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Happy, happy Friday, friends!!  Our days have been kicking off a little bit (or a lot) earlier lately, out of nowhere, Waverly started waking up around 6, about an hour & a half earlier than she used to.  It’s definitely not my favorite timing since it pretty much coincided with my summer break, I love her something fierce but had been looking forward to waking up once it was actually light outside for months.  We tried pushing back her bedtime, changing her nap schedule, & attempting to rock her back to sleep, none of it worked so we gave up.  Instead, we decided to welcome our early-riser with open arms (& halfway closed eyes) each morning.
It’s honestly become one of my favorite times of the day, Waverly is not much of a “sit still” kind of girl so the fact that she actually sits with us in bed for a good amount of time each morning is pretty incredible.  We watch Sesame Street, cuddle, & laugh, it makes me appreciate her, our family of three, & this extra time we get together.  One day I know I will desperately want these moments back.
We recently had some family pictures taken, I’m so excited to share some of our favorites!!  I love the ones of the three of us & also am officially obsessed with the pictures of just Waverly.  Our photo wall (& hearts) are very full right now.

Waverly’s Dress (Sold-Out, Similar Here or Here) & Headband
My Kimono & Similar Jeans
The biggest thank you to Nicole of N.A. Barrett Photography, we are so grateful for all the pictures you have captured of our family. 🙂
Wishing you all the happiest weekend with your loved ones!


  1. August 15, 2014 / 12:06 pm

    Oh my goodness! What an incredibly beautiful family you have! Just gorgeous!

  2. August 15, 2014 / 12:59 pm

    Gorgeous photos, friend! Goodness! Waverly in that flower headband? I die. She looks like a little cherub:) So glad you are enjoying soaking up these precious moments with your sweet girl. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. August 15, 2014 / 1:11 pm

    Beautiful photos! I'm starting to think about ours… We are getting them taken in 2 months and I can't decide what we all should wear and what props (if any) to use.

  4. August 15, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have!

  5. August 15, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    Um, beautiful!!!! Such a gorgeous little family!!!

  6. August 15, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    Just beautiful photos! We haven't had any family photos taken since Christmas and I am itching to do it! Part of me has been waiting til I'm pregnant, but at this rate who knows when that will be!

  7. August 15, 2014 / 1:56 pm

    What wonderful pictures!

  8. August 15, 2014 / 2:40 pm

    BEAUTIFUL pictures (and family)!!! She captured some amazing shots!!

  9. Anonymous
    August 15, 2014 / 3:53 pm

    these are GORGEOUS. I'm a little terrified if Rae will cooperate in our family pictures soon!

  10. August 15, 2014 / 4:28 pm

    Great pictures!! It's cute seeing W's more serious faces.. What a good-looking family!! 🙂

  11. August 15, 2014 / 4:56 pm

    What a gorgeous family!! I love Waverly's headpiece…

  12. August 15, 2014 / 5:38 pm

    Great pictures! You look gorgeous.

  13. August 15, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    I'm so glad you shared the rest of this photoshoot!! Gorgeous!!!

  14. August 15, 2014 / 7:28 pm

    love them all as i love you!

  15. August 15, 2014 / 7:31 pm

    Oh my gosh… these pictures are perfection!! Love your picture-perfect family 😉

  16. August 15, 2014 / 8:28 pm

    Your photos are seriously gorgeous.
    We have the same early morning issues. Between 5:30 and 6:00 AM we are up and ready to go (and by "we" I mean Marcus). Like you, we tired everything to get the morning wake-up call pushed back. No dice. Eventually the kids will want to sleep in, right? 🙂

  17. August 16, 2014 / 1:42 am

    How adorable are these pics! I'm obsessed with these flower crowns. I wish my Ell would wear one! And your dress is so cute.

  18. August 16, 2014 / 3:17 am

    Oh my these all are so amazing!! I love the one where you all are cracking up!! So cute!

  19. August 16, 2014 / 4:24 am

    GORGEOUS photos!!! Love! We just took some family photos for Mason's 2nd birthday and am dying waiting to get them back!!

  20. August 16, 2014 / 12:43 pm

    Beautiful!!! No fun about waking up earlier, but you are right. All we can do is embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

  21. August 19, 2014 / 7:41 pm

    Love these, love how genuine your laughs look. You guys are a great looking family.

  22. August 21, 2014 / 12:44 am

    Seriously, could your family be any more beautiful?!

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