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Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentines Looks We Love

I usually try to wait for the actual month of the holiday before actually embracing all of its goodness, but since February is such a short month & Valentines Day falls so early during it, I consider this one an exception.  Besides, this one is definitely one of my faves!  What is there not to love about the sweetness, the affection, the cute little X's & O's?!  And spending it all with these two, it just doesn't get much better.

For us, preparing for a holiday means adding some festive touches to the house, heading to Pinterest for some fun food ideas, yet most of all, dressing to the occasion!  I am such a fashion-addict & have always been that girl who planned her outfits well in advance, something about being dressed just right to the occasion always made it that much more exciting.  Now that I am a mom, nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than seeing Waverly Maye dressed in theme.  I'm totally addicted, I hope she will agree to it forever. ;)

Even though I definitely consider myself a girly-girl, I actually don't dress Waverly in as much pink as I thought I would.  I actually lean towards less traditional & more contemporary colors, especially now that she is a little bit older.  For this sweet month of love, we obviously plan to embrace some pink & red, but I am also loving accents of silver, chambray & white.  Pieces that she can wear after this month & so we can get some more use out of!!
1: Raglan Sweater, 2:  Scarf , 3: Satin Dress, 4: Striped Heart-Print Dress, 5: Basketball Boot with Buckle, 6: Heart Chambray Dress, 7: Heart Skinny Jeans 
I had to include some pieces for myself, too. :) I don't feel you are ever too old for hearts, & actually think it's a fun, versatile print to wear any time of the year.  I scored #3 in the shirt version last week & can't wait to wear it, it is currently on sale for half off! 

I also plan to use many of the red accessories & basics from our festive fashions at Christmas, the greatest thing about investing in scarves, necklaces & elastic headbands are the fact that we can wear them season after season, year after year.  I also love the fact that many of those things are pieces we can already share, which is something that totally melts my mommy heart.
A total perk of having a little lady.
(Although boy mamas, I am LOVING this red jacket on sale right now, I almost considered buying one just in case we have a boy one day.)

In the meantime, it's these two that will have my heart on Valentine's Day!  I am so excited to get Waverly Maye more involved with some crafts & baking this year AND to have a long-overdue date night with the hubby ... in which I'm convinced we will talk about Waverly the entire time.

We hope everyone had the best weekend & is getting ready for the holiday your way!  Less than one month away, LOVE is in the air!


  1. So sweet, holidays are definetly the best with kiddos!

  2. Love the looks...and those shoes!!!!!!!!! OMG, I die.

  3. It's always around this time of year that I am so jealous of all the girl moms. Waverly is absolutely adorable in that dress & hat! I'm hoping my 2nd is a girl, but if not, I will definitely go for #3!

  4. So cute! Great picks.. Love 3 & 4!

  5. I just love how you two dress! Love love love the looks! Xo
    Nessa's World

  6. Love her dress -- Let Love Grow! Where did you get it?

    And I too love doing all holiday related things. Sadly, however, since we are in our cramped apartment, I just don't have any desire this year. Next year, though, I'll be back on the bandwagon!

  7. I love daddy and daughter photos :) that last one is so good! Legit smiles are the best :)

  8. Soooo cute!! I love these pictures!
    I am with you on trying to wait until the actual month of the holiday. But having a little girl + Valentines? Can't help it! We've pulled out her Valentine jammies already and of course I've been dressing Mia in endless amounts of pink, ha ha!

  9. HI, I just found you thru Veronika's Blushing after she posted about the Mamas Series...such a neat idea. Anyone, I love connecting with other mommy bloggers as well :) Your daugther is A-dorable!!!! Loved the post with her faux fur vest...I need this for Marli. :)
    Just found you thru Veronika's Blushing. Really glad you ladies put this together since I am always looking for other mommy blogs to follow. Following now. :)

  10. I love the way she was looking at her Daddy!!! Grabs your heart!!!

  11. Can I be jealous of your daughter's wardrobe??? Love the tunic and those high tops are just awesome! She is too cute!

  12. adorable! I love that little boy's jacket! I would be tempted to get it for a Clay if they had it in a bigger size!

  13. So adorable! She totally loves dressin up with you!! :)

  14. I have been swooning over all of the Valentine themed clothes on Old Navy's site, Gap, etc. You girls are so fashionable. Love it! These pictures are priceless and darling. I love that little red jacket, but they don't have Mason's size! Boo! Hope you're having an amazing day!


  15. I am digging that lips pattern sweater!!! So cute!!

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