TGIF!  I know you all are just excited as I am that Halloween weekend is officially here. Something about it being on a Saturday this year just makes it that much more fun, right?!  Also, I just realized that we are gaining an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night.  Sign me up ASAP & please give both my girls the memo. 🙂

 I wanted to share a few more photos from our week, we’ve been having so much fun celebrating with our most festive outfits and favorite snacks.  Waverly has been full of herself and performing even more than usual (I blame all the extra sugar), and sweet little Avalon Elle is just happy to be a part of all the fun.  We also had Waverly’s class party which was just about the cutest thing ever, I walked in and she was sitting there (sitting!) eating her snack at her little table. I could just tell that she was about to burst from excitement over Avalon & I being there, she was so proud to show her little sister off to all of her friends.

Waverly & Avalon’s Black/White Headbands
The picture of Waverly & her classmates lining up outside after their party cracks me up, it was clearly the end of the day and everyone had definitely had their fair share of fun.  Ms. Heather, you are a saint.  I really am proud of how far Waverly has come there over the past few weeks, even though she won’t tell me much about it when I ask, I pick up a lot just by listening to her play school.  The other day I walked into the room and she had all of Avalon’s headbands lined up and when I tried putting a few back, she yelled “mommy pig (my current name, her favorite show is Peppa Pig), those are my STUDENTS!”.

Lastly, since we are in celebration mode, I thought it would be the perfect time to mention Rachel’s new company, Ceremony & Fuss!  I love the idea of this, ready-made boxes for all of life’s fun occasions.  I am all about giving gifts, and making them look extra special, so I really couldn’t love this more. 🙂

Wishing you all the HAPPIEST Halloween weekend!

Happy halfway through the week!  First, the biggest thank you for all your feedback on Avalon’s current sleep situation.  I read all of your comments & suggestions, used them, and … guess who took TWO hour & a half naps in her crib yesterday?! 🙂 I actually had a sleep sack from when Waverly was younger (it was sitting in the drawer in Avalon’s room!), in the fog of my sleep deprivation, I never even thought to use it.  It really made such a difference, Avalon seemed so much cozier yet not too cozy like she had been in the rock-n-play.  I have been a parent long enough to know that this definitely doesn’t mean we won’t ever have nap issues again, but baby steps.  We are headed in the right direction!

And in other news, some fun fashions!!  I thought I would celebrate Halloween week with a few styles inspired by the holiday, looks that could work this week but also could take you (or your little ones!) into the months to come.

White Shirt Black FlatsBlack SunglassesSleeveless TopMustard SweaterTrapper HatBlack Flats – Black & White Checkered DressBlack Dress
I know that the toddler sweater is not exactly orange, but it just screams fall to me.  I love it so much & want three, one for me and both the girls, if only it came in all our sizes!

Also, a few pictures from our week so far.  We are getting so excited for the holiday, it’s been too much fun celebrating with two little ladies this year, especially since Waverly understands so much now!  We have her first holiday party at school tomorrow, and she is beyond excited (like counting down the minutes) until Avalon & I get to come hang out with her there.  I’m so thankful it fell on a day that I didn’t have to work. 🙂

Waverly’s Hunter Boots
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week!

We woke up early Saturday morning to take the girls to the boo zoo, which is basically a fun celebration of all things Halloween at our local zoo.  They have lots of cute decorations to look at, bounce houses, tables with candy for the kids to trick or treat from, and obviously, the animals!  This was easily Waverly’s favorite fall activity we have done so far, she loves animals so much & could have just stared at them all day, plus all of the candy really sealed the deal for her.  We have gone each year since she turned one but this year was definitely the most fun, especially since we got to bring her little sister along this time, I can’t believe they will both be running around there together next year! 🙂 
Girls Hats (Similar) – Waverly’s BootsWaverly’s Dress – My Jeans (Similar, On-Sale!) – My Hat
We spent the rest of our weekend watching some football, carving pumpkins, & decorating the outside of the house for next weekend.  This time of year is truly the best, I don’t want it to end!

And lastly, in other news, I’ve been researching my little mama heart out on this one, but thought I would ask here, this community is always the best on things like this!  Little miss Avalon Elle (our rockstar sleeper!), has hit a bit of a wall when it comes to rest.  At first it was just naptime, which was a struggle, but pretty manageable since she was still sleeping so well at night, just like she always has.  And then it hit our nights –  and I totally understood where the “gamechanger” part of having two was. 😉  We are slowly working through it, she has been doing much better, but I think the major problem is that she is still in a rock-n-play.  She just seems to get easily uncomfortable in there, but when we try to move her to the crib, she rolls around, really confused & acts like it is way too much room for her (my pediatrician has advised us against a swaddle at this age).  I’ve tried transitioning to naps first, we’ve had a couple successful (shorter) ones, but most of the time I end up putting her in the rock-n-play because I would rather her have some good rest than anything else.  Which I know that I am going to be kicking myself for in a few months when she is still in the rock-n-play.  I’m actually starting to have images of her hanging out of it but still sleeping in it at age seven.  #help

And with all of that being said, this has been one of those things that 1 – humbles you as a second-time parent, we really don’t know everything & never will, and 2 – makes you appreciate that you are a second-time parent, because you know this is one of lots of challenges that you will overcome & look back on laughing.  This precious face, more than worth it, I am thankful everyday for her.

And take this as proof that she does sleep. 🙂

Happy week, friends!

So, we went to the pumpkin patch again.  I promised the hubs this was our last trip, we’ve kind of been on a pumpkin tour of the city the past few weeks & I’m pretty sure if I throw one more fun-filled, family fall day at the patch in front of him he might just lose it. 😉  In my defense, the babes love it, Waverly gets to run free in a field & Avalon is an outdoor girl just like the rest of us.
Avalon’s One-Piece (Similar) – Avalon’s ShoesWaverly’s Outfit
Also, apparently dance is really paying off big, miss Waverly Maye wanted nothing more than to stand on top of the hay and perform for everyone.  We thought it was cute, the long line of people waiting for their turn to get a picture perfect photo-op however, were less than impressed. 🙂

And some favorites!  One, I’m so excited that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, the past few years I was working so I have never gotten to spend a full day at home to celebrate with my babies.  That calls for a fun breakfast, I love the idea of these fruit cups paired with some pancakes made into some holiday shapes!

We are yet to own Hannah Anderson pajamas, but I have heard all of the amazing things about them and would love to get them for the girls for Christmas!  I have a hard time justifying spending how much they are normally, but these are currently on sale!  So cute & fun for December.

And speaking of December, Gap’s holiday line is out and there is so, so much cuteness.  I love these leggings for the toddler girls, along with this beanie (fair isle on kids = amazing!).  And boy mamas, this hat, I can’t even! 🙂

Wishing you all the happiest of weekends!

Happy halfway through the week, hope you are having a great one!  It’s a Tuesday/Thursday work week for me, which are my favorite, this whole working part-time thing has me all kinds of happy & just a little bit all over the place at the same time.  I’m just waiting for the day I show up to work when I don’t really have to be there, or the other way around, I can’t decide which would be worse. 😉

So some random thoughts.  One, the sweetest company (you can read their story here) recently sent the girls this handmade elephant & we absolutely adore it!  It is so well-made and beautiful in person, I love the way that it looks in Avalon’s room next to our collection of other plush dolls.  We kind of have an obsession with pieces like this, I think that they are a great way to accessorize a room & hope that the girls can pass them down to their own kids one day!  Also a win, Waverly loves to play “school” with them (she is the teacher) and Avalon loves to snuggle them.  The cutest.

Two, post-partum hair loss is no joke.  I didn’t get it with Waverly at all (either that or I was too much in a new mom fog to notice it), but this time, it is crazytown!  I have really thick hair & didn’t think I would mind losing a little bit, but I am so ready to stop finding hair in the sink and shower.  Mamas, what month were your babies when your hair stopped falling out?!

Three, just a couple pictures brought to you by a few Monday errands with my sister girls.  For the record, they were cute and cozy in their grey sweatshirt dresses and I was still in my pajamas, hair a disaster, because, priorities.


And lastly, I am doing my (small) part to spread the word on a family who is currently in need.  My heart breaks for this mom, her daughter Abigail was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April & she is currently in treatment that will last until 2017.  I just can’t even imagine what their entire family is going through, please take a look at @sweetabbysauction to give them your support.

Enjoy your day!  XO