Happy Monday friends, hope your weekend was perfect!  Ours was full of ups & downs, Waverly got sick again (damn you preschool), but seems to be on the mend now, thankfully.  We had lots of rain, but that gave us a good excuse to stay inside and gets lots done around the house.  And we pulled the big girl jumparoo out for Avalon, who is stronger than ever these days.  I am starting to think she might be walking before she is six months, even if she still only weighs in at eleven pounds. 😉
Waverly’s Dress & Shoes (Similar) – Avalon’s OnesieMy Shoes

I seem to be wanting to post about fashion more than ever lately, maybe it’s fall or maybe it’s because I can just never stop thinking about new styles for me & the girls!  #dangerous
Either way, I thought I would round up some of my favorite looks for the little ladies and older ones, too, what better way is there to kick off a new week?!

Grey Dress – Onesie – Vest – Denim Dress – Bloomers – Hat – Corduroy Dress – Necklace
Maxi Dress – Jumpsuit

I’m all about floral year-round, a lot of people only think of it for spring but it really is versatile for the cooler months, too.  I love it in these dark shades, navy blue, emerald & maroon are some of my favorite colors to dress all three of us girls in right now!  Also, dresses are ideal for wearing now with boots and then pairing with tights as it gets cooler in the months to come. 🙂

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!

PS – Did you all see that CHRISTMAS jams are already out at the Gap?!  I want to hate it but I think I love it. 🙂  These are similar to one of my favorites that Waverly had a few years ago, they are already sold out in some of the sizes!

I will never forget, I was about 8 & a half months pregnant on one of the first warm days early last spring when we were at the park and I was pushing Waverly in the swing.  The guy next to me asked when I was due, he told me that his daughter (their second child) was almost a year old.  I asked him how having two was & he just looked at me, with the widest eyes ever, and said “game-changer”.  About fifteen minutes later, Waverly was going down the slide and a mom walked up pushing a double stroller, she asked me the same thing.  Her girls ended up being just about the same age difference that Waverly & Avalon are. She told me that the transition from one to two was the biggest shock of their lives, but not to worry, their youngest was about eight months and they were finally able to live life close to normal again.  Thanks.  I remember walking home with my huge belly, scared out of my mind, I pulled out my phone to text my husband to let him know that we were screwed.
Fast forward about five months to now, we are the parents to two healthy, happy girls, and I have to say, it’s been way better than expected.  Maybe it’s because I prepared myself for the absolute worst, or because the adjustment to being parents for the first time was such a shock in itself that this just doesn’t compare.  Either way, while we definitely we our moments & life is certainly not seamless, we are pleasantly surprised.  I’ve mentioned some of this before but thought it deserved a post all of it’s own, I hope it can be helpful to someone and if nothing else, I know I will love to back on it one day (probably laughing that I thought this was the crazy season of our lives!).
So the hard parts.  For us, the pure logistics of going from one to two has probably been the biggest adjustment, especially lately as Avalon is getting older and not sleeping all day long.  I have really been trying to get her napping at home, in her crib rather than in a car seat on & off, on the go, and that means attempting to get both girls napping at least close to the same time so if we have to go out (which seems to be the best for sanity!), we can do it when they are both awake.  The other day I had one goal, to go to Target (maybe I always have that goal?), and it literally took all day long to get us out the door.  By the time we were up, fed and dressed, Avalon was ready for her first nap, then after she was up & fed, Waverly was tired, and naturally, Avalon went down again right about the same time that Waverly got up.  We finally made it to Target at five PM (but we made it!).

Other challenges have been a lot of the obvious, double you know, everything.  And it always seems to be the case that as soon as I sit down down to feed Avalon, Waverly is screaming that she is sitting on the potty, just pooped, and desperately needs help.  There are so many moments that I wish for more than two arms, or maybe even better, that it was socially acceptable to drink a couple glasses of wine at 12:30 on a Tuesday (though that really wouldn’t matter, since I am breastfeeding & couldn’t really do that anyways!). 😉

Yet the good.  SO much good.  We really are much more confident as parents now, there is no doubt about it, & I’m sure that’s a lot of where Avalon’s laid-back demeanor comes from.  We have been fortunate that she is a good sleeper and just a good baby in general, but even when she does cry or have a night where she gets up more than usual, it just doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as last time.  We know that she won’t hate the car seat forever, that the breast pump won’t always have to be with me at all times, and that at one point,  we will be able to sleep through the entire night again.  We know that these challenges are short-lived, that they will be replaced with others, but most importantly, that every single one is worth it.  I know other moms can relate, since the time I first started showing in my first pregnancy & almost every time I go out with both girls now, the first thing I hear (almost every day!), is how fast this time goes.  You really don’t realize it until your go through it yourself, but that really is the case.  This time, it’s so much easier to just let go of the little things that we know will work themselves out, what really matters is soaking in these precious moments with our girls, I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have TWO of them! 🙂  Double the hugs, kisses, and of course, double the love.  There is truly nothing better.

And what is a post without pictures?!  The first one makes me laugh so much, it shows the girls personalities perfectly, Waverly the threenager watching videos & talking to her “guys” on the phone, and Avalon just sitting in her bumbo smiling at the world, just so happy to be along for the ride.

I would love to hear your own thoughts or experiences, or of course, if you have more than two & are laughing at me for thinking that we have it busy our way. 😉

And happy, happy Thursday! Hope you are having a wonderful week!  XO

I’m a strong believer that the black and white color combo is just about the most versatile ever, I love it year-round for me, the girls, and even my husband.  With fall coming up (& Halloween!), I especially can’t get enough, I thought I would round up some styles that I love for little ones, all available right now!  
Gown – Black Cat Hat – Onesie – Plaid Dress – Cat Flats – Tribal Print Hat – Black & White Tights – Vest – Sneakers

The cat hat just might be my favorite, I had it in Waverly’s size from a couple seasons ago & am so glad that they brought it back this year!  Also, not pictured, but it’s easily one of my favorite dresses that Waverly has ever had, this printed dress from Zara.  It keeps selling out & being restocked, I stalked it down for weeks and was so glad when they finally got it in her size.

I posted this on Instagram a couple weeks ago, but thought the black & white was fitting, and of course, the cat prints!  If there ever is a time that cat prints are out of style, please forgive me because they are just TOO adorable.  Especially on little feet and little legs.

And lastly, since we are talking black, white, and all things festive, a throwback to Waverly’s second halloween, dressed as a ghost.  Who else is getting so, so excited for the next couple months ahead?!

Hope you all had the BEST weekend and a great start to the week.

We decided to send Waverly to preschool for two half-days a week this year.  It really was an easy decision for us, we knew that she would love it & would do so well, plus thought that a sense of structure and time around other kids her age would be really good for her.  Other than dance class one hour a week, she really has never been without either a family member or her sitter (who she loves and has watched her since she was a little over a year), so it was definitely time and she definitely needed a few moments during the week where the world didn’t revolve around her. 😉  We’ve been looking forward to it all summer, mostly Waverly, who has “waved” to her teacher every time we drive by the school.

Backpack – Shirt – Bow – Shoes – Socks Sign
We had both a parents orientation and meet-the-teacher day before her first official day of school.  My husband & I went to the orientation while my mother-in-law watched the girls, we had to fill out a sheet with characteristics about our child (um, she is amazing!, but wild, so get ready!), and then listened to all they were doing that year which was so, so exciting.  I can’t believe we are already to this point – field trips & birthday cupcakes for the class, sign me up! – the whole thing made me feel like a legitimate parent. 🙂  Meeting the teacher was great too, as outgoing as Waverly is she can be quiet at first so I was a little hesitant about how she would do, but she rocked it, wasn’t shy at all and loved every minute.

Since I work every other day now I am really excited to be the one to take her & pick her up every other week, but the way the schedule worked out I had to work on her first day.  Then, she got sick and we didn’t send her, so it ended up that I got to be the one after all.  Which was really exciting and a little scary all at the same time, I wasn’t sure how she would do when it came down to us actually leaving her there.  Sure, she talked a big game all summer, but when she realized that it was just her, Ms. Heather & the other kids (no mom or dad!), I was convinced she would get upset when we walked out the door.

And it turned out, she was totally not the one I needed to worry about.  Waverly did so great, she walked right in, sat down & asked the little boys who were playing legos if she could play with them, then started telling Ms. Heather about our dog, Bogger (her go-to conversation starter with anyone).  When I told her we were leaving, she just looked up & waved bye like she had done it a thousand times before.  I am so incredibly proud of her!

As for me, I cried the whole way there, in the school (in the school you guys, so freaking embarrassing!), and then all the way home (Avalon joined me for that one).  And just to torture myself a little bit more, I spent the majority of the time that she was there looking at pictures of her when she was Avalon’s size.  I am going to blame all of this behavior on my hormones, I seriously didn’t expect any of it, I usually am way better about that sort of thing but no, I was an emotional wreck.  And naturally, I was also the total creeper who was the first parent at the school for pick-up, there was no other mom or dad in sight, so Avalon & I stood and waited for about twenty minutes all by ourselves.  When Waverly finally came out, I asked her how it went & all she said was “they didn’t have cookies for snack, only graham crackers”.

We haven’t gotten too much out of her about school besides the graham cracker statement, but anytime we ask her if she liked it she says yes & we have been since then (with no tears from anyone, even me!), so I am going to consider all of this a total WIN!  I know she is going to have the best year ever & I’m so excited to see all the greatness she has ahead.

And the happiest weekend to all of you!

Working part-time has been very good to me, I am absolutely loving having every other day off with my babies but also being able to get dressed up & talk fashion during the week, too.  So far though, the days are flying by, & probably like most moms, I feel like my mind is in total overdrive pretty much all the time.  I’m bouncing back & forth trying to think of lesson plans, dinner plans, did I pump?, a new fun activity for Waverly, when I fed Avalon last, back to school night, the girls Halloween costumes …  Parenthood, right?!

So since my brain is totally in random mode, I thought a random post was in order, too!  Here are some things I’ve been thinking about lately, starting with my big girl, who I’m convinced is getting more fun by the day.  This girls cracks.me.up.!

Bow, Shoes & Dress from Zara, Last Season
Waverly’s first day of school was supposed to be last week, but her & Avalon both got colds (third sister sickness of Avalon’s little three-month life!), so we decided not to send her.  They made a really big deal about not sending kids sick, understandably so, we definitely didn’t want to be the idiots who sent their kid coughing the first day.  Her first official day was actually yesterday, she did so, so great, I will share soon since I thought a big deal like your first day of preschool deserves a post all of its own!

In the meantime, this story because sometimes you get in situations as a mom that you just can’t believe are even real life, and as crazy as they are, you know you will look back on them laughing one day.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful here this week, so I decided to take the girls on a walk to the park to take advantage.  I feel like I always struggle on what to bring on trips like that, I usually pack too much & then end up having to carry everything plus two kids home while wondering why I needed any of it since we didn’t even use it.  So this time, I just grabbed the solly, my breastfeeding cover, and a drink for Waverly, I didn’t bring diapers or wipes since the park really isn’t that far from our house anyways.  Big mistake.  Our park is surrounded by water & woods that you can walk through, we were at the water looking for turtles when Waverly told me she had to poop.  RIGHT then.  I tried to see if she could make it home but she clearly wasn’t having it & I wasn’t about to try to test her ability with that.  Especially since I knew she was serious when she told me that everyone in the park could just “put on their goggles so they didn’t see her”, referring to the group of about ten elementary school boys riding their bikes through the woods, and then (since she knew I didn’t have wipes), tried to convince me that she could use the solly wrap to wipe instead.  Long story short, I had to let her go, it was a total mess, literally, made worse by the fact that she was wearing a button-down romper that I had a seriously hard time getting off of her (and back on her) while also holding her little sister.   Memories. 🙂
In other news, Avalon found her hands & I think we may have a thumb-sucker this time around!  Waverly never put her fingers in her mouth, she always preferred a pacifier, we are still struggling with pacis with her so we are hoping Avalon continues to prefer her hands.  I know that comes with challenges too, but for now, it is absolutely adorable!
Headband, Bloomers, Shoes from Gap Last Season
Some favorites as of lately, one, I got the girls first Christmas present!  Is that crazy?!  We already have a ballerina doll from Candy Kirby Designs and absolutely love it, so when they came out with their first redhead, AND I saw that she had a purple tutu (Waverly’s favorite color), I couldn’t pass it up.  If you haven’t checked out their site you must, they also have the cutest clothes & blankets for little ones!
Also, Kelly from Thirty-One recently sent me some products, all of which are great!  They are the best for organizing just in general, which I am all about, we have been using these caddies for everyday supplies for the girls.  
And lastly, I recently worked with the Happiness Boutique, which has the cutest stuff ever!  They sent me a necklace (sold-out, similar here), I don’t usually wear statement necklaces but this one is perfect and not over the top at all!  I love pairing teal with just about everything & know I will get lots of wear out of this.
And that’s enough randomness for today. 😉  Halfway through the week, friends!