Being Brickner : October 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's the Little Things: Our Halloween Week

It's always important to me to make holiday weeks special our way, even in between all of the chaos of working full-time & you know, all of the day to day stuff we have to do in between that.  My sister-in-law & I took the kids to the boo zoo last weekend, the weather was beautiful & there was no shortage of kids running around endlessly in the spirit of the holiday.  Plus, there were bounce houses.  And that's all Waverly needs to get excited, ever.  We had the best time.

Waverly's cousin is about one year younger than her & I just love them watching them together, especially as they get older.  She loves to touch his head & give him kisses, we taught them to hold hands for the first time at the zoo & it was sweetest thing ever.  Waverly wouldn't let go (even if he wanted her to), she kept saying "come here, Jack, I show you the way".  Such a little mama.

My family is coming over this Friday for halloween night, it will be our first time trick or treating in our new house & we are so excited!  We plan to order pizza & do some sort of dessert bar, plus of course candy for the little ones.  Waverly & I got a head start with some candy bark this week, its been in the freezer (in between us snacking on it) since.  The recipe is easy, plus fun, we just melted white chocolate, spread it out on parchment paper & covered it with broken up halloween oreos, sprinkles, pretzels & candy corn.  So much fun to do together & you can make it work for any holiday or occasion!

And what kind of holiday week would it be without some festive fashion?!  Our girls Jess & Sadie sent us over the cutest halloween bow, so much fun for this week!  We paired it with this sweatshirt my mom got Waverly from the Forever 21 little girls section (similar here), just worn as a dress for a toddler!  I love that it will last forever, the best kind of a fashion find for little ones. :)

We will be signing off for the rest of the week, to focus on celebrating the holiday & enjoying a much needed relaxing weekend with family!  We wish you all the happiest halloween, have fun & eat LOTS of candy! XO
PS - See this post if you need a reminder on how to link-up.  Thanks again to all of those who continue to hang with us each week!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Fun: A Gift Exchange & Giveaway

Happy Halloween week, friends!!  The countdown is on, Waverly Maye had her trick or treat "rehearsal" at her kids halloween party over the weekend, too much fun & too much cute!  It sealed the deal that I think this holiday season will be our best yet, I love how much more aware she is & can't wait to watch the magic of the holidays through her little eyes. :)

We once again got to celebrate a holiday with some of our favorite blog friends, which we love so, so much!  Waverly is convinced now that every package that arrives on our doorstep is her "present", it immediately makes any afternoon that much more exciting for all of us.  We were paired with Karra & her daughter, Rae, they sent over the cutest book ever (we have read it every night since), plus cat eyes & candy for Waverly!  We are so thankful for our gifts & they have made our October that much more special!  We got to send some fun festive treats over to Tawnya & her daughter, Scarlett, check out her blog to see what we sent.

To add to the excitement, Waverly & I are so happy to be working with the cutest shop to celebrate the season with one of you!  Candace is a mama to two sweet girls & Etsy shop owner, she is currently adding even more handmade items to her adorable shop which you all would love.  She is so sweet to offer this garland to one lucky reader, it is so much fun & would be the perfect addition to your decor in November!  Enter below to win, Candace is also currently offering free shipping on anything over $5.00, use the code FREESHIP5.

 And lastly, a little fashion favorite to kick-off this holiday week, I recently picked up this leopard vest for Waverly at Old Navy & I couldn't love it more.  Leopard plus a puffer vest (for a really good price), pretty much perfection in my book.  Boy mamas, they have the cutest camo options, too, both are available in-store!

Have a fun week ahead, & don't forget to enter below!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF, & happy one week until Halloween!!  We have had quite the busy week our way, it has flown by & we are not complaining a bit.  Tonight we have Waverly's halloween party to start off a festive week of fun, can't wait to celebrate & to see all the little ones in their costumes.
Here are our FIVE ... 

ONE.  I am so honored to be working with Parenting Magazine this week, as a kick-off to their new "glam mom" series.  They will be featuring different mom bloggers each week, all talking about their beauty routines plus how they have changed since having children (something we can all relate to!).  The link can be found here! :)

TWO.  We were able to fit in one more trip to the pumpkin patch, I can't get over how seriously Waverly Maye takes this whole pumpkin thing.  She loves to pick them up all on her own, carrying them back & forth from her wagon like its her job.  We took a couple home this time, they are on our porch & every single time we get home Waverly likes to sit on hers to say "cheese!".  Love her.
THREE.  We had friends over for brunch last weekend & I made these french toast sticks for the kids.  Waverly went for the syrup first, it obviously got all over her, but it was well-worth it.  They were delicious, we definitely recommend the recipe!
FOUR.  Our weather has been so unpredictable lately, warm one day & freezing the next (am I allowed to complain yet?!).  We took advantage of one of our warmer days for some painting in the backyard, Waverly spotted this Elmo book at Target the other day & we were so excited to try it out!

And then she put the paint in her mouth, just to look up at me with that "I'm going to test you" face.  Toddlers. ;)
FIVE.  We have family pictures this weekend, something that can either go really well or the other way around.  Crossing our fingers!!  My sweet & talented friend Jess sent Waverly the cutest bows from her recent fall line, they are perfect for the season.  I hope to share some great pictures soon!
Happy weekend everyone, hope it's a good one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's The Little Things: Some Sweetness

First, thank you for your sweet comments on Waverly's big girl room!!  I am constantly inspired by all of you, so it truly makes me happy to be able to share a little of what we are working on in our own home.  I look forward to sharing more soon, & as always, thank you for your support! :)
I can't believe that Halloween is less than two weeks away!  We are even more excited than usual, not only because Waverly has her "trick or treat" phrase down pat, but also because it falls on a Friday this year (as a working mom, my dream come true!).  We have lots planned to celebrate over the next week, Waverly's kids gym party is this Friday & then we are taking her to a "boo zoo" day at our local zoo for the second year in a row.  We have also been able to fit in some fun this week, we made a batch of festive cupcakes & I let Waverly have at decorating them herself.  Dangerous yet so much fun!

She was so proud of her little self, this was the first time I let her completely go for it all on her own & she couldn't have loved it more.  We would be baking everyday in her perfect world!

 Also this week, we have had a few rough nights on the sleep front.  I can't say it surprises me, I should have known once I publicly proclaimed how well things were going that it would come back to haunt me. ;) Waverly has been putting off going to sleep just about every way that she can, calling us back in every few minutes for anything she can think of.  She asks us to bring her extra juice, another book, to cover her again with the blanket, or far most common, lets us know she has to use the potty (smart girl).  The other night I was completely exhausted, had gone in there about 20 times when she started screaming again around 2am.  I seriously could have cried, all I could think about was my alarm going off at 5 the next morning & was giving myself a really big pity party.  I went in Waverly's room & she asked me to cover her back up with the blanket, then she looked up at me with the sweetest face & said, "mommy, I love you, good night" as she turned her head to go back to sleep.
 I lost it as I came back down the hall to our room, crying alligator tears to my husband for longer than I am willing to admit. ;)  I just could not get her little voice out of my head or the fact that she just needed her mama for a minute.  Waverly is acting like such a big girl these days that I often forget she is still so little & most importantly, needs me as much as ever.  I've said it before & I realize it more with each passing month, the days are long but the years are short.  I think I will remember that "little moment" forever, this little lady is truly my whole heart, I love her something fierce. :)

We hope you are all having a fun week! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Waverly's Big Girl Room

This post is probably better titled, "Waverly's Big Girl Room, Minus the Big Girl Bed."  We do have a bed for Waverly, we got it passed down to us & are so excited (plus still slightly scared) to try it out very soon.  The reason we have waited this long is because she has always been such a good sleeper, she loves her crib, & up until a few weeks ago, we have really never had issues with sleep.  Thankfully, the week when she was jumping out of the crib was short-lived, that phase seems to have passed & we are back on a better schedule again.  Thanks for all your big bed transition tips, we definitely plan to use them & I hope to be updating on the final part of her new room soon. :)

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the updates we have made in the last few months!  When we bought our house, we made some changes to Waverly's room as we moved in & have been working on a few projects here & there ever since.  I am kind of scared of color on walls, I tend to go with more neutrals & add pops of color in decor.  I am so in love with gold & thought that would be the perfect accent to everything pink we already had. 

My parents got us this pink recliner (from Target) when I was pregnant, it's crazy the amount of memories we already have made in it during the last two years.  I know a recliner doesn't really belong in a big girl room, but I still read to Waverly every single night in it so I can't part with it just yet.  I know once she has a bed I can lay there to read to her, but I also kind of love still holding her in the recliner like I have since she was a newborn.

Storage is key for us, with so many clothes, shoes, & accessories it can get unorganized really quickly.  I feel like I have played around with so many ways to keep her (over the top) amount of fashion in some sort of organization that makes it easy to find things when we need them.  We got this ikea cart a while ago, I loved it & had to have it even though they didn't have a color to match Waverly's room.  You can never go wrong with teal, right?!  We keep some of her boots & socks there, the rest of her shoes are in drawers or in racks that are actually meant for cans in a pantry.  Waverly also has her own dress-up basket for play & the book shelf we bought to paint white for her second birthday.

And because I have to mention it again, it's been the biggest life-changer for us!  The $30 we spent for the nightlight a couple weeks ago was the best money we have ever spent, even though Waverly had stopped jumping out of the crib she was still completely scared of the dark.  We had gone two weeks with her sleeping in a brightly lit room until we finally decided to try a different, brighter nightlight.  It covers her room in stars which she loves, but even better, it changes color when you push a button.  I knew the color-changing thing would ultimately win over her fashion heart. ;)  She is completely obsessed, now every night she begs us to turn off the light, we are all so excited to have made progress on this one!

I'm really excited about all the updates we have made & most of all, love that Waverly's shiny, radiant personality is reflected in her room. :)

Tassel Garland/Wall Letters/Dresser (Refinished with Gold Knobs)/Gold Tray & Baskets (Target In-Store)/Elephant Piggy Bank,Pillow & Wall Baskets (Home Goods)/Printable Wall Art/Humidifier/Gold Confetti Curtains/Cart/Bookshelf  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's The Little Things: The Pumpkin Patch

Oh, the pumpkin patch!! :)  Few family traditions bring me quite as much joy, if my husband would play along I would go to a different one every weekend day in October.  Last Saturday morning we met my mom & brother at one of our favorites, the weather was still a little warm but we had the best time.  Waverly was the absolute cutest, concentrating so hard on putting (about a million) pumpkins in her wagon & pulling it with all the strength in her little body.  She kept stopping to pose with the pumpkins, saying "cheese!" & looking right up at me with her sweet little face.  The best.

Headband & Gap Dress (Last Season)
In addition to about a million pumpkins, they have a petting zoo on the other side that we went & visited after the patch.  Waverly was a little less than impressed that there were no lions & tigers (she must have asked about 100 times), but finally was entertained by the chickens & goats they had.
I guess it's time for a little lesson on what animals are appropriate for what occasion. ;)

Hunter Boots
I can't believe that Halloween is less than three weeks away!  My mother-in-law has been working so hard on Waverly's costume, I am so thankful for her & can't wait for Waverly to wear it for both her kids party plus the holiday soon.  We are also planning to trick or treat at our house for the first time this year, last year we lived there but went to see family instead.  Now that Waverly is a little older & knows some of the kids in the neighborhood, I know she will go crazy for walking door to door with everyone else in the streets. :)  I also am excited to decorate & hand out candy for the first time in our "big" people house, let the fun begin!
Thanks again to everyone who supports the #littlethingslinkup each week, we are so thankful!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday Funday

It has been way too long since we had a weekend with nothing to do, no weddings, no birthday parties, & absolutely no where that we had to be.  Those are some of our favorites!  We started Saturday with the best trip to the pumpkin patch, Waverly could not have loved the pumpkins more & kept sitting on them while saying "cheese!!".  Maybe my dream come true?!  I'm so excited to share pictures later this week, I felt a morning that memorable deserves a post all of its own. :)

We also watched the Alabama game (& made this dip, so delicious!), roll tide!!  My parents are big Bama fans, which means so am I along with my brothers & sister, followed now with Waverly Maye.  The circle of life. ;)  My brother recently taught Waverly to say "rooooooooooll tide", now she says it every time he calls & it's the cutest thing ever.  Except when she did it last week when he called in a depression five minutes after they were beat by Ole Miss.  She was the only Bama fan still excited in the country, you have to love her for keeping our spirits up!!

On Sunday, we finally got to take advantage of our backyard!  It's been about three months since we have been able to go back there, first we were banned while my husband put up our new fence & then we had to wait until the weather was right to put the grass in.  My dad seeded at the beginning of September & now it's finally ready for us, we are thrilled!

Hunter Boots & Plaid Shirt (Similar)
To celebrate, we pulled out all the stops, including Waverly's jeep my dad got for her a while back.  Her legs aren't yet long enough to reach the pedals so my husband had to use a shovel while pushing from behind.  It was all fun & games until my husband got extra excited to live his lifelong dreams with off-roading our kid up the tree.

We also roasted marshmallows, so much fun for this time of year.  Waverly watched as the fire was started & then as soon she she saw the first flames, started singing "happy birthday!".  Love her & her love of celebrations way too much.

And just like that, it's Monday ...  Happy week ahead!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!!  I am beyond excited that the ladies have brought this weekly link-up back, random lists are my my favorite & perfect for this time of year. :)

ONE.  We took Waverly Maye for our first pumpkin patch visit of the season last weekend!  There are so many in our area but we decided to kick off the fun at a farm that has free hayrides, tee-pees, animals, & a bounce house.  Waverly loved it, specifically the bounce house, so much so that we didn't get any real time with the pumpkins like, at all.  We had the best time though, we did manage to get her to check out the hay & plan to continue the fun with another one this weekend.  One that doesn't have a bounce house. ;)

TWO.  I saw these ballet flats on Little Baby Garvin a few weeks back & couldn't resist them, I am always looking for a good flat that is super comfortable.  They are even better than I expected in person, so comfy (kind of like walking on air!), & I get compliments every time I wear them.  Such a great purchase!

THREE.  For the most part, potty training is going well, as long as we are at home. ;)  Waverly is all about going potty pretty much just to get her treats afterwards, she tries to play me all the time by walking in the bathroom, pretending to pee & then yelling "yay!" before she comes to tell me she needs her treat.  Smart girl.  We have switched to fall m&m's, I also added them to our canister to make a fun fall snack mix!

FOUR.  In other treat news, I should have known this was coming, Waverly fell in love with ice cream over the summer (like her mama) & there is no turning back.  I'm still rolling with it since it really isn't cold yet at all, plus we added Halloween sprinkles to make it an acceptable fall treat.  She took hers & mine, too.

FIVE.  We had the biggest breakthrough ever this week, we found a nightlight that Waverly loves & it has been a life-changer!  After two weeks of brutal nights because of one little lady scared of the dark, it looks like we have finally turned a corner.  The entire house is thrilled! :)  The nightlight can be found here, we definitely recommend it, I'm planning to share some of Waverly's new room soon & will share that, too!

Thanks to Natasha & the ladies for hosting.  Wishing you all a happy & fun weekend!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's The Little Things: Sesame Street

We took Waverly to Sesame Street Live over the weekend, she loved it just as much as I thought she would & even a little bit more. :)  My husband ended up joining us which was so much fun, both of us were so excited the entire drive there since we knew Waverly had the best surprise ever waiting for her.  As soon as we sat down & saw all of her friends in real life, she literally just stared in awe, not even moving a muscle the entire show.  It was seriously magic, Waverly sits still for nothing, it was the first time in the history of my career as a parent that my kid was the only one not speaking or moving in the place.  I don't think I've sat that long in two years.

We took hardly any pictures while we were there, we were too busy watching Waverly in rare form!!  We did take both Elmo & Cookie with us though, this little mama made sure that Elmo got his bottle before we left.  Too much cute.

The only other Sesame picture of the day, this one of Waverly's face when we told her it was time to leave.  She seriously would have stayed there all day if we let her, waiting in the empty arena for Elmo to make his way back in. ;)

I always think it's interesting when our babes start picking up on likes & dislikes around this age, yet I guess it only makes sense since they are just little versions of us.  Waverly has always been so active that she never stopped for anything, so at the rare times we have shown her tv, she has had no interest.  (Girlfriend could care less about Frozen, I know, it's crazy.)  Yet for whatever reason, she is all about some Sesame Street, she can spot Elmo from aisles away at the store & requests to snuggle with an episode of Ernie each morning.  My sister-in-law gave us these little Sesame Street figures a while ago & she is obsessed, she calls them her "friends", gives them kisses all the time, & they take a bath with her every single night.  We take nightly walks with Waverly's stroller & lately, all six "friends" get to take the ride.

Toddlers are awesome.  Most of the time. ;)

Hope you guys are having a great week, thanks to all those who continue to link-up!