Being Brickner : April 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's The Little Things: Week Fourteen

Happy Wednesday!!  I can't believe it has already been 14 weeks since we started this link-up, I have to thank you all again for all your sweet support & participation each week.  I thought it would be fun to take a different approach for week 14, I have been loving reading some of your "random fact posts" & wanted to get in on the fun, too.  So here they are, some "little things" about me that if you knew me personally, you would already know. :)

 I am the oldest of four, two brothers & a sister.  We are totally that family who is still very close, we have a constant group text message thread with pictures of what we are eating for dinner or random hello's during the week.  We all still live in Virginia Beach except my sister who will be graduating college this month & moving back, I cannot wait!  Most of the time they drive me absolutely crazy, but I love coming from a big family & wouldn't have it any other way.

My husband & I were married in 2011, we spent 18-months planning or really, completing a total of way too many DIY projects.  We went completely over the top, but it was worth it after dating since my sophomore year of high school.  It's crazy to think that now that I'm 30, I have known him for exactly half my life.  Love him so much.

My husband also comes from a family of four, we have always said that we want to follow our parents' lead & have four kids, too.  After having our wild Waverly, I'm hoping he is still down for the plan.  She is so energetic & animated all of the time, she keeps us very busy.  And if you knew my husband & I both, you might know why, we should have known we had this coming!! ;)

I am addicted to reality tv, it's incredibly embarassing but it's really all I watch (except for Sesame Street).  After Waverly goes to sleep at night, an episode of the Real Housewives is totally my thing.  Any season, I'm not picky.  Right now I am also loving Chrisley knows Best, tell me you have seen it & you think it is as hilarious as I do.

My other "me" thing is ice cream.  I have the biggest sweet tooth & rarely does a night go by that I don't eat ice cream with a side of cool whip (my favorite, fat free to make me feel less guilty).  For my entire pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with it, which was extremely sad since I had been looking forward to eating as much of it as I wanted with an excuse for maybe, forever. So I thought Waverly wouldn't have a sweet tooth like mama but thank goodness, she does.

I was in a sorority in college, President actually.  I really loved it, went out most nights of the week & somehow managed to still make it to class the next day & make pretty good grades.  Now I have a hard time functioning the next day after a couple glasses of wine.

I was one of those weird girls who loved being pregnant.  I obviously had my moments but for the most part, I loved every part of it ... the belly, the kicks & most of all, having her with me at every second of the day.  If only I could carry around Waverly with me (minus the extra weight she has gained since then) at all times still, I would be one very happy lady.

I was a fashion major in college, I had big plans to move to New York City to work as a buyer for some glamorous department store or as an editor at one of my favorite magazines.  Then I remembered how much I loved my hometown & realized I wasn't brave enough to move away.  I completely admire people who are bad ass enough to make a big move, but am so thankful I didn't.  I can't imagine how different my life would be if I had.

I have a total shoe obsession, I really think it's a sickness.  Pair that with my addiction to shoes for my toddler & of course, matching her.  It can get dangerous for sure.

 At the top of the list of other things I am obsessed with would be Target.  It's definitely one of my happy places, but if you have read my blog at all you would probably know that. 
You would also know that above all else, I am obsessed with my Waverly Maye, that she truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me & that I would do anything for her.  I am not one of those moms who gets crazy sad or depressed as she gets older each month.  It's bittersweet for sure, but I have loved each & every phase, and I am always looking forward to what is next!  I love that I get to keep her forever.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Waverly's 21 Month Update & Favorite Things

I'm convinced that with each month, time keeps going by faster & faster, I can't believe how close my girl is to TWO!  Even though it feels like I just did one of these a few days ago, Waverly's official 21-month status completely deserves an update.  She really has changed so very much recently, I can't keep up with how much or how quickly she is learning.  Waverly Maye really is an official todder now, no longer a baby but a little lady & we just love her so much.

Stats:  I'm guessing around 26 lbs. & 31 inches, it's been so long since we have had a date with a doctor so I'm not sure.  Both her hair & eyes are getting lighter with each month, she has always had her daddy's blues but right now they are more blue than ever & her strawberry-blonde hair has more blonde in it lately, too.  Her hair is definitely lighter than mine but I hope it at least has a shade of red in it forever! ;)

Favorite Words & Phrases:  This is where she is seriously blowing my mind right now, this month has definitely brought the most progress in her vocabulary!  It really seems like she learns a new word or phrase each day, some of her favorite words are hello, yes & no, mama, hands, eyes & nose.  I can't believe how well she puts words together now, she can now tell me when the ipad "has died" or when she drops something that "it broke".  She tells her daddy "I fly" to let him know she wants to be thrown around in the air & the other day, started rocking back & forth while holding her baby & repeating "I rock".  I might have died.  And of course, her favorite word still is "outside", we still hear it at every other moment besides the ones that we are actually outside.  She really wants to live out there.

Favorite Foods:  Still my little veggie-lover, this month she learned to say "edamame" & stands at the freezer repeating it at multiple times throughout the day!  Seriously, this child could live off of green vegetables & goldfish, of course with some "sila" (her word for any drink, we still are confused) to wash it down.

Favorite Activities:  So many, watching her play independently & her imagination run wild is just so much fun!  Waverly really has a love of life & it is the best reminder to soak in every moment just like she does.  She loves to play with her babies, chase after the dog, try on shoes (hers & ours, or the random persons at the kids gym), open & close cabinets, help mama in the kitchen & play with buckles.  Our new screened-in porch built just for her is her favorite, it really has been the best thing ever & she can spend endless time out there throwing balls or peeking in & out through the windows of her playhouse.  And she still loves the park, especially the slide & the "swiiiiiiings".
Least Favorite Activities:  As I mentioned in Friday's post, we are nearing the terrible twos & the tantrums have officially begun!  Waverly can go from the sweetest little lady to a very mad one in about two seconds flat.  It's so frustrating for both of us, I feel so bad for her because I can tell she is just trying to get her feelings out & doesn't know how yet.  And of course, I feel bad for myself at the same time, too (especially when we are out in public!).  If I give her a minute she is usually back to her happy self, & recently have even gotten her to mumble "I sorry" after her episodes.  One of the joys of parenting, right?!  I know that it's part of the territory & her animated personality which is one of the many things we love so much about her.  I also know that we will get through it & laugh about it one day, I just can't wait to tell her all about it. ;)

Favorite Things:  I've rounded up some of Waverly's recent favorite things, all are items that we use often & that we have definitely grown to love!  Waverly sleeps with her babies each night & asks for them the minute we walk in the door, we of course love the blabla dolls for the simple fact that they are crazy cute.  This ABC puzzle is our current go-to, she says "ACs" to let us know she wants to do it each night before dinner.  Our bedtime book reads always involve Brown Bear Brown Bear lately, Waverly loves the flaps on each page.  I've mentioned it before, Waverly is obsessed with trying on shoes & these Mini Melissas are not only adorable, but easy enough for her to take on & off herself.  She loves to make this a repeat activity all day, which is why I consider them one of her favorite toys!  We don't ever leave the house (or the room) without a sippy cup, girlfriend needs a drink at all times.  This one is by far the best we have tried & we have tried more than I want to think about!!  And lastly, it's totally the season for sidewalk chalk & when I can keep Waverly from eating it, it's one of our favorite activities!

My sweet & sassy Waverly Maye,
As I was putting you to bed tonight with the same bedtime routine we've mastered (same side of the crib, covered in the same blanket, sleep sheep on & humidifier ... all by your orders), you looked up with the sweetest "night, night" mama.  Even though you have been doing this for weeks now, not a night goes by that my heart doesn't want to burst when I hear it.  You make me so proud, so full of love & even though it's definitely bittersweet to watch you grow, I am in awe of the little girl you are becoming in front of my eyes.  I love you more everyday & can't wait for all that is to come!
 We hope that you all had the best weekend!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF! So excited to be back with Darci & the sweet ladies for another edition of Five on Friday, here is what we are loving at the moment. :)

ONE:   The weather decided to warm up again this week, which made it official, it's maxi dress season!!  Maxi dresses are totally my thing, I own way more than one person ever should but I am addicted to how carefree & easy they are.  My mom found Waverly Maye one of her own at Target this week, I can't even handle how much I love it & her it in, of course.

TWO:  We are always looking foward to the next holiday over here, & Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner.  A festive drink & dinner to celebrate is always in order! I wish it didn't fall on a Monday this year, but will take it as a fun excuse to celebrate during the week.  I am loving this shirt for Waverly Maye, the vibe is perfect for the holiday & she can wear it all summer long.

THREE:  I was sad taking all my Easter decorations down the other day, so to cheer myself up (& cheer the house up), I ordered this colorful garland.  I can't wait to hang it on our new fireplace & think the bright colors will make it perfect until the end of summer!

FOUR:  Waverly's love of puzzles is at an all-time high, she is obsessed! We got her this ABC puzzle for Christmas, but it was a little advanced for her until the last few weeks.  She can now do it pretty much on her own, which amazes me everytime!  I love watching her learn & progress lately, this age really is the best.

FIVE:  We have spent many afternoons outside this week, making up for all the lost time over my coldest spring break ever.  We brought back out the bubbles from last year, Waverly still loves them just as much but now, prefers to do it all on her own.  She's got the wand motion down, but we are still working on the "blowing" part.  Instead, she just puts her mouth right on the wand & gets extremely frustrated when no bubbles magically appear.  It's a tough life being a toddler.

Speaking of toddlers, we have officially moved into the time-out phase of parenting (not my favorite or my strongest point).  I have been putting Waverly in her crib (I think that's where I failed) & walking out for a minute or two after these real deal tantrums we have been seeing lately.  During our outside time this week, I was so excited to treat her with her first popsicle of the season.  She loved it, so much so that she walked right back inside to the fridge to get another.  When I didn't let her, she naturally fell to the ground screaming & kicking, which I then followed with kneeling down to ask her if she needed a time-out.  She quickly responded with the happiest yes, & went running upstairs to her crib still covered in the red popsicle juice from her treat.  I didn't want to back down then, so there she was, happy as a clam "bump"-ing up & down in her crib.  Obviously getting red stains all over that beautiful Pottery Barn bedding.  I showed her. ;)  Advice is welcome, I love this "spirited" girl so much yet she definitely keeps me on my toes!!

Happiest weekend to you all!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's The Little Things: Week Thirteen

I remember sitting on the beach during our honeymoon in the Bahamas (dacquiri in each hand), planning the many travels we would take as husband & wife.  Our first big trip would be back to the same hotel one year later for our first anniversary, followed of course with really, really fancy trips around the world.  Fast forward one year, we spent our anniversary in the glamorous city of Williamsburg, about 45 minutes from our house.  I was nine months pregnant & literally about to pop, we obviously couldn't go too far in case our little girl made an early debut (she didn't by the way, she was obviously fashionably late).

Since having Waverly Maye, I am that mom who wants no part of leaving her overnight.  I'm sure it will happen one day yet for now, the thought of it is a little more scary than appealing.  And as far as family trips go, as important as it is for me to make sweet childhood memories for her, I can totally make that happen within a few miles of our city.  Traveling with a toddler honestly scares me shitless (lame, I know).  I am really afraid of messing with our solid routine & don't even get me started on the U-Haul we would need to rent to bring everything we would need for our one child.

So for this year's spring break, I had no major plans except to spend every moment I could with my girl, no interuptions.  The thought of that, made me oh so very happy.

Much like Easter, most days the weather was less than impressive but we made the best of it.  Every morning, I got to be the one to run down the hall & get her from bed, quickly after I would bring her back to mine for the best morning snuggles ever.  My favorite.
We spent our days at the park, mall or the kids gym, out to lunch, & even one morning at the circus.  We endlessly played with puzzles & bubbles, & of course, tried on more shoes than I can count.  Waverly learned new words & phrases by the hour.  Her favorite naturally being "sit down" to our poor dog as she desperately chased him around the house, or "I bump" to let me know she is very ready to jump on the bed.  Most days, she was so excited I was home all day with her that she even decided to skip her nap.  Love her so much.

 Our days together were tiring for sure (I definitely wouldn't describe it as a break), but overall, completely perfect.  No matter if you are a SAHM or a working one, it's easy to complain or to envy someone else's situation.  I'm totally guilty of it yet at the end of the day, I really do try to see the positive in everything & for us, this is obviously it.  My job allows me to have breaks like these (including one long one in exactly 8 weeks!), & even more importantly, makes me really realize how precious every moment with her is.
For that (& for Waverly Maye), I am forever grateful.

And just to put it out there, I am also thankful for the man/pedi & date night we were able to fit in over my break, too.  It's those little things too, right?! ;)
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Weekend

Oh, Easter weekend!  I live for stuff like this.  I had been looking forward to this past couple of days for a while now, with each passing week Waverly understands more & more so I couldn't wait for her to be more involved in such a special holiday.

Our weather here was pretty much the worst, it rained all day Saturday which cancelled out our plans to attend an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt.  I totally considered throwing on our matching Hunter boots & trying to go anyways, but my husband was convinced we would be the only ones there & wasn't having it (more fun for us?!).  Instead, Plan-B was a trip to Bass Pro Shops, camo for daddy & Easter crafts for us girls.  If you follow me on Instagram (ashleywbrickner), you may have seen that I made one final attempt with Waverly & the Easter bunny.  I couldn't resist, there was hardly a line & she was in the best mood.  Turns out she still didn't love him & I may have ruined her relationship with the bunny for life. 

For the record, she was back to her normal happy self within seconds. :) 
I was so excited going to sleep that night, playing the Easter bunny is almost just as fun as playing Santa.  We set out her basket & covered her favorite bench (she likes to climb on it & jump down, a trick my sweet brother taught her a couple weeks ago) with grass & easter eggs.  A last-minute final touch by my husband was random lollipops all over our new screened-in porch, of course that was the hit of the morning & finding them was her absolute favorite.  Naturally after I spent months perfecting her basket, his bag of suckers stole the show. ;)
We were thankful for no rain, but it was still way colder than we had hoped for or for the outfit I had planned for Waverly.  I'm so glad that I decided to take pictures of her outside in her dress a few days before mother nature decided to freeze us.  We had a practice Easter egg hunt/sneak peek into her basket, I am in love with her sweet blush dress & a matching bow from Sadie Sky Boutique.

We spent the day with both sides of our crazy big families, eating lots of good food & fitting in a little time outside for a few more rounds of egg-hunting.  Turns out my child loves looking for eggs until there is a trampoline in the backyard, which then at that point, she instead refuses & demands to "bump".  So obviously, we covered the trampoline with the eggs, made a circle around her, & continued to give her multiple rounds of applause in between her bites of her Easter chocolate. 
Pretty much her dream come true.
As for now, we are slowly transitioning back to reality.  I am back to work after a week off & Waverly is coming off of a sugar high from all of her easter candy & a day of holiday excitement with no nap.  It was well-worth it though, definitely the best Easter yet. :) 
 As always, thank you for your sweet support of our family & this blog.  With the craziness of the holidays, I haven't been able to reply to comments as quickly as I would like to but I truly am so appreciative.  We have some really exciting giveaways coming up (including one Wednesday for the #littlethingslinkup), & I can't wait to give back to all of you!  I hope your holiday was the sweetest.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch

Happy Easter weekend!!  It truly has been the sweetest week at home with Waverly Maye, I have loved being with her all day so very much & wish it hadn't gone by so fast.  So glad to have a weekend of celebrating to look forward to, I plan to take full advantage of these next couple of days. Something tells me Monday will hurt a little more than usual after a week-long vacation. ;)
Last weekend, we hosted an Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch for a few of our friends.  It's so funny to think how life has changed for all of us, our celebrations used to start at 10 (am) & last until the early hours of the morning & now, we plan around when the kids need to nap.  Everything might not run as smoothly (you know, a few meltdowns & blowouts here & there), but at the end of the morning, seeing all these little ones interact is just the sweetest thing.
I emptied out Waverly's Easter basket so that she could use it for the hunt & of course, brought out her bunny shirt to make sure we were in theme.

I loved decorating our table & bar cart with the pretty pastels of the season, spring sights just make me so very happy!!  It's hard not to go completely crazy & cover the house in a whole bunch of floral festiveness, yet I settled on just our downstairs.  I know my husband appreciated that, for some reason he doesn't love pink & purple as much as I do.
Beverage Dispenser, Ice Bucket & Cake Stand
 We made an egg & cheese casserole & ham biscuits for the brunch, both were perfect for a big crowd plus we were able to make them the night before.  For the kids, I used our egg crate for some seasonal fruit & treat cups from Target for mini-waffles.

Waverly woke up that morning with a cold, she didn't have a fever but I felt so bad for her since after our Easter bunny fail, I was thinking this would be totally her thing.  Even though she wasn't 100% her silly self, she loved being around the other kids & especially eating the treats I hid in the eggs.  I consider that a success, & also her warm-up for one more little hunt over the weekend.

Headband & Leggings
 We wish you all the happiest Easter weekend, enjoy every minute!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's the Little Things: Week Twelve

My husband & I have always agreed that if we could make a few minor changes in our favor, we would just pack all our shit up & move right to the country.  We both love the outdoors so very much & really do spend every moment we can out there.  I mean, the thought of having an excessive amount of land to run free with a herd of kids is way too appealing to both of us.  We have had the conversation more than once, it's obviously the lack of a Target or a mall close enough that's really holding me back. ;)

Waverly Maye is no different, being "out-side" is her happy place.  So much so that recently, getting her inside for a bath or dinner has become pretty painful.  You know, those moments that end in the legs flying kind of meltdowns (tell me we aren't the only ones who have experienced those).  So in an effort to keep everyone's sanity, my husband spent all last week constructing a screened-in porch right off our kitchen.  It has her playhouse right in the center of it, all of her favorite toys, & best of all, a door with a latch.  We call it the "Waverly cage", anything for our outdoor girl.

This past weekend, we had a birthday party at a local farm that we were obviously so excited for.  I knew Waverly would love it & the icing on top of the birthday cake was that we actually had our rehearsal dinner there for our wedding.  How perfect to take our "spirited" sweet girl back & let her wander free, explore, & play with the animals all morning long. We had the best time. :) 

With all this extra time outside lately & way more opportunity for Waverly to be the wild child she is, I am both impressed & scared out of my mind daily.  She  has learned to climb like a bad-ass & does it all of the time, loves to swing but only with her head laid all the way back to add in the extra fear-factor, & while the other kids at the park are timid at the slides, I have to literally hold her back from not barreling down them by herself.  We have had more than our fair share of falls (like maybe 10 a day), she is now rocking quite the collection of cuts & bruises to go along with her wardrobe.  And on a side note, lately each time she falls she immediately says "I sorry".  It's so completely adorable & obviously always melts me.  I can't even believe how many new words she is learning by the day (& maybe even the hour), it really reminds me that we need to check ourselves & the nonsense we are saying around the house now.  That "I sorry" could turn into "Oh shit" really quickly.

I love her so much & can't wait for an entire spring & summer outdoors with her.  The countdown to my summer break begins now (acceptable, right?), it's 9 weeks & I am one happy mama.

H&M Shirt (Last Season), Jeans & Headband
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Countdown

This time of year really is the best, nothing can beat the return of warm weather & bright, blue skies after a long winter stuck inside.  This week I'm obviously biased, spring break holds an even more special place in my heart now that I have a little lady to spend it with.  Our plans for this week really don't involve going much farther than the park or the mall (just how we like it), & of course, we can't wait to end our sweet week celebrating all things Easter!!

A few weeks ago, we kept our holiday picture-taking tradition alive with some pictures of our favorite bunny.  We planned around the weather forecast for a day outside, it's Waverly's favorite place to be so it's always a no-brainer to do picures there.  Naturally, that morning she had her first real deal, legimate fall right on the pavement.  It came complete with a battle wound right at the tip of her nose, just to prove she is her father's daughter & of course, to really look like a bunny.
How so very festive of her.

 We have also been busy baking bunnies, between our brunch this past weekend & getting ready for a fun-filled Easter weekend in a few days, I just can't stop pinning (& then making) spring sweets & treats!  The more colorful, the better, which makes funfetti cupcakes totally acceptable & perfect for this season.  I took the crate tip from Jessica at Little Baby Garvin, I'm not sure if there is much cuter than mini-cupcakes in an egg crate?!  They were a welcome addition to our brunch & I can't wait to use this egg crate more in the days to come!

I was determined to dye Easter eggs with Waverly this year, maybe not the first thing you would think to do with a wild 20-month old, but I had to at least attempt.  I planned ahead, bribed her to stay in the high chair with some of those funfetti cupcakes.  It worked for about five minutes like usual, & then it was plan-B on her favorite leopard chair pulled up to the counter.

I had read about putting the egg in a whisk for toddlers, which really was super effective & we rolled with it for a few minutes.  I wish in that same article they had included what to do when your child then takes the cup of pink water & pours it over her, the counter & naturally, that leopard chair.
Yep, not my first mom fail & definitely won't be my last. ;)  I did finish off the eggs myself, added some flower stickers, made it our dining room centerpiece & called it a success.

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend, & best wishes for the week to come.