Over the weekend, we celebrated Waverly Maye’s fourth birthday with a brunch, donut style per her request!  This might have been one of my favorite parties yet, donuts are one of our go-to weekend treats and I also loved seeing Waverly with all of her little friends who got to come.  This was the first year that she really had a big group of kids her age and she was so excited, we all had the best time celebrating her!

I really wanted to find a fun way to display the donuts, & the cutest shop Freestyle Mom pulled through with the most adorable stand, I am obsessed with it!  I also used a wine stand from our wedding to put donut holes in, and alternated with confetti, the girls loved getting to pick out their own cone.  In addition to donuts, we did an egg & cheese casserole, blueberry muffins, yogurt parfaits, fruit kabobs, and little cups of different cereal for the kids.

Gone are the days of throwing out a few bottles of bubbles, a plastic pool, or sidewalk chalk to keep the kids entertained.  My mom took charge of planning activities for the little ones, and I was so thankful, we pretty much waited until the last minute & I’m sure I would have learned the hard way if we hadn’t (with ten four-year olds, on a sugar high, with nothing to do).  My favorite game was donuts on a string, we just hung donuts and let the kids go to town with their hands behind their backs and it was the cutest ever!  We also had pinata, we let the kids decorate their own donut with icing, sprinkles and other treats, and at the end of the party, did a little painting with washable paints.  I actually love this idea for even a fun afternoon activity, we just got super cheap foam boards from Micheal’s and put them up against our fence.  

Inside, we did cake and drinks.  We had both mimosas and then a little milk bar, with mini-donuts around the straws.  I absolutely loved the donut cake, and also cannot take any credit for it, but it was adorable and one of Waverly’s favorite parts of her day!

I have vowed to plan only one party next year for both girls (I think it was sometime that morning, while four little hands were taking donuts off the stand as I put them on, I actually laugh now thinking back on what a circus our house had to have looked like pre-party).

But regardless of how exhausting stuff like this can be, it’s all worth it.  Before long they will be in high school and wanting to spend their birthdays anywhere but home, so I’m going to soak this in while I can.  And give them all the donuts they want. 😉

And lastly, thank you for your sweet birthday wishes for our big girl, it means so much!

Girls DressesDonut StandTissue Garland 

Four years ago today, I was four days overdue, in my second day of labor after being induced, and waiting on my first baby, the one who would make me a mama.  I was the first of my friends to be pregnant, my little girl would be the first grandchild on my side of the family, and I really hadn’t been around a newborn baby since my little brother was born when I was ten.  I was clueless about what to expect, maybe a little bit terrified, & excited out of my mind.
Waverly Maye, you finally made your debut at nine that night, 48 hours after they started my labor (my nurses said you might just have held a record), and you have continued to make yourself known ever since.  From the days that you were a baby, you have had this infectious, vibrant, spirited personality that is both addicting and exhausting all at the same time.  To know you is to love you, you are shy at first but you come around oh so quickly, and can make anyone feel like they have known you forever within minutes.  There’s a reason that most of the sales associates at both Target & the mall know your name, and it isn’t just because your mama likes to shop.  You are strong-willed as they come, but you have a heart of gold and want to take care of everyone around you, even if they are much older than you.  Touch is your love language, you love to love, baby girl.  You are determined, you hate not being able to master something the very first time you do it, but are ecstatic and so proud once you finally figure it out.  You are full of drama, you are spunky, you are sassy, you are as high-maintenance as I can imagine any little girl being – and you are simply incredible, more than we ever could have dreamed of.  We would not change one thing about you.
This year has brought so many changes.  You started school and though you were shy at first, it turned out to be the best thing for you.  You loved your class and especially your little girlfriends, and would spend hours upon hours teaching your dolls just like your first teacher, Ms. Heather, taught you.  You have watched your baby sister grow, and from day one, have loved her so fiercely.  Sometimes too fiercely (gentle is not your jam), but I have never for one second doubted your absolute deep-down love for her.  It’s amazing to watch and I don’t know that there is anything else in life that I’m more thankful for than that you both will have each other forever.
You ask me everyday “is me big mama?”, and want to know when you will officially be four, because then it means you are closer to five, and six, and seven.  You love to look at pictures of when you were first born and talk about how much fun it was.  When I ask you if you will be my baby forever, you laugh and say “no!” and that you can’t wait to get on the big yellow bus to go to school.  It makes me sad to think about how fast all of this is going and how big you are now, but then soon after you ask me to hold you or want me to cuddle with you and I realize how little you still are.  I remember that we will have each other forever, I still need my mom and I can only hope that you will always still need me, too.  Because I’ll always, always be there.
There’s little moments from my life that I remember so vividly, almost like I am reliving them (you will understand one day), and at the top of that list is about four hours after you were born.  I was by myself in the hospital room, your daddy had gone down the hall & they had taken you down for some testing.  They wheeled you in and you were laying there in your blue floral gown your grandma had gotten you, and your blue eyes were wide open, just staring at me.  It was the moment that motherhood became real for me.  My love for you (and now your sister) is unlike anything I have ever felt.  You drive me crazy, but within seconds, I can look into those same eyes and forget about all of the difficult moments because none of them compare to getting to be your mom.  There is nothing that has ever made me happier or more fulfilled than that.
I love you to the moon, Waverly Maye.  Happy FOUR, baby girl!
And PS – To celebrate Waverly’s birthday, I am giving away a store credit to two of my favorite shops, Hello Ellie & Emmy’s Pretties – head over to my IG to enter!

Happy Friday!!!  Kicking the weekend off with some of our favorite products, toddler style!  Waverly Maye turns four next week (so I think I can still call her a toddler, right?), and Avalon Elle is just over thirteen months, for reference.  I love reading other mama’s favorite products because we are always on the lookout for something new and wonderful, so hoping someone will find this useful!

Little Unicorn Muslin Blankets – These might have been on every list I have made for the past year or so, they are that good.  Even though both my girls are well past the swaddling age, we use these every single day.  They are great for cuddling, for a lightweight blanket at night, and Waverly loves to cover up her dolls with them when playing house.  Their prints are amazing and they wash so well.

Milestone Toddler Cards – We recently were sent these and have had the best time using them for the girls’ fun milestones!!   There are so many options, some that are more in line with what Waverly is doing (riding a bike, getting dressed on her own), and then others that are perfect for the stage that Avalon is in.  She just learned to climb the stairs so this week we documented that, which by the way, is not at all one of my favorite milestones.  The baby gates are back. 😉

Indoor/Outdoor Swing – Avalon is obsessed with swinging right now, it could easily keep her entertained for an hour.  It’s also a great way to keep her contained to one area for a period of time since she just started walking!  We love this one, and Waverly loves to help and swing her as well.

Dolls – Both my girls LOVE dolls of any kind right now, especially ones that are soft like these.  Waverly likes to play dolls (which is so much fun to listen to!), and Avalon gives them kisses and cuddles them.  I kind of have an addiction to buying more & more of them, I plan to keep them around as they grow and hope they can pass them on to their own kids one day.  Some of my favorites are BlaBla kids dolls and the ones from Candy Kirby Designs.

Colored Pencils – Waverly is all into arts & crafts, and I try to keep her busy with them lately since she is not in school right now.  We only use washable (trial and error), but she feels like a big girl using colored pencils or markers rather than crayons.

Stacker – This is hands down, Avalon’s favorite toy right now.  She has mastered putting the circle in, and we are still working on the others.  It’s so cute when they start figuring out toys like this!

Push Car – My mom got this for us for Avalon’s birthday, so that Waverly could push Avalon in it, and both of them love it so much!!  It’s gotten a little (or a lot) hotter lately so we haven’t been able to use it quite as much, but it’s such a fun alternative to a stroller for a little babe.

Mamas, I would love to hear any other current favorite products if you have them!  And wishing you all a very happy weekend, we have Waverly’s birthday party tomorrow so follow us here for some fun pictures of her birthday donut brunch! 🙂  XO

The girls & I went on a little vacay last week with my parents to South Carolina.  This was the first vacation we had taken in a while, and definitely since Avalon was born, since traveling with little kids just kind of terrifies me.  We are very routine-driven around here, and even though I’m all about making the memories with my babes, sometimes it’s just easier to do that when you are house is still within driving distance.  Please tell me someone else is as lame as me.
So yes, the packing for three which might have taken seven hours, the driving through the night so the girls would sleep in the car, and the adjustment back to normal life (which still hasn’t really happened) – I could have done without all of it.  But!  Every bit was worth it.  The girls had the absolute best time and seeing their little faces light up while adventuring through somewhere entirely new was just magic.  We were able to spend some quality time with my parents and though we missed daddy, he was able to get lots of house projects in while we were gone.  The resort we stayed at was beautiful, it had a crazy amount of pools (with bars!) & a trolley that took you straight to the beach.  Waverly learned how to swim without her floatie and Avalon officially started WALKING!  Moments we will remember forever for sure, there’s no doubt that vacations are good for the soul.
My Dress Waverly’s Teal Romper
Now we’ve been home for a few days and Waverly still keeps asking when the trolley will show up at our door to take us to the beach. 😉
Hope you all had the most fabulous weekend and are having a great week!  Halfway there!

 Happy halfway through the week!!  We are slowly recovering after a crazy weekend around here, if you follow us on IG, you may have seen that we ended up in the emergency room with our sweet little Avalon.  Very long story made short, after a week of her not acting herself, she spiked a fever on Saturday night of 105.3 and we took her straight to the emergency room.  They ran a ton of tests, tried to catheter her twice (unsuccessfully), and then hooked her up to an IV because of dehydration.  Twelve hours later, she was finally diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, which she is now on antibiotics for and getting better everyday!  Watching her be held down for IVs and catheters, especially while not knowing what was wrong with her, was just about the most heartbreaking thing I’ve been through.  But I am just feeling thankful that my husband was there to help me stay (halfway) strong, that my parents and in-laws were there to take care of Waverly throughout the weekend, and of course, that our sweet baby girl is now getting what she needs to get better.

A note to my fellow mamas, always trust your gut. We had taken her to the pediatrician earlier in the week and were told it was most likely a reaction to her shots, and a couple hours into the ER, the doctor discharged us and said she probably just had a stomache virus.  I am so glad that we decided to take her that night, and that we also demanded to stay – because she was so off that I just had a feeling it was something more.  As scary as the situation was, it could have been a whole lot scarier if she had gone longer without getting medicine. I will never second guess myself again, our babies are much too precious!

In much, much lighter news, we are getting closer to Waverly’s birthday party and getting very excited.  I wanted to share a print that the sweetest shop created for to us to put out that day.  I love it, especially the fact that it is 3D!  So fun & unique.  The shop has various other art prints, as well as apparel, lots of lots of adorable moccasins!!  They are so sweet to giveaway a $10 a shop credit to one of my readers, you can scroll to the bottom of the post to enter (it will be live until Friday, the winner will be announced Monday).  And for a 20% off discount, head here.

Lastly, I’ll be signing off for the rest of the week because the girls & I are headed on a little vacay with my parents!!  It was kind of a last-minute thing, and we weren’t sure if we would even be able to go now that everything happened with Avalon, but now that she is getting better it seemed to be even better timing.  We are very much in need of some fun time away from our normal routine!!!  Wishing you all a very, very happy week and weekend ahead!