TGIF!!  I’m taking a short break from my usual Five on Friday today for a monthly update on Waverly Maye.  Her nineteen month birthday (am I allowed to call it that?!) was on Wednesday which makes it official, we are now closer to TWO than one!!  She has changed so much in the last few weeks, which I hope makes it at least halfway socially acceptable that I still continue to do these posts each month. πŸ˜‰
Stats:  30 inches & 24 pounds.  At Waverly’s 18 month appointment a couple of weeks ago, her pediatrician confirmed a few things … (1) her development is right where it should be!!, (2) she is as active as they come & (3) she is starting to look like mama!!!! πŸ™‚  We really do love going to see Waverly’s doctor & are so thankful to have one we trust.  As far as clothing, Waverly is still wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes & we are so excited to be stocking up on lots of pieces for spring!  So excited that we are already getting some use out of many of the dresses by pairing them with thick tights & boots.
Favorite Words & Other Milestones:  In many cases, we have moved on from words to phrases & it is so impressive!  Her favorite phrase is “what’s that?” anytime anything random is ever on the floor as she picks it up to hand to me, even a little piece of fuzz.  My OCD ways really love that about her. πŸ™‚  This week, she has started to attach “go” to some of her favorite words, like “outside, go” “dada, go” & also has decided to combine mama & dada for “ma-da”. Without a doubt, her most used word is “Sam” for her favorite cousin, he is 7, as wild as her & they are the best of friends.
She continues to amaze me & I really think she is way smarter than we give her credit for!  The other day I showed her a picture of our entire huge extended family & she could point out every single person.  And the smartest, she now associates products with people ALL of the time … for example, anytime she sees a diet coke, she says glamma, a coffee, she says mama, & a bud light immediately gets a dada.  Yep, that’s about right & we should probably be getting our act together right about now.
Favorite Foods:  Her appetite is all over the place right now, just when we think we have found something she will eat, we make enough to feed a small army & then she won’t touch it. I really think she just gets bored & wants new tastes all of the time.  Either that or she just wants to laugh at us as we cook everything in the pantry each night like a couple of idiots trying to get our kid to eat.  It’s probably that & yes, we are those parents.
Favorite Activities:  SO many right now, Waverly is the most fun!!  Puzzles, board books, & animal flash cards can keep us occupied for hours, I love that I can really tell a difference in how much she progresses literally by the day.  Other favorites include anything involved with being outside, hanging with the dog, playing with jewelry or shoes, & watching Sesame Street while dancing to the songs. 
I’ve really tried to change my whole mindset with our everyday since I have noticed that she is more interested in helping me with daily activities lately.  I have been incorporating her into everything I can, from mixing up dough for cookies or sweeping the kitchen (that either makes me a really good mom or a really lazy one, not sure which?!).  She really does love to help, everything takes longer but is more fun & (many, not all) meltdowns have been eliminated this way.
Favorite Things:  A typical girl, she loves her babies SO much.  We definitely have chosen a favorite baby & she has red hair … Waverly sleeps with her, the baby’s blanket & the baby’s diaper each night & asks for her the minute we walk in the door.  And if you are really wondering, the baby eats with us most nights (like literally, we set her next to us with a chip on her lap) & although Waverly has fought many times to have her in the bath with her, we have finally worked out a deal where she sits on the sink & watches. πŸ™‚
Her obsession with anything with buckles remains, so she still uses her buckle bear on a daily basis as well her baby stroller, car seat straps & any of our other “riding” toys for that reason mainly.  And not sure what this means, but she likes to carry the butt paste bottle around at all times.  Hmm.
Least Favorite Activities:  A happy afternoon can take a terrible turn if Waverly falls or slips, she usually isn’t hurt at all but gets really, really mad at the ground, floor, wall … whatever got in her way.  My natural instinct is of course to scoop her up & love all over her, but at that point, Waverly wants NO attention & we have learned to step away while letting her work it out.  Miss Independent will also say no to help with her shoes, opening her sippy cup or snacks lately, apparently this whole year & a half thing is starting to get to her head. πŸ˜‰ 
Other “little things” about Waverly Maye that I just never want to forget …
She has her own rocking chair (a smaller version of the one I rock her in) & lately at least once a day, will go sit in it while rocking back & forth, singing in a sweet, high-pitched voice, just like I do to her each night.  Melt my heart.
She is obsessed with our dog (an understatement) & kisses him at least fifty times a day.  I’m pretty sure that he is at his highest weight of all-time since she feeds him so much & she also think anything & everything he does is hilarious (she especially loves putting her necklaces on him).
Back to her baby, she gets really, really upset if her baby’s head is turned to the side & not completely straight forward.  She immediately says uh-oh & I know to fix it back, but my poor dad had a rough night a couple of weeks ago when it was on wrong & she repeated uh-oh all night long while desperately holding her baby.  He didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know why on earth he wouldn’t know that … I felt bad for both of them.
I really love this age so, so, so much. She makes every day better than the last & I constantly find myself closing my eyes after seeing her do the cutest thing to make sure I never, ever forget it.  I’m obsessed & amazed at how I could possibly love her more everyday.  And then the next day, I do.
Happy 19 months, Waverly Maye.  We love you to the moon.

I’m going to go ahead & refer to this as sick season at our house, both Waverly & I have been battling sicknesses while desperately fighting the need to slow down (not our strongest asset, either of us).  Last week, Waverly got the worst diaper rash of all time paired with her little red cheeks looking redder than ever.  She showed signs of her usual hyperactive self quickly followed with really quiet moments & hardly ate anything at all.  Needless to say, I took off work & while I hated seeing my girl like that, didn’t mind an opportunity for extra time with her & lots of cuddling.

Naturally, I got it a few days later (minus the diaper rash) & have had the worst cold ever since.  Waverly had a short-term recovery over the weekend & yesterday morning, woke up with a nose completely sealed shut, she was that stuffed up.  So it’s been interesting our way, we are hoping & wishing to be all better soon!!  In the meantime, we are so glad we took advantage of feeling good & the good weather over the weekend, it truly was one for the books!!

As soon as we woke up Sunday morning, we packed the diaper bag, snacks & Waverly Maye in the car to head for a kids cove in our area.  The weather was beyond beautiful, Waverly was in the best of moods, & daddy was off work for the entire day.  We had no plans & time to kill, which really is our favorite kind of day!! 
During Waverly’s naptime, I packed a picnic lunch for us & as soon as she got up, we headed to the front yard.  She clearly loved this fun spin on lunch (& not being strapped to a high chair), my wild girl ran around the front yard in between bites in PURE delight.  I’m pretty sure it was the no shoe thing that really had her going, she looked so happy to have the feel of the grass on her toes!!  I don’t blame her, it has been a long winter & every little part of us needs some fresh air.

My husband arrived about halfway through our lunch & joined us, we just sat there & watched our happy, happy girl.  I feel like that is a repeat activity for us lately, just watching Waverly Maye.  Now that she is more independent & really is her own person, there is nothing better than just sitting back & watching every move she makes.  I’m sure it’s very obvious that she is the center of our world right now, our everything, & that our favorite moments are these “little” ones we spend with her.
So I have a confession to make.  We definitely want more kids, but truthfully, I really can’t even begin to imagine how that would be.  It kind of makes me sad (& scared) to accept that for another child, we won’t have these same kind of moments.  Moments where its ALL about them like it has been for Waverly.  Our life & daily routine truly is all about her, & it really is hard to think that it can never be like that for our other kids.  And of course, I can’t even begin to think how it would be for Waverly.
For what it’s worth, our little lady is a bit of a diva.
I mean, it’s Waverly’s world & we are all just living in it. πŸ˜‰
My babysitter told me the other day that it’s very obvious that Waverly is an only child, she is an angel all morning long until the other baby she watches gets up from her nap.  Apparently when 100%  attention has to be shared, all hell breaks loose & Waverly’s little world falls apart.  For the record, I have no idea where she gets it from! πŸ˜‰
At the end of the day, I love the fact that she knows how much we love her & as a mom, that’s something I plan to remind her of forever & ever.  I admit it, she has us completely wrapped around her finger & there is nothing her daddy or I wouldn’t do for her.  THAT will never change.
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Congratulations to last weeks winner of the Olive & Birdie credit, Jessi Ross!! This week, we are giving away a beautiful dreamcatcher by Hushhound.  It seriously is gorgeous, I am definitely jealous of whoever is lucky enough to win this gem.  You can see pictures on their shop link here, & can also find the same link on my sidebar. 
Good luck to all of you! 


Mother nature clearly reads my blog (I’m honored, really!), since within 24 hours of my winter weather rant last week, she decided to step in with rising temperatures & the bluest of skies!!  After being stuck inside all winter long, we were more than ready for some fresh air. Really, Waverly Maye made it very clear as she sat at the door repeating “ooouut-siiiiiide” over, over & over again.  My outdoor girl, I love her so.

We are so lucky to have the best park two streets from our house, complete with a jungle gym, swings, slides & a lake which always has lots of ducks for us to feed. Pretty much anytime the weather is over 60 degrees, we make our way there & stay as long as possible. It’s a no-brainer for us, Waverly LOVES, loves to explore & has a serious obsession with gum-balls, rocks & leaves. They will keep her entertained all afternoon really so between that & the jungle gym, it’s her own personal paradise.

For me, I get the opportunity for some actual physical activity on the short run there (before I had Waverly I worked out every single day & she is going on nineteen months now … not sure I could tell you the last time I hit the gym). So I appreciate that & obviously love to watch her in her element, she really is beyond happy there & that makes me happy.

With the cold, the last week has really been our first time back in a while & Waverly is totally in rare form. Apparently since she is officially a year & a half now, she no longer needs any assistance climbing up the jungle gym or sliding down the slide. In fact, she refuses it & I’m pretty sure by next week she will be hanging from the bars while doing pull-ups all on her own. All while I am having a major panic attack & all the other moms are looking at my super active child while theirs sit in the swing quietly. πŸ˜‰
And the cutest, she missed the duckies so much that she offered them her yogurt pouch & wanted to feed them her entire pb&j.  You know you have done your job as a mom when your little lady is willing to share her snack pouch, right?!!  I was so proud!

Other than our obsession with spending lots of time in the outdoors, we obviously love spring styles, too!!  I cannot wait to dress Waverly in tons of dresses, skirts & gladiator sandals (my fave!) … yet we clearly have some time to kill before we officially make it there.  In the meantime, we are getting spring ready with bright colors & floral prints, just used on styles that still keep my girl warm.  This Gap jacket (no longer available in pink, here in blue) is totally perfect for that, here are some other looks that will help beat the winter blues!!
1: Sweatshirt, 2:  Striped Romper, 3: Printed Flutter-Sleeve Dress, 4: Eyelet Circle Skirt, 5: Sunglasses, 6: Railroad Striped Romper
I clearly have an obsession with pink, stripes & chambray.  All scream spring for me yet still are classic & versatile enough to layer when it’s still cold out.  And all are from Gap & Old Navy, two of our absolute favorite places to shop, both for mama & mini!
So for now, we will take in every bit of the warm weather while we can.  It looks like the rest of the week is back in the 40s so you will find us extra layered & dreaming of spring. πŸ™‚  Warm weather wishes your way, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Happiest Friday!!  I like to try to find a positive in everything & have decided that if there is an upside to school on a Saturday, it’s how much more exciting the following weekend is!  I cannot believe I get TWO entire days to spend with my girl, best feeling ever. πŸ™‚

Here’s what else is getting us excited lately …

ONE: Ponchos.  When these ponchos popped up on Gap’s website a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t get them in the cart fast enough!  I mean, a toddler in a poncho?!  Need I say more?

ο»ΏEven though we are spring-ready, it’s outfits like these that make the winter weather a little bit easier to deal with!  If only I could fit in those furry boots & wear them forever. πŸ™‚
TWOSadie Sky Headbands.  My sweet friend, Jess, at Sadie Sky Boutique sent this adorable headband for Waverly to wear & we love it!!  Her prints are so unique yet versatile at the same time, & the leather fabric is just my favorite ever.  So very on trend & still super comfy.  Be sure to check out her shop, there really is so much goodness there!
THREEPhones … real & play ones.  If there is one thing Waverly Maye has picked up from us, it’s how to use a phone.  This girl is obsessed with a capital O, she puts it to her ear with the cutest little “HEL-O” followed by her own version of a really good conversation.  It’s precious, really – until she calls everyone in your phone a few times a day or throws a fit when you won’t give it to her because you know, you need it yourself (imagine that!).  So we have tried EVERY toy phone out there & have had the best luck with this V-tech smart phone.
She loves it, it’s a win & … I’m seriously in trouble. πŸ™‚
FOURTaco Soup.  We love, love mexican food at our house so when Christina at Carolina Charm shared this recipe on her blog, I knew it would be perfect for us!  We made the crock pot version last weekend & it was seriously delicious, plus it lasted three days!
 FIVE:  Going Green!!  I am getting so excited for St. Patricks Day, its always been one of my favorites since it means spring is near & green is always a good color for a redhead. πŸ™‚  I cannot wait to dress Waverly Maye in a cute little green ensemble, we have already picked up a few pieces from this line at Gymboree.  The entire line is too perfect for the holiday!
Of course, want to thank Darci, Liz & the other sweet ladies of this link-up!  We wish everyone the best weekend, they are predicting some more spring-like weather our way so we CANNOT WAIT!  Hope you get to enjoy some, too!

To say we are currently over winter & the bitter cold is certainly an understatement.  I’m not sure if it’s the random two snowstorms, make-up school days or the toddler who NEEDS to be on the move … but we are oh so ready for spring!!  Like the if it doesn’t warm up soon we may just move to California kind of ready.  Really, we considered it over Valentines dinner. πŸ˜‰

To cure our major cabin fever, I have been on the hunt for fun indoor activities to do with Waverly Maye.  She really is an outdoor girl & would rather play outside all day long in any kind of weather, but as cold as its been, I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere (you know, be the adult & smart one in the situation, still so weird!).  So we have done it all … finger painting, flash cards, endless puzzles, play time in the jewelry box & lots of baking.  On a side note, I don’t seem to have passed on my love of crafts to Waverly, she tried to eat the paint on our finger painting day & despite lots of attempts at coloring, girlfriend just doesn’t have any attention span for that.

And for last week’s get out of the house but still stay inside activity, my husband & I took Waverly for a frozen yogurt date.  Who says ice cream is only for summer?!!

Clearly not Waverly Maye.  
We honestly have been limiting eating out lately, mainly because Waverly is not the biggest fan of the high chair.  Even if I come equipped with snacks, drinks & all of her favorite toys, she would rather run the restaurant like a mad woman.  Yes … we have totally been that couple with the crazy kid, more times than I would like to admit!  πŸ™‚ 
But this date was different, I’m pretty sure Waverly was on a sugar high before she was even halfway done.  She could not stop giggling, pretty much uncontrollably, & I’m pretty sure she would have sat in that seat all day long.  My husband & I just watched her with the biggest smiles on our faces, truly in awe of our little lady.  She really could have bursted from joy at any point, it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  As a mom, I felt proud that Waverly is SO happy, which despite any hard times, is really what matters most.  It was one of those moments with the three of us that screamed “little things”, an ordinary activity urned into a memory that I don’t think I will ever forget. 
As for now, we are back to hanging inside desperately waiting for the temps to warm up .  Tell me this face doesn’t say … mom, are we ever going to go outside again?!  Either that or … so when are we going back to that ice cream place!  Whatever the case, I’ve been seeing it a lot lately.
Headband & Similar Leggings
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