Being Brickner : February 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Things

Happy Friday, friends!!  It's been another week of snow days around here, it was regularly scheduled programming for Monday & Tuesday, followed with TWO snowstorms and we have been out of the rest of the week! :)  Part of me is over it & beyond ready for spring, then the other part sees Waverly's face in it and almost considers moving us to a place where this actually happens on the regular.  Almost. ;)

I wanted to thank you for all your sweet support on Waverly's bed transition I shared earlier this week, as always, I am so appreciative of your helpful comments & ability to relate.  We are definitely not experts (far from it) & I'm sure we will have a set-back before too long (like when she figures out she is physically able to move from the bed), but so far, so good, & we are happy!

Randomly, we also have other big girl news to share, Waverly is officially potty-trained!  It actually happened the same day that we moved her to her new bed, which we didn't plan AT ALL.  She had been going potty at home for a while now, pretty much since I did the three-day boot camp over the summer, but it definitely wasn't something that happened all the time & it had never happened while we were out of the house.  Then last week we ran out of diapers, like literally didn't even have one, so I had to put her in big girl panties to run to Target & get them.  I was completely nervous, but as soon as we got there she told me she had to go & after I took her to the bathroom, she went! :)  A total first for us.  After that, she asked to go back twice in the same trip & then when we got home.  So we rolled with it, & pretty much have ever since, with pull-ups still at night for now! :)  I'm so proud of her & definitely excited to have only one set of diapers to change come June, but seriously, did it really all have to happen that same day (the same day we had her first mani & pedi, by the way)?!  She is SUCH a big girl. ;)

Also, for what it's worth, I don't want to sound like we have our shit completely together over here with all this happening.  We still have a pacifier problem (yes, still), that seems to have gotten worse since these recent big girl developments.  She was only using them at night & naps, then I think I got more lenient over a short sickness she had and because I have been so proud of her lately.  Any advice is definitely welcome & appreciated, I know this problem will only get worse once little sister has her own pacifiers in a few short months!

Lastly, a quick sneak peek of a fun girls snowy session we had with our friend, Brooke earlier this week!  I can't even explain how much I love the fact that I have pictures of my growing belly in the snow, something I didn't think I would have be able to get in Virginia Beach!  I can't wait to share more, Brooke is so talented & we are so thankful to be able to work with her!

Have a happy, happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Waverly Maye's Big Girl Bed

We are almost two weeks into our big girl bed transition, and still going strong with Waverly sleeping in her bed during both naps & bedtime with zero issues at all! :)  I am still a little shocked every single time, although clearly I should have given her more credit, girlfriend is rocking this whole thing like she could have done this months ago.  I am so proud of her & only a little emotional over what a big girl she is acting like these days!

 My husband starting making Waverly's bed right after Christmas, which was about the same time we started talking to her about it, showing her the bed through the construction process & telling her about the transition pretty much once a day.  We explained to her for weeks that she would be passing her crib down to her little sister, which she seemed really excited about.  I'm hoping the same excitement sticks around when baby girl gets here, fingers crossed! ;)

We decided to make the move on a Friday so we both didn't have to work the next day, we honestly were fully prepared for a long, sleepless night (which we might as well start getting used to again, anyways).  She was a little confused when both her bed & glider were no longer in her room, but we did our best to make all the other parts of our bedtime routine exactly the same.  I read her books in her bed instead of the glider, & since it was night one, stayed laying with her for a little while after we turned the lights out.  When I left she was still awake, but perfectly fine, & fell asleep like usual within minutes.  My husband & I were both completely shocked!  I kept waiting to be woken up in the middle of the night by either footsteps, her standing over me because she magically found her way out of the room, or her closet thrown around in complete chaos, but she slept entirely through the night.

Since then, naps & bedtime have gone the same way, and I honestly think she loves going to sleep more than ever before.  Our biggest issue is her jumping on the bed, which she loves to do, but will only do it while we are in her room before she goes to sleep, never once after I have turned the lights out.  I'm guessing she either doesn't realize she is even able to get out of the bed herself, or has just decided to follow directions, both of which seriously blow my mind! ;) 

My husband made the bed entirely himself!  He started using a plan but then when we realized it didn't fit the sheets I had already bought, threw the plan out the window and did the rest all on his own, through trial & error.  The bed is made out of pine & ash, all bought from Home Depot or Lowe's, and bead board was used for the head & foot board.  The last part of the process was obviously painting it white, he used a child-friendly paint to pair with the fact that everything in the bed was entirely real wood, nothing processed.  

I am amazed at what he was able to do!  My hormones had me annoyed halfway through the process when I just wished we had a bought a bed instead (so we could move on to the other parts of our house project & nursery list), but I couldn't love it more and am so, so thankful to have something so special in our family for years to come!

The sheets are from Pottery Barn Kids, we got them forever ago & love them, I had been waiting to be able to put them to good use!  I am currently looking for some sort of quilt or blanket & extra throw pillows as well, I love this pom blanket or something else with a pop of pink to match her room.  For now, we put extra pillows down her bed to make sure she is safe if she falls, but are going to look into these bumpers or something else like it for the future.  Waverly doesn't move much when she sleeps, but I definitely want something just in case, this was the first time I have even been brave enough to give her an actual pillow or sheets (we used the breathable blankets before)!  So any other suggestions are appreciated! :)

And lastly, here is my first post on Waverly's big girl room, with links to everything!  I hope this was at least a little bit helpful to someone, I know how much we relied on posts like this before we made the move!

Monday, February 23, 2015

26 Weeks

Size of Baby Brickner:  The size of a turnip, my pregnancy book says she is two pounds & can open her eyes, getting so big, so quickly!

Maternity Clothes:  Lots of comfy clothes this week, since it has been absolutely freezing & we have had lots of time at home!  The striped top above is actually a maternity dress from Asos, I just pulled it up & gathered it, I'm hoping it will get warm enough to actually wear it as a dress before I deliver in June!

Best Moment This Week:  My unexpected week off of work & at home with Waverly Maye, thanks to the snow!  We definitely had our moments after being stuck inside for so long (cabin fever is totally a thing with a two-year old), but overall, it was so much fun having so much extra time together! 

Miss Anything:  Being able to play (physically) with Waverly like I used to.  I wasn't going to post about this, because honestly, the whole situation scared the hell out of me & really upset me, but then I figured that I couldn't be the only pregnant mom of a toddler that this has ever happened to,  Last week Waverly jumped on me, specifically my belly, with ALL of her weight.  She was completely just playing & didn't mean to at all, but it was so hard that it took my breath away for a couple of minutes.  I felt our baby girl move A LOT right after it happened (she was probably shocked), but then not again for over three hours.  We were getting ready to leave for the hospital to check on her when my friend (thankfully) reminded me to try to drink apple juice to wake her, so I did, & she immediately started kicking within a couple of minutes.  We have since been to the doctor & everything is fine, we are so thankful!  I know it has to be hard for Waverly to understand that we can't play exactly like we used to, especially as I get bigger & it gets even harder, and that makes me sad for her.  Yet she loves her baby sister so much already, I know all of this will be WELL worth it for all of us!!

Movement:  Thankfully, YES!  Lots! :)

Cravings:  I am loving Chinese food lately, & granola bars.  Maybe together?!

Queasy or Sick:  Feeling GOOD! 

Looking Forward To:  A dinner out this weekend to celebrate my good friend's birthday, & one of my other best friends had her baby girl this week!  Waverly hasn't met the baby yet since I didn't want to bring her to the hospital, but I can't wait for her to meet her in person!  Also, were our babes ever that little?!!!!  It is SO hard for me to think of Waverly that size, even though it was only two years ago.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Snowy Week

Happy Friday, though it definitely doesn't feel like one!  Like many of you, the crazy weather over the past few days has pretty much shut down our regularly scheduled week.  Although it pretty much only snowed for one night, the bitter cold weather has kept everything icy & all of the neighborhood roads are still pretty dangerous, today is the fourth day we have off of school in a row!  We certainly aren't complaining, it's been such a fun change & the perfect cure to the winter blues we had been starting to feel after a long season inside.

We had Monday off for the holiday & knew it was going to snow later that evening, so
Waverly & I got up early to do a little shopping and have breakfast out with my parents before we would be homebound for a while.  Along with the rest of the city. ;)  By the time we got home & Waverly went down for her nap, the flurries started to fall and we were able to catch a few before it got too dark to play.  Waverly loved it, she definitely didn't remember the snow we got last year & was so amazed by every snowflake.  The cutest.

We ended up getting about four inches overnight, with a giant sheet of ice on top.  The ice made it hard to play, or to make snowman or snowballs, not to mention it was a little scary for the toddler & six-month pregnant lady trying to make their way through it.  Yet we did make it out, with Waverly in her 12-month Gap snowsuit from last year, I was so excited to get one more use out of it & even more excited for my husband to pull her around on his bodyboard down the street.  She loved it & would have definitely stayed out there all day long.

It was all fun & games until Waverly asked me to jump on there with her, I'm pretty sure I would have broken the board this year. ;)  I did manage a picture of our littlest baby girl's first time in the snow!  She was kicking the entire time we were outside, probably from the crazy cold, but I couldn't help but think about a couple years down the road when we will have two babes to make these memories with.  These really are my favorite kind of days, moments I hope my girls will remember forever.

Wishing you all the happiest (& warmest) of weekends with your sweet families!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Weekend 2015

Oh, what a week it has been already!!  After already having off Monday because of the holiday, Virginia Beach was hit with a few inches of snow (which is crazy for us!), so today makes our second snow day at home!  It's almost been like a second Christmas vacation, we are loving all of this extra time together!

Waverly Maye had her first official manicure on Friday afternoon, it was definitely a moment for the memory books!  I was a little nervous if she would stay still long enough, but she did, even long enough for both a manicure, pedicure, & floral designs for each!  She was too funny, so quiet & watching closely the entire time, then at one point she leaned back and said "oh, I need to go to the mall after this."  My husband & I should probably start fearing for our future now, I may have started her just a little too early. ;)

On Saturday morning, we had my family over for a Valentines brunch!  I'm sure I have mentioned it recently, I was so over the moon excited that the holiday fell on a Saturday this year so that we wouldn't feel rushed & could celebrate with all the people we love all day long. 

We took Waverly to my in-laws so that we could go out for a kids-free dinner early that evening, which was a win-win for everyone.  Waverly got to have dinner with her cousins & we got to have some rare alone time at a restaurant.  I can't say enough about this hubby of mine, I can't believe this year was our SIXTEENTH Valentines Day together.  We are officially now in over half of our lives (we started dating when I was fifteen & he was sixteen), & it really couldn't make me happier!

 Our other big news of the weekend was that Waverly slept in her big girl bed the entire time, both at night & for naps!  We really are shocked, I can't even explain how nervous I was about the transition or how much we had been putting it off.  In fact, I'm thinking if we didn't have another baby on the way who is obviously in need of a crib, Waverly might just have stayed in the same place until elementary school.  I am excited to share details & pictures of her big girl bed soon, I know how much I relied on advice from other moms who had been through the transition before so I am happy to repay the favor! :)

Last week I posted about our Valentines Exchange here, I wanted to be sure to include the other blogs who have since posted about the exchange; The Adventure Starts Here, Chasin' Mason, All of Life's Little Adventures, Willow Way, Running From the Law, Chateau Deveau, A Tale of Four Maples.  Thank you all, we had so much fun with this!

PS - Waverly's heart bows she rocked all weekend are compliments of Melissa at The Prettiest Bow & we are so in love with them!  She has the cutest stuff, be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

Monday, February 16, 2015

25 Weeks

Size of Baby Brickner:  A cauliflower.  I can definitely tell she is getting bigger in there, obviously from the size of my belly, but also, I can feel her all over now!  She is definitely not as low as she was when we had our ultrasound five weeks ago, I am also curious if she is still measuring in the 30% percentile or if she has grown some!  Waverly was 7.6 the day after her due date, so I can't wait to see how similar the sisters weight will be!

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes, I am definitely feeling VERY pregnant these days & no matter what I wear, there is no hiding this belly!  I shared some of my maternity fashion favorites in this post, these basics have saved me all winter & I will definitely be going back to them in future pregnancies.  I have also had my eye on a couple more Asos dresses for a few events coming up in the next few months, including our family maternity photos!  The brand of the dress above is Joie, it is non-maternity from TJ Maxx last year!

Best Moment This Week:  Celebrating a long, holiday weekend with my little family!!  I had to take off Friday to watch Waverly & we already had off Monday, a little extra rest and time together was very much needed & appreciated! :)

Miss Anything:  Maybe not pregnancy-related, but warm weather.  We had a little glimpse of it last weekend but it quickly turned cold again & I am O for over it!  At this point in my pregnancy with Waverly (which was two months later in the year), the weather was warm enough for daily walks & it was so helpful with staying active!  Let's just say that after a long winter of hibernating inside, me & my toddler sidekick are due for some time outdoors!

Movement:  I have started noticed patterns in her movement now, she is mostly awake right after I eat breakfast & then again later in the afternoons, but is usually always sleeping when I go to sleep at night.  Is it too much to hope this might be how our future will look like come June?!  Probably. ;)

Cravings:  I still love & hate food all at the same time!  In happy news, I can finally drink coffee again!!  I have still been going with decaf., but it's nice to have one in the mornings again after so long.

Queasy or Sick:  Feeling good, really good, & so thankful!

Looking Forward To:  Other than the holiday, we had a big weekend; Waverly Maye is officially transitioned to her big girl bed & I am beyond proud of her!  It went way better than I ever could I have hoped for, I will be sure to post details soon!  Now that big sister has officially passed down her crib to little sister (she woke up the first morning & said my baby sister slept in my crib, right?!), I am excited to be one step closer to finishing the nursery.  I can't wait to get more done in the next few weeks!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Weekend!

We just wanted to stop in for a quick post to wish you all the HAPPIEST holiday weekend full of pink, red, hearts, & lots of sweets with your loved ones!!

Gap Dress In-Store, Similar Here & Heart Sunglasses
Heart Hat, Gap Last Season
Waverly & I are kicking off the long weekend with some major girl time, we have had a crazy couple of weeks with sitters either being sick or out of town, so I had to take the day off work.  Damn. ;)  We are planning to go get our first official manicure together this afternoon, I've mentioned recently that Waverly is obsessed with painting her nails so I have been meaning to take her & I feel like this is perfect timing!  Of course, it could totally go either way, fingers crossed she at least sits long enough for the technician to do one nail.

Also on the agenda, a Valentines date night with the hubs, we will be dropping off Waverly at her grandparents with her cousins for parents night out.  I have been racking my brain all week as to where I want to go eat (we obviously get out a lot), so far I have come up with Chinese, Mexican, or my personal favorite, the frozen yogurt shop.  Or maybe just a combination of the three.  I'm telling you, this pregnancy round two is doing crazy things to my appetite.

In keeping with this holiday's theme of love, I thought I would share a couple of things I am loving this week!!  I have been wanting a new robe for a while now, something tells me that come June, I am going to be living in one while nursing a newborn & staying homebound for a little while.  I love the print on this one, plus it is on sale this week!  I've also had my eye out for new dolls for both girls & love all of these!  I'm hoping to get one for the littlest lady's nursery & one as a gift for big sister, on the day she officially becomes a big sister!   And have you guys seen the new Easter line already out at Target?!  They have the cutest aprons for little people (in-store),  Waverly & I got some use out of her new one this week for some Valentines crafts!

Lastly, what I love the most, my two-year old Valentine who has been cracking me up all week long.  When I told her Sunday night that my sister's friend Taylor was coming to watch her the next day since my sister was out of town, she looked up at me with the straightest, most serious face & said, "Taylor Swift?".  Not this time, honey.  Then when my husband & I tucked her into bed a couple nights ago, she yelled "good night, sweetheart!" to both of us as we walked out the door.  We just couldn't love her more. :)

Happy, HAPPY holiday weekend to you all!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Boom Valentines & An Exchange

There are few things that make me as happy as crafting up some sweet Valentines with my little lady, so much so that I'm hoping both of my daughters will be down with doing this until they are at least in high school. ;)  This was the first year that we actually created our own, we have been sending out cards since Waverly was born (you can see last year's here), but I knew I wanted Waverly to be more involved this year! 

To get inspired, we headed to Target (as we always do), and picked out our favorite treat that had enough pink & red covering it.  We both love Boom Chicka Pop so we went with that, which if you have never had it you should, it is totally amazing & completely addicting.  My job was to create the cards to go with it (I use Serif Craft Artist for this sort of thing & love it), Waverly's was to add the stickers and stamp the outside of the envelope.

Waverly loved it & lasted about five cards in, which honestly impressed me for a two-year old.  I finished while she played, I love this picture of her & her new face lately, I have no idea where she learned it but I can't get enough!

Here are our finished Valentines, Waverly Maye's first ever! :)

We sent our Valentines to some of Waverly's friends in VB, mainly family & kids of our friends, plus we were so excited to be a part of a few gift exchanges with some of our favorite bloggers!  It has been SO much fun going to the mailbox for the past couple of weeks and opening up the cutest messages & treats from sweet babes all over the country (plus Canada!).  I will be sharing the blogs from one of the exchanges next week when the rest of the group posts, & in the meantime, look below Waverly's cute Valentines for a list of some amazing blogs!


Monday, February 9, 2015

24 Weeks

Size of Baby Brickner:  An ear of corn.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, & thankfully, the weather is showing signs of warming up so I am getting so excited for spring clothes!  The outfit above is another maxi with a crop top over it, my go-to lately!  It's so comfortable & versatile, plus I can still run after a toddler in it, all keys to the mom wardrobe.  The crop tops are from H&M (only $9.95, in-store), and the maxi dress is from Forever 21.

Best Moment This Week:  Other than the hubby working lots of overtime, we had a really good week!  Our appointment went great, baby girl's heartbeat was as strong as ever & my belly measured right on track. Also, I had to go in for a second test for a UTI since my first came back abnormal, I had been nervous about it ever since, but thankfully, it came back with good news!

In other exciting news, I got two baby purchases crossed off the list!  I ordered the Solly wrap, which I am really, really looking forward to using after lots of great reviews from so many mom bloggers.  I had really been wanting a carrier that I was in love with this time, especially since I know I will need all the extra hands I can with two kids now.  I had both the Moby & Ergo with Waverly, we definitely liked the Ergo more, I never could figure out how to wrap the Moby right.  We had one too many moments with Waverly crying & me wanting to cry trying to make some sort of attempt to get her in that thing, even the 100 you tube tutorials could do nothing for me.  The Ergo we loved once she was about six months & used it up until close to her second birthday, but I'm hoping the Solly will be better for those early days!  Also, I got my diaper bag!!!  It was a total steal, a Rebecca Minkhoff that was $150 at TJ Maxx marked down to $50.  I couldn't get it in the cart fast enough, I had really been wanting a diaper bag that didn't look like one, I would have been happy with a regular bag with a lot of compartments but was even more excited that this actually was one (which I didn't notice until we were in line & saw a changing pad!).

Miss Anything:  My sleep is still so off, and definitely made worse with my husband not being around this week.  I totally have the insomnia, which is the worst when you lay there wanting to sleep so badly & just can't!!!  Also, these pregnancy dreams are no.joke!  I don't remember having them with Waverly, but they are crazy this time!

Movement:  ALL of the time, all over!  She is officially big enough so I can watch my belly move now, which is the weirdest & coolest thing all at the same time!

Cravings:  Still yogurt & granola, which is still so different than the first months of this pregnancy when even the thought of them made me sick.  I had the biggest bowl of frozen yogurt (like really, the biggest) for dinner the other night & it was amazing!!

Queasy or Sick:  I have another cold this week, but overall, feeling good!

Looking Forward To:  Valentines Day!!  I am SO excited that it falls on a Saturday & that I get to spend all day with both my loves (plus the one in my belly!).  I have plans for some major girl time to celebrate the next few days, some baking & crafting which I know Waverly will love.  All pink, red & hearts ALL week long, yes please!  I can't believe I will have two girls to do this with next year. :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hearts & Half-Birthday Cakes

TGIF, everyone!!  We are so, so glad to see Friday roll around, my husband had an overnight job this week which kept him working through the night three days in a row.  The change from our normal routine was hard on all of us (I have so much respect for all of you who do that all of the time!), we are in desperate need of some good family time this weekend!  Other than a kids birthday party, we have no plans but to relax & get some things done around the house, I can't wait! :)

  Waverly is the absolute cutest with her babies lately, between her imagination & her motherly instincts, I could just watch her with them all day long.  She talks to them all of the time, saying "oh baby, why are you so sad, I will rock you so you won't cry", or when they apparently aren't drinking their milk as she feeds them, "baby, drink your milk or you are going to time-out", & maybe my favorite, "baby, you look so beautiful".  My mom got Waverly & one of her babes matching heart jammies for Christmas, I had been looking forward to dressing them alike ever since for some February fun!

Waverly's face when she saw they were matching was priceless, she kept looking in the mirror while holding her little babe as proud as ever.  She wanted to take a picture, but only as long as baby could have her milk right beside her, in case she got thirsty.  And she of course needed her phone, because well, she always needs her phone.

Also, my hubby's face at the sight of the matching jams was equally as entertaining, I think he just might be getting nervous about the matching outfits I may have planned for Waverly & her baby sister in the near future. ;)  Speaking of, I haven't shopped at Crazy 8 for Waverly much, but my mom & I randomly stumbled upon the fact that all of their toddler girls clothes are 6 months to 5 years the other day!  I was so excited because a lot of what I have found for both girls doesn't match with their three year age difference, Crazy 8 have some really cute stuff!  I am loving both this skirt & these leggings, which the girls could wear for (next) Valentines Day. :)

We celebrated Waverly's half-birthday last weekend with half a cake, she of course loved it & has been singing to herself ever since.  We have lots of family members & friends with birthdays this time of year (real ones, not just half ones), so she has been having lots of practice with the song lately.  One of her current favorite past-times is to watch little kids sing happy birthday on you tube, if you have some extra time you should look them up, they are some very entertaining ones out there.

Headwrap, Cake Stand from TJ Maxx
Happiest weekend to you all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Maternity Must-Haves

It's hard to believe that I am officially six months pregnant this week!  Overall, while this time has definitely had it's differences, I have loved the whole process again & am getting more excited for the best part (meeting our newest little lady!), every single day.  In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the things that have been my lifesavers over the past two pregnancies!  With baby two I have at least tried to shop smarter, & less, by only going back to things I love and that I know work.  Especially when it comes to fashion. 

Leggings, Yogurt, Belly Butter, Book, Pillow, Chapstick  Water Bottle, Hat, Dress
Like most other pregnant mamas, comfort is key, but I also still love fashion & to feel stylish.  I have found the best way to do that is with fun accessories, ones that you know will fit all three trimesters & post-baby!  As far as clothes, this pregnancy my belly popped a lot more quickly, plus it is a couple of months earlier in the year, so I have had to rely more on winter looks with layers.  Leggings are perfect for layering, these are my absolute favorite, they are stretchy, a thick material, & come up super high to allow your belly to grow.  I also have a few of the line's seamless tanks & love them just as much!  Another year long must-have for me is a comfortable, solid-colored maxi dress.  They are perfect for maternity or not, I have been wearing them with jackets, tied-over shirts, & paired with booties all winter long!

Other essentials as of lately have been my belly butter, chapstick & water.  I am thankful that I have still yet to see a stretch mark in either pregnancy, but the skin on my face is a much different story.  I totally don't get the "glow" that you hear about (those who commented & said I did, I would love to hug you in person).  Both times I have battled breakouts, something that's usually not much of an issue for me, plus crazy dry skin.  I am currently using Clinique, plus making it a huge point to stay extra-hydrated & am seeing a really big improvement to the first couple of months! :)  My mom tells me it's because they are both girls, I can't wait to tell them all about this one day. ;)

I'm including pillows on this list, only because anyone who has ever been pregnant knows what a struggle sleep & staying comfortable in bed can be, but I purposely left off my pregnancy pillow.  I thought I hated that thing during my first pregnancy, only to find out that this time, I hate it even more.  It's just way too big to be in a bed with my me, my belly, the hubby, & of course, occasionally the toddler who also insists on inviting the yellow lab.  Yet I do sleep with extra pillows each night lately, most surrounding me or under me, or both.

Also, snacks. I can't live without them, they can be found in my purse, my diaper bag, car, next to my bed, you name it.  I have had too many moments of insanity over being hungry to risk it again.  My mom also got me the book for Christmas, I have yet to find the time to read it but definitely plan to.  The transition from one to two is definitely something that is overwhelming, though that is probably a whole post of its own for another day. ;)

Lastly, in other fun pregnancy news, I was so excited to be a part of a pregnancy exchange with some of my favorite blog friends, all of who are expecting as well!  It has been so much fun to go through this experience with these ladies, I am already looking forward to watching all of our new babies grow in the future (though please, not too quickly!).  For the exchange, I got the most thoughtful gift from Laura, one of my favorite water bottles & chapstick (both seen above).  I have been using them ever since!  Laura also sent over the sweetest Aidan & Anais swaddle for baby girl, we are BIG fans of that brand, I can't wait to put her in it soon.  Thanks Laura, Liam, & baby Finn on the way!  I got to send Courtney some goodies, you can check out what she got here, as well as her sweet little Abigail & baby Mabel who is due within the same week as our baby girl!

You can find all the ladies (& bumps!) who participated in the exchange at their blogs here:
Tiny Toes, Little Nose, Jessi's Design, A Plus Life, Cheers Y'all, Plum Ticked Pink, The Newly, Scott Family of Maine, Perpetually Daydreaming.

Monday, February 2, 2015

23 Weeks

Size of Baby Brickner:  A grapefruit, my pregnancy book says that her face is fully formed now, oh how I can't WAIT to kiss that sweet face in about 17 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:  My belly definitely feels bigger this week, like way bigger, & for the first time (in both pregnancies), my belly button looks like it may close up soon.  This is a non-maternity dress from Forever 21, similar here, I am so thankful for dresses because I feel more like a stuffed sausage in pants every day.

Best Moment This Week:  Several days of organizing & way too many trips to the goodwill later, we have an EMPTY room for the nursery!  It is such a good feeling to have that behind us, next up is painting the walls before we bring any furniture in.  I am starting to actually feel like we may have everything done before she gets here!

Miss Anything:  Some sanity when it comes to being hungry.  I go from not being hungry at all to starving in 2 seconds flat, & it makes me feel like a crazy person.  My husband went to pick up a (heated) turkey sandwich for me the other night & instead accidentally came home with a ham one, it was seriously devastating.  The fifteen minutes I had to wait for him to come back with the right sandwich felt like forever & I really almost cried.  It reminded me of the time I was pregnant with Waverly & craved chicken salad sandwiches like it was my job, I drove all the way to get one, set it down in the living room while I went to grab my drink & when I came back, our dog had eaten the ENTIRE thing.  I'll let you imagine how that moment went down.

Movement:  YES, the amount I have felt her more this week is definitely worth mentioning, her movements (at least the ones I have felt), have probably tripled in the last few days!  She must be getting bigger in there, I love it!

Cravings:  This week I have been thinking about yogurt, fruit & granola all the time, such a welcome change to my previous cravings!

Queasy or Sick:  No, other than migraines which I had with Waverly, too.  For the most part, I am feeling great, tired, but great!

Looking Forward To:  Our next appointment is today, I absolutely love checking in on our little lady & making sure everything is moving along as it should!  Our appointments usually only consist of measuring my belly & checking on the heartbeat, but it still is reassuring every single time.  On a side note, we do have a heart rate monitor at home, which we try to only to use once every couple of weeks especially now that I can feel her, but lately Waverly is obsessed.  She asks to hear "baby sister's heart beep" every night, is there anything cuter?!!

Happy week ahead, friends!