Being Brickner : May 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Watch & Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday, friends!!  We are still very much on baby watch over here, today marks exactly two days until my due date!  I'm thinking I will be back for a 40 week update on Monday, girlfriend seems pretty content in my belly at the moment, & as much as I am literally dying to meet her, I know she will come when she is ready.  We did have an eventful appointment this week, it started with a routine non-stress test and ended with a second trip to labor & delivery.  My doctor saw a slight decrease in heart rate, so she sent me to the hospital for a second opinion & told us if it wasn't perfect, we would be staying for an induction.  I of course freaked out the entire drive there.  Thankfully, the test was much better the second time around, & they sent us home to continue waiting!  After two trips there in the last two weeks, I am not sure how I will react when we actually get to stay for the real thing! :)  As for now, the plan is to continue waiting & refuse an induction, as long as there are no medical reasons to do it & baby girl keeps doing well in there!

As anxious as we are, the days have been flying by.  We are keeping busy & I am really loving these last days with just Waverly, I know I will look back on them with the best memories one day.  We didn't really make too many plans for Memorial Day weekend, since we didn't know if we would end up in the hospital or not, but ended up fitting so much in & had the best time, the perfect way to spend our last days before baby girl gets here!  

Bow from Beck & Belle - The CUTEST shop & Joyfolie Shoes
I took Waverly on a mommy & daughter date to the zoo, she loves it there so much so I definitely wanted to do it while we still could.  It was way hotter than we thought it would be & I was a little exhausted the entire time, but it was overall a win, she was so excited & the absolute cutest looking at all the animals.

We also made a family trip to the strawberry festival near us, we try to go every year & this time we took Waverly to the parade!  As outgoing as she is, she sometimes gets nervous in big crowds or around new people (which always makes us laugh, she is so not shy at all), but the parade pretty much freaked her out.  We did ride a few rides but left pretty quickly, & I am sure we sat in the traffic to get there longer than we actually stayed. ;)

And lastly, always the highlight of our weekends, we spent two days at the water park & went out on a friends boat.  Waverly is obsessed with anything that involves water, it's no doubt that summer is her favorite season or that she would spend all day, every day doing some sort of water activity if we let her!

Wishing you all the happiest weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pink Blush

One of the things that I have tried to be better about this pregnancy has been staying true to my personal style.  I'm sure others can relate, the first time around I was all about doing things by the book & that included fashion, I bought pretty much all the clothes that I wore from traditional maternity stores because I just figured that was what you did when you were pregnant.  Most of them looked nothing like me at all, I wouldn't have worn them pre-pregnancy, & I definitely didn't want to wear them afterwards.

Round two, I have gotten more creative with pieces I already had, with non-maternity clothes that can accommodate a growing belly, & with a few maternity pieces that I truly love and still make me feel like me.

Top c/o Pink Blush
Pink Blush reached out to me a few weeks ago to review a few of their items, & I honestly was a little hesitant at first since I was still pregnant & would have to look at the maternity line, and I wasn't sure if I would find anything that I would normally wear.  Then I visited their website, & changed my mind immediately, they have some of the cutest maternity items I have ever seen!  They are so many fashionable options that you would find in other stores, all on trend with what's currently in style (like these tassels on this top, I can't get enough of a tassel detail right now!).

They sent me three pieces, the dress I wore in yesterday's 39 week post, the top above, & this maxi dress I plan to share pictures of soon!  All three are super comfortable, something I feel like is so important to moms all the time anyways, & that becomes extra-important when you are growing another human.  I love, love the fact that all three will also work once baby girl is here, they are stretchy enough that they won't look awkward once the big belly is gone but won't be too tight on the little belly that I know will remain for a while. ;)  And I can nurse in them easily, especially in the ones that are strapless, something that will be key in the summer months to come!

You can find all of Pink Blush's womens line here, & their maternity line here, their prices are also very reasonable, plus they offer free exchanges & free US shipping over $50.  Happy shopping! :)

*Pink Blush sent me these products to review but did not compensate me for this point.  All thoughts & opinions are purely my own.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

39 Weeks

Aaah, 39 weeks!  Such an anxious time, I am planner to a fault so the unknown of when she will actually be here kind of drives me crazy, but at the same time, it is so exciting & I am trying to embrace it!
Size of Baby Brickner:   A mini-watermelon, OMG!

Maternity Clothes:  Hanging on for dear life to the last articles of clothing that still fit, the struggle is real. ;) Thankfully, Pink Blush Maternity sent over the cutest pieces this week, it was the best mail day ever & is seriously so, so appreciated!  I am wearing one of the dresses above, & am so excited to share the other two looks very soon.  I was so impressed with everything they sent & best of all, all three pieces work now but will also work after baby girl gets here, & are perfect for nursing!

Best Moment This Week:  You guys, the sweetest thing, my almost three-year old fell asleep on me. We skipped her nap because we were out, she ended up exhausted so I brought her into the (new) nursery to hold while I rocked her, something we haven't done in way too long.  Of course I cried when I looked down & she was sound asleep, in the same chair we used to do that in all the time, just this time with much longer legs, lots more hair, & skinned knees from all the craziness she gets into.  I just sat & stared at her, while looking around at the new nursery for her baby sister, it was such a surreal feeling & I am so glad it happened.  As weird as it sounds, it almost made me officially feel like we were both "ready" for baby girl to get here now.

Miss Anything:  Oh, the same stuff.  There is a watermelon in my belly & I am super exhausted, but I know the end is near so I am going with it the best I can. :)

Movement:  We had another little scare with decreased movement, and ended up at labor & delivery to monitor baby girl who was being very lazy.  Thankfully she got better after a while, & we just considered it a trial run for the real thing!  She has been moving way better since then, & I am making sure to monitor it all the time.

Cravings:  Fruits, french toast, & salads.

Queasy or Sick:  Pretty much back to that first trimester nausea, but again, going with it since I know it will only be for a little while longer.

Looking Forward To:  Labor pains, bring it on! :)  And of course, meeting our little girl & seeing Waverly meet her for the first time.

Lastly, congratulations to Sarah Midles, the winner of the Dr. Browns giveaway!!  Sarah, be looking for an email from me to claim your prize!   Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Strawberry-Picking & Fruit Fashions

We have taken Waverly strawberry-picking for the last two years, the first year she wasn't walking yet but last year, she had the best time ever & I immediately knew that we would make it a spring family tradition.  I'm really not sure there is a better activity for toddlers, running through a huge, open field endlessly surrounded by strawberries that your mom actually lets you taste.  Plus, that mom is almost always guaranteed a long nap afterwards, its a total win-win. :)

My mom, sister, brother & I took Waverly last week, I wanted to go as soon as possible since we are officially on baby watch these days & I'm all about getting in some quality time with my big girl before life changes for all of us.

Waverly definitely ate more than she picked, but it was too cute to watch her with her little basket walking down the aisles.  I also loved looking back & comparing these pictures to the ones of her there last year, these types of the things are exactly the memories I hope my kids will love to look back on one day.

Waverly's strawberry romper is BabyGap last season, I'm so glad that we stocked up on a few different styles when they had them so she could be dressed in theme. :)  I'm still loving this fruit craze, it's hard to find as many strawberry prints this season but pineapples & lemons are everywhere (for big and little ones), & are making me equally as happy.  Here are some of my favorites, not listed are this shirt & trunks for your little men, both so adorable!

Toddler Pineapple Bikini, Lemon Dress, Strawberry One-Piece, Patterned Shower CurtainStrawberry Purse, Pineapple Pins, Pineapple DressPineapple Print Bikini
I know the pineapple shower curtain doesn't really quality as a fashion, but seriously, I am obsessed.  How fun would that be in a little kids bathroom & also, where was that when I decorated my apartment in college?!  I don't think my husband would go for it now.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maternity Photos

 Even though we are all very ready (& excited!) to move on to our next chapter as a family of four, I can't help but be so incredibly thankful for the journey that this second pregnancy has been.  I loved being pregnant the first time & this time it has been just as special to share it with Waverly, who has grown up so much in the past few months as she prepares to become a big sister.  I will forever cherish these family photos, & can't wait to share them with both our girls (& hopefully other little ones!) one day, I hope our children will always know how much we adore them and how much each one of them were wanted.

My mom came with us to the shoot so she could take Waverly early and we could get some pictures of just my husband & I, something we never really do anymore for obvious reasons. ;)  As much as I adore the pictures with Waverly, these are so special to me too, at the end of the day all of this craziness started with just the two of us.  I just couldn't love him more & can't wait to watch him become a dad to two girls in the next few weeks. 

Of course, the biggest thank you to Brooke of Brooke Tucker Photography for once again, filling our walls with so many gorgeous images, it was so hard to narrow it down to these favorites for this post.  Brooke is amazing (she seriously got in the water with her jeans on, in the cold, to make these pictures come to life), we can't say enough about her & look forward to many more pictures with her in the years to come. :)

Sources:  Blue Dress, Waverly's White Maxi Dress, White Dress, & All Jewelry

Monday, May 18, 2015

38 Weeks & A Giveaway

38 weeks, unbelievable!  My mom mentioned the other day that no matter what, we will have a baby within the next three weeks (I was probably complaining, telling her I was convinced this child was never coming out, is to too early for that?), & although she was clearly just stating the obvious, it was so crazy (& fun!) to think about.  I'm pretty sure that by this point, you just get in the mindset that you will probably just be pregnant forever, so it's good to be reminded that it has never actually happened. :)

Size of Baby Brickner:  A leek, on average, baby girl should be close to 7 pounds by now.  I feel huge, like really huge, way bigger than I did with Waverly, but weigh pretty much the same that I did when I delivered her.

Maternity Clothes:  Although it's been fun to dress the bump, I'm officially ready to pack the maternity clothes away for a while.  I got some nursing tops & bras this week, & am looking forward to a summer of comfy maxi dresses, shorts, & tanks that will actually fit!

Best Moment This Week:  More quality time with Waverly, we went strawberry picking & to the water park since it opened over the weekend, both things I wanted to do before baby girl arrives since I wasn't sure how practical they are once she is here.  I am tired, but determined to make these last days count! :) 

Miss Anything:  There is a lot I miss right now, mostly being able to move & have the energy that I normally do.  Yet I really am trying to focus on the positive, these last few days with Waverly Maye as an only child & having her little sister in my belly, all to myself for a little while longer.

Movement:  Yes, big ones, but still not as many since I know she is pretty cramped in there.  I am always monitoring them to make sure they don't slow down too much.

Cravings:  Salads & sweets.

Queasy or Sick:  In general, a little nauseous all the time, along with a few other symptoms (that I won't go into detail with, your welcome), that I feel like could be signs of labor coming at some point.  Also a sign, although I'm not sure for me since I am a "nester" pregnant or not, I have had the craziest week of organizing & the biggest need to get things done.  I drove to Target at 8pm the other night to get travel shampoo & conditioner for my hospital bag just in case I went into labor that night.

Looking Forward To:  Meeting our littlest lady, of course!!

Lastly, Dr. Browns was so sweet to send baby girl a box full of goodies this week!!  We are so thankful & excited about all these super cute, reliable products that we know will be put to good use, including bottles, pacifiers, teethers & wipes.  They also sent this Gia breastfeeding pillow & cover, I am thrilled about it since I am definitely planning to breastfeed & know how important being able to position the baby is.  This pillow was designed by a lactation consultant & is angled to help with digestion, reflux, & other feeding problems, all things I learned are a reality from my breastfeeding experience with Waverly.

Even better, I am teaming up with Dr. Browns to give one lucky reader (& babe!) a box full of goodies of their own!  Enter below, the giveway will end this Friday, the 22nd, & the winner will be announced in my 39 week post next Tuesday, the 26th.  Good luck!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Dr. Browns (you can read more about them here) sent me these products to review but did not compensate me for this post.  All thoughts & opinions are purely my own.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Water Babe & A Maternity Outtake

Happy Friday, friends, I hope you all have had the most wonderful week!  The bigger I get during these last few weeks of pregnancy (& bigger is definitely the word, the term ready to pop is more relevant than ever right now), the more I am looking to keep Waverly entertained in a way that doesn't require too much physical activity from me.  My sciatica is tons better since starting maternity leave, & I'm usually all about being active as much as possible, but let's face it, I am currently tired walking up the stairs.  So keeping her happy while keeping me sitting is the name of the game, & I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Thankfully the weather has been warm, or even hot, & we have been able to spend lots of time outdoors. Waverly adores any activity that involves water, she always has, & it will usually keep her busy longer than anything we do inside will.  This past Monday was a wash-out, it rained on & off all day, but it was still warm enough to go outside in between rainstorms to play in the puddles so we took advantage.

Two things, (1) our neighbors think we are crazy, for some reason we were the only people on the street doing this, & (2), if only I could pull off a bathing suit & hunter boots like she can.

We also pulled out the old faithful kid pool from last summer, which I am convinced is the best $10 we have ever spent.  We have used it three times this week alone, between that & the sprinklers that run every morning, we have had hours of endless entertainment.

We have all of our maternity pictures back & once again, my sweet friend Brooke rocked it & I am in love with all of the images she captured of us! :)  I am really excited to post some next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would share another sneak peek, this picture was definitely not one I had envisioned in my head or that I pinned before our shoot, but honestly, has been the one I have come back to look at the most. ;)

Photo By:  Brooke Tucker Photography
And the story behind it.  While we were driving to the pictures, Waverly asked me if she was wearing a bodysuit, which was so random & weird, I couldn't figure out what she was talking about.  After she kept going on about it I finally realized that she was asking if she was wearing a bathing suit because I had told her we were going to the beach, & girlfriend was planning to jump in the water when we got there.  OMG.  It was unseasonably cold that day, almost to the point that I was nervous about us even doing it, so the last thing I wanted was for her to jump in the water (not to mention the fact that we were going for family pictures, not a wet t-shirt contest).  I was luckily relieved when we got there, Waverly was having so much fun running through the sand (& we were able to get tons of pictures of her in it), but it was cold enough that she didn't have much interest in the water.  Or so I thought.  After a while, we put our toes in & were running through it some, when I looked over & Waverly got just a little too brave, went too far, and got knocked down by a wave.

Seriously, my mama instinct kicked in & I freaked.  I mean, my face.  I don't even remember Brooke taking that picture but now that we are out of the moment & Waverly is fully recovered (she was laughing before my mom even made her way up the beach to take her back to the car), I admit it, I know we will love having it forever.  I can't even wait to laugh about it with her one day. :)

PS - If you have never searched "family photos gone wrong", do it.  We did on the way home (since we felt like we have a contender for that now), they are hilarious.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

First things first, I hope you all had the absolute best weekend, celebrating the special ladies in your life!  Mamas, I hope you were spoiled rotten, just as you should have been.  And a big congratulations to Allison Skinner, who won our huge giveaway on Instagram, $250 to Nordstrom & a Land of the Nod teepee. :)

Our weekend was busy, but so much fun, just the way we like it!  My mother-in-law's wish for her day was to take all of her grandkids to the living museum, so we headed there early Saturday morning.  Waverly loved it, I somehow walked my pregnant self through the entire thing, & it resulted in a 3 hour nap.
Total win.

Sunday morning, I opened my cards from my husband & both girls, then was so excited to get my new metal flowers that my hubby made me for Mother's Day!  I asked him a few weeks ago for some new ones, tulips that he spray painted gold, I love them (& him) so much.

I am planning to add them to our mantle (in these vases I just got & adore), but in the meantime, they made the perfect centerpiece for brunch we hosted for my mom, grandmother & other members of my side of the family.  We did a yogurt bar, donuts, an egg casserole, and bacon.  So much bacon! :)

Cake Stand
The forecast called for showers all day, but it randomly ended up being nice which was the best surprise.  We spent some time outside at our house before heading down to the beach, we don't all get to go to the together that often so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  On our way home, we picked up dinner & then went for frozen yogurt.  Can it please be mother's day weekend more than once a year?!
I have to admit that I was sad when I woke up Monday & it was over, it was truly the best.

Waverly's Dress, My Dress - H&M, In Store
And this story, because all is well that ends well & it was a huge part of our weekend.  On Friday night, we were getting ready to put Waverly to bed when we realized that our yellow lab had gotten out & had been gone for over an hour.  We all freaked out, my husband left to look for him in the fifteen minutes of daylight we had left while I stayed & tried to calm down a distraught Waverly who was crying uncontrollably.  I tried to get her to sleep, which was a total lost cause, she kept saying "but he is my buddy" & before I knew it, we were both laying there crying together.  Fast forward two hours (Waverly was still crying), my husband was at the store making copies for flyers & thankfully, my mom told me about a "next door" app that you can post those sorts of things on.  As soon as I logged on, there was a post about a found lab, our Bogger! :)  My dad went & picked him up for us, I wish I could have recorded Waverly's face when he pulled up, it was priceless & made all of the nightmare of the few hours before it go away.

Thankful isn't even the word for the sweet couple who got our dog, we would probably be in therapy right now if it wasn't for them.  Waverly & I are definitely delivering them cookies this week!