Happy Friday, hope you all had a wonderful week!!  I wanted to thank you for your tips on the best leggings, the consensus seems to be that zella leggings are amazing & I need to try them stat.  Also, how wonderful that we are all in agreement that leggings are in acceptable to wear every day of the week. I was hoping that I wasn’t the only one.

So before I share the cutest shop for Fashion Friday, three pictures to describe our week.  One, our Avalon Elle is officially a crazy lady!  As if it wasn’t enough that she’s a crawling champion, she’s now pulling up on everything to stand.  This seems way earlier than Waverly did any of this, not sure if it’s a second child thing or what, but this little 5% percentile girlfriend is FIERCE.  Time to lower the crib and to babyproof, again! 🙂  Two, the sweetest picture of the girls & my dad.  I’m the first one in my family to have kids, watching my parents become grandparents is one of my greatest joys of being a mama.  Also, look who is swinging like a big girl, Waverly thought that was just about the coolest thing ever.  And three, what I walked into the other morning when I came to get Waverly from her bed.  Apparently all of her princesses needed to be tucked in, too.


So Fashion Friday!!!  One of the best parts of having TWO little girls now is that now it’s at least a little more acceptable to keep adding to our accessory collection, and even better, it’s pretty much a must to get matching bows for them!  One of our favorite shops, Zozu Baby, has the cutest stuff, lots of colors & styles to choose from and all of them are so comfortable for little heads.  They have some really fun stuff for spring and Valentines Day, including these black bows that Waverly & Avalon wore this week.


The biggest thank you to Sandy, the owner, for sending over some bows to the girls AND exciting for you, offering one lucky reader a $30 credit to the shop.  You can enter below, the giveaway will run until next Thursday, the winner will be announced next Friday morning. Wishing you all the happiest of weekends!  XO

It’s safe to say that my wardrobe has changed over the past few years, & even more so in the last few months since going part-time at work.  I still love fashion as much as I did before, but the days of heels and short skirts are gone.  Like really, really gone.  There’s nothing worse than trying to “mom” when you are not comfortable, even if you were a fashion major in college.
I find that most of the days I’m not working I reach for the same few pieces over & over again, so I thought it would be fun to share those favorites, specifically for winter.  So here goes! 🙂
Leopard BeanieStriped TeeJeansBooties JacketScarfBlack PulloverShoes
 I like to start with a good long sleeve tee, striped ones of all different colors (especially neutrals!) have always been my favorite.  Then layer!!!  I got quite a few solid sweatshirts like the one above for Christmas & I LOVE them, so perfect for a day at home or errands with the girls.  And if you are looking for a good lightweight jacket that is really versatile but still feels fashionable, I got a green one (identical to the one I linked above) years ago and it’s still my go-to every fall and winter.

As far as bottoms, I love a good skinny jean, paired with booties, flats or even the Nikes I linked above (which I recently got & am obsessed with, I want to wear them everyday!).  Yeeeet if I’m honest, more often than not lately, all I want to do is wear leggings.  I never really wore them before I was pregnant, but I’m officially converted, jeans are just not even close to as comfy.
It’s probably really bad when you think that wearing jeans is dressed up.

So here is my question to you!  What leggings are your favorite?!  I loved these while pregnant, but have yet to find a pair I like as much for non-maternity, & I definitely don’t want to wear maternity leggings 7 months postpartum.  I’m looking for some that aren’t cotton or see through, that wash well, and that don’t look like work out leggings, if that makes sense.  Please share if you have a fave!

And happy halfway through the week! XO


Kind of.
First, we hope those of you who were affected by this blizzard of 2016 are safe, warm, & that you had a wonderful time enjoying the snow with your sweet families.  Here in Virginia Beach, per usual, the whole city pretty much freaked out and prepared for the worst, and we ended up with a whole lot of rain & sleet, and just a little bit of snow.  We were definitely hoping for at least a little more (like maybe enough for a snowman!), but we made the most of the dusting that we got.
Avalon’s Snowsuit
Avalon was all about it and would have stayed all day, so very true to her, nothing phases that little lady!  Waverly Maye, who begged me to go out, was definitely a little more skeptical.  One second she was cold & over it, the next the world was literally ending because the snowflakes “are not falling fast enough!  Mom, make them fall faster!!”. 
For the record, I really think she is convinced I have that ability.
We made soup, cupcakes, & blueberry pancakes, played endless games of hide & seek, and ventured outside a few more times.  By Sunday afternoon, all of what we got was completely melted away.  Dare I say we wouldn’t mind if we get one more visit before this winter is over?!  I know those of you who are digging yourselves out of inches of snow at the moment officially think I’m cray.
Cake Plate, Avalon’s Snowsuit
And now, it’s back to regularly scheduled programming.  Wishing you all a happy, happy week!!
PS – Two little PSA’s.  One, because I’m obsessed with babes in holidays jams, did you all see that Gap has their Easter pajamas out?!  LOVE these for the little ladies and these for the little men, too cute!  And two, Brickyard Buffalo has Babylit books on sale this week, I got them for the girls Easter baskets way too early. 😉  Happy shopping!

Here we are, less than one month since I was complaining about our 80 degree Christmas, it’s freezing out & I am officially over it.  Parenting is so much easier when it’s warm out, anyone with me?!  I don’t remember hating the cold this much before the number of kids we had doubled, but good lord.  Getting ready to leave the house takes forever when you have to layer, then you have to somehow figure out how to get the little marshmallows strapped into car seats, run in and out of everywhere, and maybe the worst, there’s no opportunity for a midday walk to give us all a change of scenery and some much-needed fresh air.  All that to say – warm air, we’re ready for you! 🙂  Yet if it’s going to be cold, we would like Avalon’s first snow (and may just get it this weekend!).

On a much more positive note, the girls have been so good lately, we’ve had a few exciting milestones (Avalon is crawling quicker than ever & likes food!  A lot!), and Waverly has just been all around GOOD.  We are thinking the second half of three might just be our sweet spot!  The whole “drop the nap” situation is still a work in progress, but we are getting there.  And their relationship is just cuter than ever lately, Waverly BEGS me to wake Avalon up every morning (um, don’t you know you don’t wake a sleeping baby!), and when Waverly fell asleep on the couch this week, Avalon spent the entire time staring at her waiting for her to wake up.  Sweetest!

Playmat – Rose Blanket – Pink Fur Pillow – Comforter – High Chair
Also, I have to record it, I asked Waverly how school was the other day and she listed off her five best friends, all girls, and when I asked about the boys she said, “mom, boys are grumpy & naughty.”
And let’s just keep that mindset until you are at least 16, ok?!

I’m super excited to share the cutest Etsy shop with you for Fashion Friday today, I collaborated with Little Bird Tuscan on a few of Avalon’s Christmas gifts & they are the cutest.  We got these teethers, which we love, Avalon always has to have something to put in her mouth and these are perfect.  They also sent us the bib, another must-have, for soooo much drool.  We love, love the prints, you must check out their shop!

Wishing you a happy, WARM weekend!

So now that it’s the new year & Christmas is officially a memory, it’s about time to finally share our photos taken a couple months back for our holiday cards.  I know other moms can relate, taking family photos is always fun but also brings some major anxiety, you just never know how those sweet little ones are going to act! 🙂  I am beyond thankful for our photographer turned good friend Brooke, she always manages to capture our family so beautifully, something I truly attribute to the fact that we are so comfortable with her.

My Dress, My Shoes (Similar), Waverly’s Dress, Avalon’s Dress, Girls Headbands
Narrowing down favorites for this post was near impossible, I these will definitely be added to our growing collection of photos that will cherish forever.

Happy halfway through the week, friends!!

*All images by the AMAZING Brooke of Brooke Tucker Photography.