Being Brickner : June 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Waverly's 23 Month Update

Well it's official, Waverly turned 23 months a few days ago which means, she is less than one month to TWO!!  I've promised my crazy self to not do monthly updates after two, but will obviously still do them every once in a while & continue to talk about her all of the time (that's what moms do, right?!).  I really am so glad that I have done these since Waverly was born, they really are so fun to look back on & will also be very helpful in the future. :)

HAPPIEST almost two, Waverly Maye!

Stats:  We will find out Waverly's height & weight at her two year appointment next month, she is wearing mostly 18-24 month old clothes so she seems about average, just still a little shorter than the other kids her age.  Both her hair & eyes are lighter than ever, and my favorite, she is started to get a few freckles (I call them angel kisses) around her nose.  We think she looks like both of us, although her daddy's baby pictures are strikingly similar to her (I think she gets her wild ways from him, too).

Favorite Words & Phrases:  Her vocabulary might just be the most entertaining thing about her right now, I am obsessed with her language & listening to what she comes up with.  It's phrases & sentences all of the time, most of them we can understand & some we just pretend to (because she gets really, really offended if we don't).  Some of my favorites are "hold you", which is to let me know she wants me to hold her, & "love you", a recent new phrase that melts my heart oh so much! :)  She says "I said ... " all of the time now, with her sweetness comes a very sassy side that we see often.  A couple new moves (both of which I hope she will do forever), she yells "hooray" & throws her hands up in the air.  Also, when you say "Waverly, are you excited?", she scrunches her nose up & closes her eyes with the silliest smile.  I have no idea where she learned it from but it's quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Truly, there isn't much she can't say & we have officially decided that it only takes one time for her to hear something to know it & know it well.  Something that can be exciting & very scary, all at the same time. ;)

Other Milestones:  Waverly can count from 1-10, although she has no interest in 5, 6, or 7 so she skips those each time. :)  She can do a forward roll like a boss, she busts it out often but especially during the first few moments someone new comes over (she likes to perform for them, obviously).  She continues to be really, really interested in reading & in books, she loves to "read" each morning for at least thirty minutes & can even identify some of the titles of them now.

I don't think you consider this a milestone, but Waverly has learned to take off her diaper & really, really likes to practice her new skill.  We are still working on potty training (slowly but surely), I took this as yet another sign she was ready but we definitely aren't there yet.  In the meantime, we have made the mistake of putting her in nightgowns a couple nights for bed (they are so damn cute), just to go get her the next morning to a scene of a bare-butt baby & ... I'll let you figure out the rest.  Yep, more than once.  Parents of the year.

Favorite (& Least Favorite) Activities:  Anything to do with water, all of the time!  When we aren't at the waterpark, the beach or the pool, she wants to be outside with the hose or her baby pool.  She also loves to go on walks still, especially at night with daddy to go "throw rocks" at the end of the street.
As ironic as it is (since it has to do with water), Waverly recently decided she didn't love the bath anymore. Thankfully, my husband had the genius idea to bring her "friends" (Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie figurines) into the bath & now, she loves it.  We literally wash each one of them & its totally a packed tub, but it works.  And we are all about what works.

Favorite Things:  Nothing much has changed here, she loves her babies, her shoes (& anyone else's shoes), & jewelry.  I know these aren't things, but she is more obsessed than ever with all of our family members, we spend a lot of the day repeating their names & looking at pictures (I made her an album).  She loves them all so much & it's the sweetest.

You know I like to keep it real, this can be a hard age.  Waverly loves to push limits & is one determined fierce little lady.  Disciplining can be scary & emotionally exhausting, I feel like I am always second-guessing what I am doing.  Yet at the same time, this is one of our favorite ages, too! :)  Watching Waverly as her own independent, strong little lady is so rewarding, she really amazes us more all of the time.  There isn't a day that I don't feel beyond lucky to call her ours, I wake up each morning so excited to see what she will say & do next.  I just love her so much.

We hope you all had the best weekend, FOUR more days until the FOURth! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Year & Beyond: Bedtime Battles

Thank you for so many sweet, sweet comments on our third anniversary!  We have had a busy (but fun!) week of celebrating & also, getting ready for a family trip we leave for tomorrow.  Here's to hoping I learned something from the traveling with toddler posts a few weeks ago. ;)
I am so thankful for this series, I really have learned a lot from so many of your posts & feedback.  It's definitely sad to see it end, but I am excited that the girls are already brainstorming ideas to get it started again soon!  A special thank you to Sarah & Heather for making all of this happen!

When I really think about it, I have so much to say about the baby/toddler sleep situation that I should probably just go ahead & write a book about it.  From the start, Waverly's sleep schedule (or lack of it) was a pretty big struggle & something we definitely found challenging.  There were many, many moments that I was convinced we would literally never sleep again (which will probably be the case after this post).  Yet after lots of research, soul-searching, patience, & wine - we made it through.  I really am proud (& extremely happy) to say that Waverly Maye is a rock star sleeper these days.

In an effort not to overwhelm anyone (& since this a beyond one-year series), I thought it would be most helpful to focus on what we have done since Waverly was a toddler.  For anyone who is interested, we read & lived by the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child when Waverly was younger.  I definitely recommend it, I'm convinced that it set the groundwork for Waverly being a good sleeper now & plan to use it again with any future babes.

For us, more than anything, a solid, consistent night-time routine seems to be the key to good sleep.  Waverly is a total creature of habit (something I think she got from me).  She thrives on a routine & really remembers every detail of it. So our evenings tend to run very similar each night, a bath at about 5:30, dinner at 6:30, & lately, a family walk at about 7:15.  Then Waverly always kisses her daddy good night (same spot), walks with me up the stairs to pick out her books, & we read on the recliner before singing songs until about 8 (which was just extended for summer).  At that time, I lay her down in her crib, turn on her sleep sheep & humidifier, & hand her a blankie.  Seriously, if I forget any of those steps she is totally quick to point it out.  It really shocks me everytime, but I do love that she obviously really likes her routine (& that she insists that its me to do it every night).
Also, I spray this Bath & Body Works spray that was recommended to me by our babysitter (who swears by it), I don't know if it's in my head but I totally think this stuff is some sort of magical potion. ;)

From that point on, Waverly usually sleeps like a baby until around 7 or 7:30 the next morning.  Sometimes she will wake up once in the night, but will almost always put herself back to sleep within minutes. We learned the hard way not to go in there & get her because that will lead to wanting to be with us all night.  Of course, there are parts of me that wants to do just that, forget about all of this, & bring her into our bed for the rest of her toddler life.  Yet ultimately, I know that (for us) this is what works the best for her (& our) sleep, which is obviously important for everyone's happiness! :)

With all of that being said, there are definitely times that we have gotten brave & gone out to a late dinner or concert with Waverly (we are crazy, I tell ya!).  I am always nervous but Waverly always surprises us & is totally fine, just partying the night away!  So as Type-A & totally routine driven I am, I obviously am all about making memories & "special" out of the ordinary moments with this sweet girl, too.


I am looking forward to reading all of your posts on this topic & as always, WELCOME your suggestions or feedback!  Enjoy your weekend & HAPPY Thursday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's The Little Things: Week Twenty

Today is our anniversary, happiest three years to you, babe!! :)  Part of me can't believe it has been that long (I'm thinking we aren't qualified as newlyweds anymore?!), but mostly, I can't remember life before we were officially husband & wife.  The past few years have been so amazing & beyond what I ever could have hoped for, I feel so lucky for the life we continue to build each day.

Every year around this time, I always look back on pictures from our day & I couldn't help but laugh when I came across this one over the weekend.  I really don't blame him for looking at me like that for making him hold an "I do" sign, it's definitely not his thing or something he would come up with (ever).  Yet he loves me through my craziness & my need to do the "little" extra things all of the time, I'm positive there is no one else who ever could handle me (& Waverly Maye), or more importantly, that is more perfect for us. :)
Thank you for all you do & for the man you are, here is to many more years!

One of my favorite parts of summer vacation is being at home with Waverly each morning.  I've mentioned that during the school year, my early wake-up time means that most days during the week, I don't see her until the afternoon.  I have always been a morning person & (so far) Waverly is too, so I hate not being there during those sweet, exciting moments of a brand new day.

Waverly's current favorite breakfast food is "uffins", I wish I could say homemade but my dad brought her some from the bakery at the store & she is obsessed.  I think part of the reason is obviously that they are delicious, but mostly, because I let her eat them while sitting on the floor rather than her high chair.  She is pretty much starting to hate the high chair these days, my search for a good booster seat just got a whole lot more serious because she is officially over being strapped down (suggestions welcome!).
So I thought it would be fun to take our breakfast date to the park, I packed food for each of us & put it in our bike trailer.

As usual these days, Waverly preferred playing to eating & went down the slide about 40 times in a row before even attempting to take a bite.  Yet eventually, she joined me at the table, she was so excited & pretty much amazed to be eating breakfast in a new place.  We were the only ones there (thank goodness, she saw one car drive up & "barked" at it again!).  It was such a special way to kick off a new day & definitely one of those "little moments" I won't forget.

And lastly, our love of popsicles continues & this is yet another example of a food Waverly requests all of the time (like literally from morning on, she would like an "uffin" with a side of "pop").  I got these new molds from Target (similar) & couldn't wait to try them out, I used this recipe from Pinterest & they are perfect!

Congratulations to Courtney Bilos for winning last week's giveaway from The Posh Daisy!  This week we are excited to bring you another giveaway, this one is from another super cute shop.  Lil Lainey Bug is absolutely adorable, & has options for both boys & girls.  Enter below to win a floral skirt & also, use the code HOT20 to take 20% off your purchase.
Good luck, & see this post for a reminder on how to link-up!  Thanks again! XO
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Fourth of July Recipe Link-Up

I am really looking forward to the Fourth of July this year, even more than usual since last year, we weren't even all three living together & were between houses.  Our plans include to spend the day at the beach, a cookout, & then to head back to the oceanfront that evening for fireworks.  VB's roads pretty much shutdown & everyone (like everyone, its packed) rides bikes to sit on the sand & watch the show. I know Waverly will love all of the excitement of bike riding down there, she loves sitting in the trailer behind one of our bikes & watching everything around us.  I'm not real sure about the actual fireworks, she has a sudden fear of planes & grabs on to me for dear life whenever she hears one, so it may just not be her favorite tradition yet.  We will soon find out. 

To get into the spirit of the holiday, I am so excited to be joining in with some of my very favorite bloggers for a Fourth of July Recipe Linkup.  It's easy to participate and also super fun & festive, just the way I like it. We would love for you to join us, all you have to do is share a favorite fourth recipe by posting on or before July 1st!  You will then be matched on July 2nd & finally, on July 9th we will all post the results!  Thanks to Alyssa of Love and Life Simplified for putting this all together, see below for the other bloggers who are participating. 

We are all about popsicles right now, Waverly is obsessed & every time I open the freezer, she tries to sneak in and grab one (or three).  I really wanted to do a recipe that she could enjoy & to me, nothing says Fourth of July like a bomb pop.

The only three ingredients are blue gatorade, lemonade, & cranberry juice, and you will use one cup of each.  First, divide the gatorade between eight dixie cups & then put in a baking pan.  Freeze for one hour.  Put the popsicle sticks in & then divide the lemonade, freeze for two hours.  Finally, divide the cranberry & this time, freeze for four hours.

This recipe is from Pinterest, I followed it the best I could with a toddler at my legs the entire time. ;)  The white didn't show up, the red looks pink, & the blue looks purple, but they still were just as good as I remembered as a little kid.  Waverly Maye loved them (isn't that what matters) & has eaten three already, although she has asked for about 53.

We hope you will join us, the link-up code is below! :)  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sources - Waverly's Romper (Pants Version) & Headband

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy (Official) Summer!

Happy, happy summer everyone!! :)  Our first week of break has been pretty amazing, it didn't take long to get used to not having a 5am wake-up call & most of all, not having to leave Waverly Maye each day.  She seemed at little confused at first, which was so crazy to me since my spring break (only ten weeks ago), she didn't notice a difference.  They grow oh so quickly, right?!
  Now when I walk in each morning to get her from her crib, she says "mama gotta go to work" in her saddest, most pitiful voice.  Then, when I tell her I don't & that I am staying with her all day, she screams "YAY!" so loud I'm sure the neighbors can hear.  I can totally relate, I have given a few "YAY's" myself, this time was much needed & long-awaited, that's for sure.

I'm thinking its the excitement & that I will be eating my words in no time, but Waverly has been pretty great this past week.  We have definitely had our moments (she ran after our poor dog for so long the other morning he went into hiding & also, she recently started to "bark" at other people who try to get on the slide at the park - perhaps she learned it from the dog?), but for the most part, we have had so much fun.  I think we both feel like we are on vacation & we are very happy about it.

Waverly's Headand, Dress Sold-Out
It's been really, really hot here (I won't dare complain), so each day we have found some sort of water activity.  We have been to the waterpark a couple days, my grandparents pool, the zoo (where we really stayed at the splash pad), & even most of our time at home have been spent with the hose or in the baby pool.  Even in only one week, I have seen the biggest difference in how well Waverly can swim.  Her lack of fear of the water has now escalated to literally jumping in by herself or going down the waterslide head first, both of which put her completely under the water.  It scares the hell out of me when she pops up with eyes so wide they are the size of her head, but then everytime, she says "again!".  I am so thankful for this lifevest we found (& definitely recomend), it gives me at least some peace of mind. ;)

I've decided that summer makes for an exhausted toddler & therefore, does wonders for their sleep schedule, which is also nothing short of amazing.  The other morning Waverly slept until 8:30, something that has never, ever happened in her 23 months of life.  We have found a pretty good routine of going out for the day at about 10 & then leaving at 1 or 1:30, each time she has fallen asleep on the way home & after I put her in her crib, slept for so long I had to go in to wake her up.  With her extra long naps, we decided to push back her bedtime from 7 to 8, which has given us lots of extra family time & also a family walk after dinner each night.  It makes for long days & I'm pretty sure I am more tired at the end of the day now then when I was working, but it's well, well worth it!

Bow Bikini - On Sale
And lastly, we needed a bathing suit the other afternoon & all of Waverly's were in the wash.  So I decided to try on her one-shoulder suit from last summer, which also could be referred to as my favorite "mini" suit of all time.  I can't even believe I was able to fit this 9-month suit on her, it obviously wasn't an easy fit & that was most definitely the last go-round on this one, but it was so fun to see it on her one last time (& to compare this picture with her in the same suit last year).

Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Year & Beyond: Making Time for Blogging

First things first, the biggest thank you to so many inspiring ladies who make this blogging community the amazing place that it is.  The reason that I started this blog was for Waverly Maye to be able to look back on her life as a little girl & that has never changed, I am so excited for her to read this one day (she better!), & that definitely remains my priority.  Yet since then, it really has become so much more.  I have made some amazing relationships & find myself constantly inspired by all of you.  Your support, encouragement & the way you have embraced Waverly & I really means so much.  So thank you. :)

With that being said, I'm totally under the belief that no matter your situation, there is just not enough time in the day, ever.  My husband & I always laugh about the fact that when you were little, 30 minutes seemed like an eternity & now, it feels like you blink & it's over.  Most days I struggle to find the time to be as productive as I want to be as a mom, a wife, & a teacher (not to mention friend, sister, daughter, grandaughter, aunt ... ), so obviously "me" moments are few & far between.  Yet ultimately, such is life, & I know one day when my kids are grown I will desperately want this time back.

In terms of blogging, I definitely view it as an "extra", a hobby that I truly enjoy, & also, that I will feel lucky to have one day.  From day one, I've had a golden rule that I will never blog while Waverly is awake & at the beginning of this year, also made the resolution to make the biggest attempt to keep all technology away when I am with her, too.  For the most part, it works & I wouldn't have it any other way.  Also, if you have met Waverly, you know she wouldn't have it any other way, either - she is as high maintenance as they come & pretty much takes my full attention all of the time.  
Love her! :)

SO when do I blog?!  I write most of my posts at night sitting in bed while I watch reality tv (& eat ice cream), it's totally my "me" time & I look forward to it.  The biggest challenge there is staying awake at night, I always struggle with the decision between getting sleep or relaxing, which is more important?! ;)  I read other blogs in the morning when I am getting ready or drying my hair, this was much easier when I was working & I'm hoping I can keep up just as much this summer.  As far as replying to comments (which is important to me), I definitely found that easier when I was at work & at a computer throughout the day.  We are three days into summer & I have already found it challenging to keep up with my in-box, I absolutely love staying at home but it definitely keeps me busy, just in a different kind of way.
Bottom line, I make it work while I can but I really do try to keep it something that is fun & that I enjoy.  I can't say it enough, we really are so thankful for all of your support, for your positive comments & feedback, & for my need to post unlimited pictures of my girl. XO

Denim Vest - Top
Romper - Bottom

Happy almost weekend, everyone!!  We hope you are having a great week! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's The Little Things: Week Nineteen

First, I can't help but give a shout-out to my sweet little sister.  I've mentioned recently that she just graduated from college, we are so proud of her & even more so, over the moon excited that she landed her first job here in VB.  Having her here the past few weeks has been the best, Waverly loves her aunt so very much & I love watching them together!
I'm seven years older than Lexie, on her 21st birthday I was a few months pregnant so it's safe to say that just as she was able to start (officially) going out, I stopped.  I really do wish I could hang like I once did, but staying up past 9 these days just hardly seems worth it. #lame
Last weekend, it was definitely a rare moment, I went (last-minute) to the Luke Bryan concert with my sister.  I'm totally a planner, the fact that I hadn't had that on the calendar for a few weeks would have usually thrown me for a loop.  Yet ultimately, it was the best time & also, one of those "little" moments that you realize how nights out are good for the soul.
I'm looking forward to another one in another few months. ;)

In other news, Friday was officially my last day of the school year which means I am a free woman (or actually, a SAHM) for the next 10 weeks. :)  There's really no better feeling, & pairing that with a festive little holiday weekend made my heart so very happy.  The weather was beautiful, we spent lots of time at the beach, pool, & of course, ended our weekend by celebrating all of our favorite men.
Other than my husband (who she has been calling Joe for a few weeks now), Waverly has three other "dads" in her life, both of our dads & my grandfather.  She sees them all at least once a week & adores them, her favorite new past-time lately has been repeating all of their names throughout the day.   We most often do it while we are driving to help distract her from the fact that she has to sit still longer than one second, it blows my mind everytime she can even point out their cars.  Because obviously, if my grandfather drives an explorer, every explorer is his.
 Love her, & them, so very much.

Waverly's Jumpsuit
 We hope your holiday weekend was wonderful, we are getting very excited that next up is the 4th! :)  Also, we want to give another thank you to so many of you who have continued to link-up with us each week (see this post if you are joining for the first time!), it really means so much!  This week we have a giveaway, one lucky winner will receive an item of their choice from The Posh Daisy.  This shop is adorable, its a mom & daughter team who specialize in personalized hand stamped pewter jewelry.  Be sure to check them out & best of luck to you all! :)
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy's DIY Projects

We hope that you had the best weekend celebrating the special men in your life!  I love Fathers Day, I have always been a daddy's girl & can tell already that Waverly Maye will be, too.  We had a fun few days hanging with family & letting our boys know just how much they mean to us.  I'm looking forward to sharing pictures soon. :)

In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of the projects my husband has been working on lately.  As usual, he has been working hard all day & then coming home to work some more, I love him so much!  We have a deadline of July 26th for quite a few projects, since we recently decided that Waverly's birthday party would be at our house.  We went back & forth about it for a couple of weeks - mainly because we really wanted to wait until our house was completely done - but ultimately realized that probably wouldn't be until her high school graduation party.;)  So we are going with it, our downstairs is ready (enough) so our main goal is the outside.

 I have had my eye on some outdoor furniture for a while now, the seasonal section at Target (that sucks me in everyime anyways) has been killing me with all its cuteness lately.  Yet my husband refuses to support my shopaholic ways when it comes to something he can make, especially when he can do it for practically nothing.  We love our pallet wall so much so we decided to use pallets again, I'm starting to think our entire home & all of our decor will be made out of pallets soon.

The chair is made completely from wood pallets, all that were free from random listings on Craigs List or just on the side of the road.  The tutorial Joe used can be found here, he just finished a second & a "mini" version for Waverly Maye that we will share soon.  Like most other house projects, my only contribution to this was buying the pillow.  From Target. :)

We also recently added this sign to our front door, one of my favorite projects to date.  Joe made this with a computer controlled cutting table he has at work, we were inspired by some signs I found on Etsy but I ended up loving this one even more!

SO in the spirit of Fathers Day, I obviously have to say a few more words about this sweet husband of mine.  I obviously am biased, but Waverly Maye & I are two of the luckiest girls around.  Joe is so selfless, makes us his biggest priority, & even though we are about as high-maintenence as they come (I have no idea where she gets it from), loves us through it all.  He plays with baby dolls on the regular, brushes Waverly's hair, & even somehow fits his adult body into a playhouse each night when he gets home from work.  He deals with our love of fashion & even pretends to turn his head to (both of our) ever-growing shoe collections.
There isn't one thing he wouldn't do for his girls & we are so thankful to call him ours.

HeadbandSimilar Romper
HAPPY, happy Monday to you all!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Year & Beyond: Feeding the Babe

We love food around here.  We love to eat & so does Waverly Maye, it's actually something we have never, ever had an issue with.  We definitely feel lucky & also are convinced that any of our future babes will refuse to eat, just to repay us for how fortunate we have been. ;)

With that being said, I don't claim to be a good cook (just ask my husband).  I try to stick to meals that have the fewest ingredients as possible & that take the least time to make - yet also, that are healthy, yummy, & every once in a while, that look extra-festive on Waverly's plate.  It's obviously not always an easy task & more than once, we have ended up on an emergency trip to Wendy's.  Yet along the way, we have found some "go-to" meals that work for us & more importantly, for Waverly.

For breakfast during the week, Waverly usually has either a waffle or a cinnamon raisin english muffin with a side of fruit.  Before making either, we will show her both boxes & let her pick.  On the weekends, we will do pancakes or lately, scrambled eggs which are starting to be her favorite.  She has always loved fruit, mainly strawberries & bananas.  I decided to get crazy with some peaches last week which she made very clear she didn't like.  She said "EW!" so I took them all off of the plate (I thought), there was one left which she raised above her head while stating "Mama, I said "EW!".  Girl knows what she wants.

For lunch, we typically go for turkey with sides of fruit or cheese, & goldfish.  If I am home, I will usually make her edamame since she loves it so much.  I have tried the sandwich route many times (grilled cheese, PB & J), but usually, she is not interested.  Lately she has also been requesting demanding a  "dip" (ketchup or ranch), she had it once & then of course, wanted it on everything.  I don't blame her.

For snacks, we will do smoothies, goldfish, or these yogurt tubes.  I feel like she snacks all day, especially if she sees me pull out something to eat, then it immediately becomes hers.  It's really not such a bad diet plan for me. ;)   

For dinner, she either eats what we are eating (chicken, pork chops), or some sort of pasta.  She loves mac & cheese, pasta salad, & spaghetti.  And as I have mentioned before, we don't go a night without edamame, it was one of her first words & she literally will stand at the freezer repeating it.  Lately we have also been alternating with lima beans (which she also thinks is edamame), & have found that she also loves broccoli, peas, & corn (in addition to the edamame, bottom line, she is edamame obsessed).  Really, each night the first thing she eats is her vegetables, we laughed the other night when we gave her pasta with peas in it & looked down a few minutes later to see she had picked all the peas out first.  I love veggies too, but would still always go for the carbs if given the option.

We have never had to do anything special to get Waverly to eat (especially veggies), so any of our success has just been random good luck. :)  Both my husband & I are healthy eaters for the most part, so I definitely think that helps, too.  Our next "food" milestone will be transitioning from a high chair to a booster, something I have decided is absolutely necassary since she is such a big girl now.  I can't even believe what a little lady she is looking like these days, I just love her so much! :)

Gap Romper Sold-Out & Target Hat Last Year,
Similar HereHere
Before I sign off for the week (to focus on my last couple days of the school year!!), I wanted to wish you all the happiest Father's Day weekend.  I know how excited I am to celebrate my husband & what an amazing father he becomes more by the day, I really could not do anything I do without him.  I know you ladies feel the same way, enjoy it!

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