I can’t even believe that it’s the last day of March, that tomorrow we embrace April, & best of all, that Easter is now right around the corner!!  I look forward to Easter each year for all of the same reasons everyone else does, but also because it falls on my spring break.  I am so excited to spend all day, every day with Waverly Maye for an entire week & also because once that hits, I can start counting down to summer vacation.  When all my dreams really do come true.

I love that Waverly can take a more active part in this year’s Easter festivities, I just know she is just going to have the best time!!  Her obsession for the outdoors paired with the one for running endlessly pretty much seals the deal that an Easter Egg Hunt will be the highlight of her year.  And of course, another excuse to give her some treats & a couple of spring styles is one I will gladly take.

Pottery Barn Easter Basket Liner
I plan to add a couple more goodies to her basket, but got a pretty good start during my trip to NYC.  The yellow sandals & mint jeans are from Zara, which is definitely my favorite place to get pieces for Waverly’s wardrobe.  Other than the fact that I love the colors, I know Waverly will love trying the sandals on over & over all by herself.  She has a major obsession with that lately & the tall boots we have had all winter just don’t lend themselves well to a toddler attempting to put them on (although it’s great entertainment).

Books are always a favorite & I can’t resist adding a couple more to our collection, sunglasses that look like mommy’s were the best find (from Gap & hope they make a good alternative, I would really love mine back), & I love these glitter eggs from Target!  I’m thinking of filling those with a few more beaded necklaces & some stickers for my sweet girl.

Sweatshirt & Jeans
 Along with thinking about all the celebrations that will take place around Easter this year, we are obviously planning some fun little outfits for Waverly, too. 🙂  Easter outfits are one of my absolute favorites & even though I usually try to go a little less traditional, I can’t wait to cover Waverly in the sweetest styles for the holiday.  Florals are always a favorite & I am seriously all about the pastels that are on trend right now (along with Waverly’s silly poses, I’m all about those, too).
Though we will definitely go more formal for Easter Sunday, I would totally put Waverly in this outfit for an Easter Egg Hunt or a trip to see the bunny at the mall.  Best of all, she is super comfy for all that running around I know she will be doing. 😉 
I’ve rounded up some other looks that would work for the less dressy events that your little ones may be attending in the next few weeks!
1: Tunic. 2: Skinny Jeans, 3: Chambray Embroidered Dress, 4: Crew Neck Jumper, 5: Chambray Blazer , 6: Textured Joggers
 Boy mamas, I was so excited to give you some love on this one, too!  I can’t get enough of a little man in chambray & paired with that pastel, you would have one stylin’ little dude.  These options are everywhere right now, it is such a fun time for fashion for both little ladies & gents, too!
We hope you all had the best weekend!  After a 24-hour hint of spring, we spent the rest of our time inside hiding from the rain with a couple shopping trips & a genuine attempt at watching Frozen on our living room floor.  For the record, this lasted about 30 seconds, we didn’t make it past the credits.
Happy Monday & best wishes for a wonderful week!

Another month, another update on my ever-growing girl!!  Waverly Maye turned twenty months on Wednesday, I can’t believe that we are actually in the “20s” now.  How long is it normal to count in months?!  Until kindergarden? 😉

Waverly is getting sillier, spunkier, & most of all, smarter by the day.  She makes me laugh way harder than I ever have & I am officially addicted to her oh so spirited personality.

Stats:  31 inches & 25 lbs., we have transitioned to spring clothes for the most part & most of them are either 18-24 months or 2T.  Everything we put on her is still pretty long (except for the 6-9 month pairs of jeans we still rock weekly), but we just roll them up & love the fact that they will last longer!  We also love accesories (too much), for obvious reasons but also because we know they will be with us for years to come.  We have already shared a scarf or two & it makes me SO very happy!
Favorite Words & Other Milestones:  New words & phrases ALL of the time!  Her latest is “hi, mama” while she looks at me & touches my face.  Seriously, I think I have been dreaming of this moment forever & it’s even way better than I thought it would be! 
Other words we hear all day long … “gogger”, “out-side, go”, “uh-oh”, & her “yay” has turned into the sweetest “yes”.  The biggest mystery, Waverly has been calling all drinks (juice, water, milk) “sila” for a couple of months now.  We have racked our brains as to any reason why, we all have nothing.  Yet we are just going with it, so much so that I have started to call it the same thing (not a good habit), I’m just waiting for the time I ask a waiter for “sila”.  No doubt, it will happen.
Waverly has a recent obsession with her belly button, the other day I caught her standing in front of our full-length mirror with her shirt pulled up just staring at it with the biggest smile on her face.  She knows all of her other body parts, how old she is, to complete a puzzle like a bad ass, & we are currently working on her ABCs/counting to three.  Love her.
Favorite Foods:  Waverly is a total veggies girl right now, her favorite foods at the moment are lima beans, edamame & cooked carrots.  I definitely try to be intentional with her meals (a carb, veggie & fruit), although she always goes for the vegetable first.  A good problem to have for sure, I just wished I could turn my head to some chicken fingers & fries for the green stuff instead, too. 😉
We are also loving these fruit pouches, I get them at Target each week.  They are the best for on the go & for a quick snack at home, too.
Favorite Activities:  Oh, my wild child. 🙂  As long as she is moving, she is happy … a statement I’m sure I have made with each monthly update since she learned to crawl.  Other than keeping me on my toes & running after the dog, Waverly loves reading (her version for now) out loud to herself or to the babies, singing while rocking back & forth pretty much anywhere, & helping mama in the kitchen.  She has recently found my jewelry armoire & will stand in front of it everyday, (not so) patiently waiting to break into that bad boy to put every one of my bracelets on one of her arms.  That little toddler arm is completely covered (no skin showing at all), she is setting trends already & I am one proud mama.
Of course, we can’t leave out being “out-side.”  Above all else, that is her favorite place to be, especially on the swings or the slide.  This unpredictable weather we have been having lately has really thrown her for the biggest loop, she can’t figure out why we are playing at the park in our shorts one day & then staring through the windows at snow flurries the next.  Don’t worry Waverly, I am confused, too.
Favorite Things:  After buying every toy that has ever been made for our one child, I feel like we have finally found a few that actually keep her attention & have for the past few months straight.  I plan to do a post soon, but for now our favorites are the ipad with this cover, her play kitchen, & the wagon we got last year that she still loves to pieces (best purchase ever).  Of course, we still love our puzzles, the buckle-bear & any board books.
Yet without fail, she mostly stays entertained by shoes (hers & ours), jewelry, & most recently, sunglasses.  Not hers though, only mommy’s real ones will do.

Least Favorite Things: 
The biggest news here is that she has mastered “no”, yet one  time saying the word just doesn’t do.  Instead, it’s a “no, no, no”, just to make sure we clearly know what is on her mind & that none of us are confused.
Nap & bedtimes have become a little bit of a challenge, once she is asleep we are usually good to go but leaving is always the hardest. As soon as I lay her down, she starts repeating “diaper” so I will pick her back up, of course I always do but she never needs it (just knows it will buy her extra time). This is usually followed by a series of every other word she knows in one final, last-ditch effort to get me to stay. It takes ALL of my will-power to walk out, I obviously would rather just throw all the damn sleep advice out of the window & jump right into that crib with her. (That maybe has happened. Only once. During the day.) 

 As always, words can’t do justice to how much this little lady has forever changed my life.  More every day, I love her for making me a mama …. which is certainly the best & most fulfilling role I have ever, ever had.  Happy 20 months Waverly Maye, we love you TOO much.
Happy weekend to all of you,  I hate missing out on another Five on Friday (& for over-posting this week!!), but these are the “little” things I just never want to forget. 🙂

Waverly Maye turns twenty months this week (say what?!), yet before I share her update, I have to do a little “Throwback Thursday” from a celebration we had a couple of months ago.
I’m not sure if you are allowed to call something a tradition if it’s only happened twice, but I’m going to go ahead & try.  We started a tradition of half-birthday celebrations when Waverly turned six months, nothing completely over the top but a get-together at our house with both of our families, good food, & obviously, lots to love to the (half)-birthday girl. 😉

I really can’t defend my need for two festivities a year with anything more than the fact that I obviously love a reason to celebrate Waverly & more than anything, love giving her another opportunity to be around the people she loves so much.  We are so lucky to have two large families that live close to us, that adore our daughter, & even don’t think I am completely crazy for having a half-birthday dinner to recognize her turning 18-months old.
Target Lace Top (In-Store)

We had appetizers, homemade soup & salad for dinner, but my personal favorite was the hot chocolate bar!  I am always looking for a reason to get even more use out of our Target bar cart (in-store, on sale), & also love the idea of a “bar” where guests can personalize & have fun with their drink.

 This can obviously can be done in a million different ways (just take a look on Pinterest), & really for any event you are hosting.  Now that it’s spring & Easter is around the corner, I’m thinking a pancake or french toast bar for an Easter brunch we are having with friends.
Possibly paired with a bloody mary or mimosa one to make the event really official.

Of course, we finished the evening off with a little cake smash for Waverly.  This lady definitely loves some cake but loves being the center of attention even more.  She sat right in her chair (proudly with her crown on her head) as we all stood around giving her multiple rounds of applause for knowing how old she is.  I’m thinking she may try to pull this impressive trick forever, even when she is five & not even close to being one anymore. I’ll probably still clap then, too.

 If our families will still play along each year, I completely plan to try to make this happen again, again & again.  And with more kids, that could equal how many celebrations a year?!  Is it normal that I am very excited by that thought … or that I am already planning Waverly’s 2nd birthday?!  Probably not.

Hope you are all having a great week, it’s almost the weekend!

My husband & I first started dating in high school (or maybe we called it “going out” then), we first met in Math class.  I was the cheerleader who sat in the front row, he was the cool, one-year older surfer kid in the back that I was obsessed with.  If I remember right, he didn’t even know I existed until the third nine weeks, when one day he randomly woke up from a nap while I was walking to the back of the room.  After that, most of our memories were driving to high school parties in his jeep, sneaking out late-night to see each other, & then later, visits in my dorm room when I went to college.

Sometimes I feel like we are still that young, that any moment a teacher is going to pop up & ask for our pass back to class or that we are going to be grounded for not making it home by curfew.  When I really think about it, the fact that my curly-headed high school boyfriend is now my husband & even more so, a father to my daughter is mind-blowing craziness to me. 
And then, I look at the two of them together & know that of all the phases of life & roles I have seen him in, there was never a more perfect one than this. 

When we first found out that we were expecting a girl, I was over the moon excited & Joe was scared shitless.  Other than the obvious (the fact that he now had two fashionistas to provide for & that he was going to have to get a gun for her future boyfriends), I know he had dreamed of having a little man to go fishing with or to play with him in the outdoors.  I definitely think the realization of a girl was a big one for him, one that he needed to adjust to, & am glad that we found out so he had the rest of our pregnancy to fully embrace it.
Then Waverly was born & since then, I have watched him turn into the perfect “girl” dad.  He truly amazes me on a daily basis & even though I don’t tell him enough, both Waverly & I are incredibly lucky to have him.  He is all-guy, as masculine as they come, yet every morning when I am at work, he brushes her hair & gets her dressed complete with every one of the dozens of accesories I leave out. 😉  He gets on the floor to play babies with her, helps push her stroller, & I’m pretty sure he has even worn a beaded necklace or two.  Every night he walks through the door to greet his “girls” & it is definitely one of the highlights of (all of) our days.
Waverly really has a lot of her dad in her, she may be totally girl but she loves the outdoors just as much & no doubt, will one day be her daddy’s co-fisher(wo)man.  Obviously, she loves him to the moon, cannot get enough of him, & I already can tell that she will be a daddy’s girl just like I still am today.
And for what it’s worth, can we do a shout-out for mommy, too?! 🙂  I am loving the incredible bond we are also building upon each day, love her so much, & LOVE, love that she will forever have both of us has her biggest fans.
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HAPPY Wednesday
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Hello, Spring!  I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are so very excited to see you.  It’s been a long winter drowning in layers while mother nature has played some crazy tricks on us with snowstorm after snowstorm.  My outdoor girl & I have been desperately peeking out the windows for a while now (she repeating “out-siiide” over & over), we couldn’t be more happy that it is now official!
We spent part of our first spring weekend adding some spring-time colors, floral touches, & hints of Easter to the house.  I am drooling over pastels right now, they are everywhere both for the home & mama/mini fashion and I can’t get enough!!  Thankfully Target (or not thankfully?) has the perfect spring line out, many of the pieces I picked up last year & then added some recently that complement them well. 🙂
As if it wasn’t exciting enough that I got to reunite with Waverly Maye after three (very long) days in NYC, the weather on Saturday could not have been more perfect.  We literally spent every minute we could outside, complete with a picnic lunch for three with bubbles for entertainment, no shoes required.
We took advantage of the playhouse Waverly’s grandparents got her for Christmas, it sits on our screen porch although I’m sure she wishes it was in her room instead (or that she could just live in it permanently).  It is super fancy with a sink that she “washes” her hands in & a door bell, plus a seat for her to take a half-a-second break on.  It was all fun & games until I walked inside to grab her goldfish & walked back out to find her climbing through the window to get inside instead of the door.
For the record, she did it with 100% success & I’m even more scared out of my mind for my future. 😉
We also took a family bike ride to enjoy the weather, we got this bike trailer last year & are so excited to get more use out of it in the months to come!!  Waverly loves it, is even willing to sit still in it & stay strapped down with no complaints.  There also is tons of extra room for other kids (when needed!), diaper bags, snacks, cocktails for the parents … a total win for everyone.
Naturally, the weather forecast has a snow mix for us tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping an entire day of fresh air can help Waverly last a few more days peeking though those windows again (& that we can embrace the warm again soon!). 
She’s such a sweet outdoor girl & can really rock the hell out of some floral print.
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