If you follow me on Instagram, (ashleywbrickner), you may have seen that we got snow this week! 🙂  To most of you our dusting of barely an inch would hardly be worth mentioning, but for us, it was exciting!!  Last year we randomly had a few snowstorms but have had nothing so far this year (just freezing temps with nothing to show for it), so I have been waiting for Waverly to experience it all winter.
I knew she would love it!

She adored it, every bit of it, so much that all she wanted to do was eat it. 😉  We brought out her breakfast to distract her & she had the best time, she is such an outdoor girl!  The forecast is calling for another round on Monday, we are crossing our fingers for more snow this time.  And hoping if it does, it snows enough for my husband to have to stay home from work too, my five-month pregnant self certainly does not need to be taking Waverly Maye down any hills, though I know one little lady who would be all about that activity.

Along with the snow came a two-hour school delay, which I could not have been happier about!  Keeping it real, I have been throwing myself a bit of a pity party about being a working mom lately.  I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of person & always try to focus on the positive parts of working, but sometimes it’s just really, really hard.  Getting up at 5:00 each morning is kicking my ass, I usually am fine throughout the day but come late afternoon (when I actually get to be with Waverly), I am exhausted & making it through to (my 8:00) bedtime is a serious challenge.  Maybe the hardest, most days Waverly is still sleeping when I leave, I hate it that I have to go that long without seeing her, especially since the mornings are by far her happiest times.  She really is so much fun to be around, sometimes I am jealous of all the fun she has with other people besides me.  I know it is only going to get harder with two, the thought of leaving both my girls next year scares me on a daily basis.  Yet ultimately I do know there are perks & downfalls to any situation, that my schedule really is ideal, & I have SO much to be thankful for. 
These hormones just aren’t currently doing me any favors.

And in other, less-emotional news, Waverly painted her nails all on her own for the first time this week!  Clear, glitter nail polish for the win, she was OBSESSED & so proud of her little self.  She even tried to bring all four bottles of her new nail polish to dinner, I thought I could have saved the “we don’t paint our nails at the dinner table” comment until her high school years, yet no such luck. 😉

Finally, happy super bowl weekend, friends!!  Eat lots of food & drink a beer for me. 🙂

Waverly turned two & a half this past Monday, happiest half-birthday to our little lady!!  We are going to have a small dinner plus “half” a cake to celebrate this weekend, we started the tradition of half-birthday celebrations when she was six months old (you can see last year’s here) & I see no reason to stop now. 😉 I know Waverly will love it, so I’m going to go with it as long as she will, too!!

Like most moms, part of me can’t believe we are now well on our way to three, yet mostly, I can’t begin to imagine how we ever lived a day before her.  Lately she is growing & maturing so quickly, I really feel like I can’t keep up!  She is smart, curious, & our little comedian.  She knows exactly what she can get away with plus what she can’t, and loves to test her limits all of the time.  She is as sweet as they come & has the biggest heart, she never ever stops amazing me.

Old Navy Dress, H&M Vest (Past Season)
The older she gets, the more we realize how shy she is when we first get somewhere or meet someone, then how outgoing she is twenty minutes later.  She is as wild & talkative as any toddler I have met, yet it definitely takes her some time if we are not at home.  It always makes me laugh when someone comments on how laid-back she is when they first meet her, I just wait until a few minutes later when she is dancing circles around them singing her current favorite Taylor Swift song. 😉

She is always cracking us up & she knows it.  She loves to put on a show almost as much as she loves to be the center of attention, she notices if we aren’t focused on her for a second & makes every effort to get all eyes back on her.  Her imagination is greater than ever, she calls her “guys” throughout the day to let them know what she is doing, which scares us just a little bit. 😉 She remembers everything, uses full sentences all of the time, asks me questions constantly, & wants to do every single task all on her own.  All of which can make for some trying moments, which we definitely have, but also the part of her personality that is going to make her one strong, independent woman one day.

Her favorite things & activities have remained the same for a while now, which I definitely attribute to her growing into her own person more than ever.  Waverly is all-girl, she loves make-up, purses, arts & crafts, and most of all, her baby dolls.  She does not leave the house without a baby, along with anything that baby could ever need, and always makes sure that they are all fed & well-rested.  She still ADORES our dog, no one can make her laugh like he can & she takes care of him all day long.  One many reasons that I know she is going to be a rock star big sister in a few short months.  

This age yet again is my favorite, looking back on any tough moments over the past couple of years, they have nothing on the sound of her telling me she loves me twenty times a day.  As bittersweet as it is to see her grow, I could not be prouder of the little girl she has become.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Size of Baby Brickner:  A papaya!

Maternity Clothes:  I am starting to feel really, really ready for spring & all the clothes that come with it, anyone else dreaming of maxi dresses?!  In the meantime, the outfit above is actually a maternity jumpsuit from Asos.  It’s super stretchy with plenty of room to grow, plus beyond comfortable! I thought it would be perfect to layer now & then wear when it gets warmer since it’s strapless.

Best Moment This Week:  Date night with the hubs!  We went & saw “American Sniper”, which is amazing & we definitely recommend it!  The movie theater even had full-size recliners, which is a definitely upgrade since we have been last, so relaxing!!

Miss Anything:  My brain.;)  Pregnancy brain has hit full force, I think, or I am at least going to go ahead & blame all of this on that!  First, I was cleaning the counters when I realized I was using butter spray instead of cleaning spray, I couldn’t figure out why all of the sudden our cleaning spray turned the color yellow? Then I left my wallet at the shoe store & didn’t figure it out until the next day.  Finally, & definitely worst of all, I ran out of gas TWICE, I really hate getting gas when it is cold out so I try to put it off as long as I can. Thankfully it didn’t run out while I was driving either time, both times my car just wouldn’t start, but seriously, how embarrassing is that?!

Movement:  Yes, & I love it EVERY single time!  Waverly is more interested in feeling my belly these days, I cannot wait until she can feel her baby sister move, too.

Cravings:  My appetite is just so weird, most of my aversions are gone but lately nothing sounds good, yet I am always so hungry.  The thought of dinner every night really overwhelms me, I hate bringing Waverly & my husband down with me, but cooking is just not high on the priority list these days.

Queasy or Sick:  No, feeling happy, healthy, & excited!

Looking Forward To:  My husband has been busy building Waverly a big girl bed for the past couple of weeks, I am getting really anxious to get it in her room & to start that process!  One of my best friends is also due with her first babe any day now, I am beyond excited for her & can’t wait to meet her little girl!  I have loved being pregnant with several of our close friends this time, it makes me so happy that our little ones will grow up together! 🙂

Oh, what a week it has been, full of both the sweetest moments & others that put me in slight state of panic!  It all started when my husband called me Tuesday morning at work to let me know that the strap off  Waverly’s purse had broke.  I’ve mentioned before that she is obsessed with purses lately, she has one favorite & I’m convinced her addiction to it gets worse by the day.  She hoards things in there but doesn’t let us look in it, she freaks out if we even get close (two-nager). We do know that it has some sort of mix of granola bars & chapstick though, since we snuck a glance one time when she wasn’t looking.

So I was worried all day about her, which I should have been, since when I picked her up the tears immediately started rolling (like bucket tears) over her broken purse.  I seriously haven’t seen her cry like that or for so long since our newborn days, I felt so bad for her while at the same time, couldn’t help but almost laugh over the fact that our first huge meltdown in months was over an accessory.  She is my child, I should have known this was coming. 😉  Good news, we finally calmed her down, though it was touch & go for a while, & she currently has my mom’s old purse as a replacement until my mother-in-law sews the strap back on her ($2) favorite purse.

Also in happy news, we got some extra time together this week since I had off work Monday!  We went to the best breakfast place, had a date to Target, & I got lots more organizing done in the nursery!  I wish every Monday could be exactly like that, two days for a weekend is just never enough.

I am proud to announce that we have a new addition to the family, a beta fish named Norman!  My brother took Waverly for a lunch date last weekend so we could get some work done around the house, a couple hours later they showed back up with a fish, food, & a fish bowl.  I was so appreciative.  Waverly was thrilled, she adores her uncle anyways, then the fact that he bought her a living animal pretty much sealed the deal that he is her favorite for life. 😉  We are currently working on teaching Waverly that we don’t “mix Norman” like we do cake batter, she really wants to take our big kitchen spoons & give him an extra spin.

No family photos of Norman yet, just Waverly & her first pet (& bestie), Bogger.

Sweater (Zara, Last Season) & Boots
Finally, I have a couple favorites from this week, two from two of my favorite bloggers!  I ordered this headwrap after reading about it on Erin’s blog, we have a couple headwraps but I love the chambay on this one, it’s so versatile!  A food favorite, these no-bake energy bites from Megan, she had me at “no-bake”. 😉  I have the weirdest appetite lately, pregnancy related for sure, so this seems easy enough to bring with me when I am starving & nothing looks appetizing, plus I know Waverly will like them, too.

Happy weekend, friends!

Happy halfway through the week!  Every year, one of the first thoughts to cure my post-Christmas sadness is the next holiday on the roster, Valentine’s Day!  I am so excited that it falls on a Saturday this time, I hate leaving Waverly Maye for work (& really feel that it should be a recognized, day-off-work holiday), so I feel extra lucky I don’t have to.  This year, it’s foods cut into heart shapes ALL day long, you have no idea how hard it was not being able to do this for her first two February holidays!
Waverly & I have already been busy getting together some Valentines, this will be her first year handing them out to her “friends” which is already way too much fun!  I am also putting together a small present for her, a Valentines book to add to our collection along with some new arts & crafts supplies.  This Christmas sealed the deal that she is obsessed with anything wrapped (& I am sure there is no turning back), so I am really looking forward to giving it to her!

In fashion news, I was kind of disappointed in the selection for toddlers this year, did anyone else find anything good?!  I mentioned before that I got Waverly the LOVE dress from Old Navy, I also rounded up the other cute options I found for both boys & girls, seen below!

Love Dress, Heart-Foiled Onesie, Heart Pajamas, I Love You Footie, Heartbreaker Onesie, Mustache PJs

And for the mamas, I came across this heart-print dress, it is just too cute plus currently on sale!!  I would definitely wear it year-round, & could probably even get by with buying big for now to wear with this growing bump.

 Lastly, it’s no secret that we love a good pair of sunglasses our way, we got into the spirit early by rocking our heart frames (plus this heart headband from Willow Crowns) over the weekend!  I don’t dress Waverly in pink often, but it really is so sweet on her! 

Happiest week ahead, lots of love your way!