Being Brickner : Fashion Friday: Florals & Dots

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fashion Friday: Florals & Dots

It's Fashion Friday & I'm super excited to share the set of headbands that I curated with Bumbelou Shop.  This is definitely one of my favorite collaborations ever, I know other girl moms can relate, bows are kind of a big deal at out house and it was amazing to be able to help on designing some!  Is it crazy to say, #lifegoals?! ;)

I knew right away that I wanted to do something purple, because still, one year & counting, it's Waverly Maye's "favorite color in the whole wide world".  She currently has one purple shirt (it's really hard to find purple!) and she asks to wear it!  And of course, I had to incorporate florals, the girls in matching floral headbands just melt me, so I paired that with a polka dot bow, a little bit of mixed prints, one of my favorite trends.

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out, Jenna did an amazing job of making my vision come to life and I only wish I had a pair of my own!

I have some images of the headbands in action, we've pretty much been wearing them non-stop!  Waverly in her big sister role just kills me, she now refers to herself as "mom" and won't let her "sweet girl" down.  Which can be interesting.  And Avalon's little face looking at Waverly.

I just can't.

The last one is definitely my favorite.

The biggest thank you to Jenna for working with me on this, her entire shop is absolutely adorable and I love the fact that she gives 10% back to children in need with all of her sales.  You can see her shop here & here is the link to purchase the headband set, you can get 10% off using the code SAVEWITHASHLEY.  Happy shopping, the set will only be available through Sunday!

And happy, happy weekend! Thank you again for your kind words and support this week, it really means so, so, so much!  Truly!  XO


  1. Oh these are adorable! I love them both, but I like the dots just a little bit more. Either way, the girls are perfect models for them!

  2. Your girls are so adorable.. These headbands are amazing !!! Chelsea @

  3. These pictures are adorable and love the headbands

  4. Oh my gosh - your little ladies are the cutest things. And, I had no idea purple was so hard to find!

  5. The headbands are darling!! Just like your models!

  6. Cutest little models, love the set!! What an awesome opportunity. :)

  7. Love these! My ovaries are crying for a baby girl.

  8. I love the bumbelou shop!! She has amazing stuff!! And wahhhh I missed this- why did I have to go on vacation this weekend?? :p

  9. Oh my word! They are too too cute. I need a baby girl! ;)