites, a few that we already have and a few others that I have picked up for the 12 days.

This is SadieI Had A Favorite Dress FlorabelleEmma I’m A Big SisterFlora The FlamingoOlivia

That big sister book will forever be one of Waverly’s favorites, she still loves to read it most nights and especially likes to read any of her books to Avalon!  Also have to share these jams, they have been one of our favorites for a couple years now and would be perfect for a boy or a girl.  We live for matching pajamas around here, literally every single night.  Waverly won’t have it any other way. 😉

Wishing you a very happy Wednesday!