Being Brickner : January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, the end of this week feels so similar to last, except this time ... an even better ending! We have been hit with another snowstorm, much bigger, & today marks my fifth day at home with Waverly in the past two weeks!  I guess dreams really do come true. :)

Here are my FIVE!

1.  Winter-Wear.  We are not even close to being used to this kind of weather in VB, thank goodness that we bought all types of winter clothing for Waverly just in case we got a snow flurry this season.

Waverly's jacket & pants are both from H&M, which remains one of my favorite places for both her wardrobe & my own!  And her Hunters, this is yet another example of why Hunter boots are officially the best pair of shoes ever.

2.  Vests.  We really are experiencing the craziest weather ever!  Before the biggest snowstorm I can ever remember hit this week, we were able to make it outside bundled up with only a glamorous little vest.  I LOVE, love a good vest & can not get enough of them this season!

Vests are also easy to buy big so that they will last for more than one year, most of the ones we have this year are 2T & still manageable. I am loving this one currently on sale at Baby Gap!

2.  Mason Jar Cups.  I have had a love of mason jars ever since we used them at my wedding, somehow everything tastes better from a mason jar.  Since Waverly is going through the what mama has, I want phase (which is actually pretty adorable, for now at least!), she loves mason jars, too.

This one with a lid is actually from Walmart (totally lucky find!) & as usual, she looks way cuter than I do drinking from it.

4.  Valentines Chocolate-Covered Pretzels.  With all of this extra time at home lately, I literally cannot stop baking.  I mean, I really think it is an issue & have decided that if I was home during all of the winter seasons, I would be obese.

These pretzels are so easy, super delicious & the perfect combination of salty & sweet.

5.  Soup.  We are total soup people & pretty much make some sort of soup once a week during this time of year.  I love that they are relatively easy & can last more than one day, both are basic guidelines when it comes to me & cooking. We had this chicken & vegetable soup last night, I definitely recommend it. (Thanks again, Pinterest!).

Thank you to Darci, Liz & the rest of the hosts of this link-up.  We wish everyone the HAPPIEST of weekends, cannot believe that tomorrow marks the start to February!
Bring it on, we are ready & are feeling the LOVE!! :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the Little Things: Week One

As we ended the past year & I started to think about how I could better myself in 2014, I immediately knew that it was time to change a few aspects of our daily routine.  I am totally a schedule kind of girl, I thrive on routine even though sometimes I wish that wasn't the case.  As a mom, that obviously doesn't always happen ... I'm sure others can vouch for that! ;)  Yet for the most part, Waverly Maye does best on some some sort of schedule, just like her mama.

Ever since Waverly was out of the "newborn, we are just hanging on for dear life" phase, we have consisently had her on some sort of bedtime routine.  I read both "Babywise" & "Heathy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" & while I totally know you can't live life off a book, both were great in helping us figure out what in the hell we were doing! ;)  The biggest lessons I took from both books were the effectiveness of a bedtime "ritual" & teaching your baby to fall asleep on her own.  We have definitely had our sleep struggles, but the majority of the time, Waverly is a pretty good sleeper & I attribute it to trying to stick by those guidelines most of the time.

Since it has always worked so well for us, Waverly's bedtime routine each night is a bath, PJs, book & lights out at 7!  I used to rock her for a while but after we were done breastfeeding, I had convinced myself that she wouldn't sit still or that it would mess up those guidelines .  That paired with the fact that I was usually starving since my husband & I didn't eat together until well after she went to bed ... mama & mini time in the rocking chair has been few & far between  for a while now.  Honestly, it had gotten to the point that I was "rushing" through bedtime every night, quickly going through the motions so that I could finish cleaning the house & finally eat after such a long day.

After brainstorming about this link-up & choosing the word "present" for 2014, I couldn't stop thinking about how I wasn't taking full advantage of that time of evening with my little family.  That this really is such a special time of our lives, & how crazy it was that I wasn't "present" with my girl during those moments before she went to sleep for the night.  We have since made some changes.  I make dinner & give Waverly a bath before my husband gets home from work, then we all eat dinner TOGETHER at a much earlier time.  After that, we play for a bit & then I rock Waverly to sleep while Joe cleans up dinner (yea, I lucked out there!).  With a clear head, full stomache, & nothing to think about but her.

The changes may seem trivial, but I can't even tell you the difference it has made!!  For one, I love the fact that we have started family dinners.  I know that really is the time to "talk" to your kids about their day & even though Waverly is still way too young for that, it really is never too early to start!
Yet for now, what is even more important to me is time with Waverly in the rocking chair.  I can't even believe it, she actually sits right with me as content as can be.  I sing to her, over & over & she lays there with her little eyes open looking right back at me.  Without a doubt, it has become my favorite time of day & the only downfall is that I never want to leave!  We must sit in that chair together for at least thirty minutes a night & I feel like an entirely new mom because of it. :)  I guess I was so stuck in our old schedule that I didn't realize how something so "little" could make such a big difference. 

Jess & I are so thankful for all the support we have gotten for "It's the Little Things"!  We are overwhelmed with your support, your positive feedback & most of all, that you want to be a part of it!!  Feel free to download our logo below, to use on your own blog or on Instagram!

We want to show our appreciation by giving back to YOU & we have lots of giveaways lined up for the next few weeks to do just that.  We are kicking off today with an amazing digital download from Hello Tosha Designs.  Tosha is the talented lady behind our beautiful logo & we are so thankful for her support in this project.  She is so very sweet to donate an 8X10 print of the "It's the Little Things" logo, the actual artwork with her signature stamped on the back.  The digital download is also listed on her shop, but only the winner will have the actual print.  Enter below for a chance to win & check back next week for another fun giveaway, best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We can't wait to read your special moments today & each Wednesday, all you have to do is write your post with whatever "little thing" it is that you would like to share & link-up with either Jess or me below!  Thanks again & HAPPY halfway through the week. :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waverly's First Snow

I am sure that for many of you, two inches of snow would hardly be something even worth mentioning.  You wouldn't have gotten off work for two days, you wouldn't have been advised to go to the grocery store to stock up, & for sure, your entire city wouldn't have shut down.  Yet for us, it does & it did.  Literally, the bottom of the TV screen scrolled ... Virginia Beach:  Closed.

In VB, even the sight of a flurry is a really, really big deal.

Gap Snowsuit (No Longer Available @ Gap, Did Find on EBay!)
 I'm going to go ahead & refer to this as Waverly's first snow, it snowed a few flurries last year but she was six months old & we literally sat her on top of it as she stared. 
I'll admit that also during that "slight snowfall" last year, I pulled over on the interstate in a complete panic over driving in it with Waverly in the car.  There was maybe one flurry on the ground & yes, I was that idiot sitting with my baby in the backseat on the side of the road, on the phone with my husband, dad AND brother begging them to come save us.  They didn't & instead insisted I act like a grown-up mom & drive home. I did, we made it. :)

This year, we definitely stayed home.  There was tons of white stuff for us to look at, put our hands in, & of course to play in like we were little kids again.  With our favorite little kid.

At first, Waverly really wasn't into it AT ALL.  I was so excited for her to see it that I attempted to take her out before she ate her favorite waffles & strawberries, which was a total fail.  This little lady doesn't function without eating.  Even if there is a blanket of snow, food is way more important to her & I totally don't blame her.

By our second trip out though, she loved, LOVED it, was in awe, & had an absolute blast.

We brought out my husband's bodyboard & took her sledding around the yard.  It was absolutely one of those "little things" moments that I know I won't ever forget.  Have I mentioned that having kids makes everything so much better?!  It was the best & so much fun.

The next day, school was still closed so I got to enjoy one more day as a SAHM. :)  We bundled up our snow bunny once more, good thing we got lots of "winter gear" just in case it snowed this year.

Similar Jacket & Gap Boots (No Longer Available)
As for now, it has been so freezing that we still have flurries on the ground & they are calling for a second even bigger snowstorm this week.  Am I allowed to say that we are over it & would like to request spring instead?!  I mean, we saw it, conquered it, had the best time, would like it to happen once again NEXT year... but really, we are warm weather girls. :)

Don't forget to link-up tomorrow for "It's the Little Things".  See this post for details, we will be posting that morning & you will be able to link-up at that time.  Thanks again for your support!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eighteen Month Update

This little princess is halfway to TWO, happy 18 months Waverly Maye!!

Stats:  No official stats until Waverly's 18 month appointment, but my guess is not much has changed ... still about average for weight, way low for height & way high for that sweet head of hers! ;) Waverly still fits in mostly 12-18 month clothes, but we are still buying big & rolling up just about everything.  After 18 months of practice, that is totally my best piece of baby fashion advice.  Buying big saves money, saves you from the emotional breakdown of packing clothes away, & keeps those cute fashion finds around for longer!  Waverly's princess sweatshirt is for a 1 & a half year old, yet she wears it with the sleeves rolled up & will be rocking it (proudly, I'm sure!) for at least another year!

Current Words & Other Milestones:  Waverly is picking up on new things so fast lately that I recently bought a snazzy little notebook to record new milestones on a daily basis!  She is learning new words all of the time & MOST of them we can figure out, yet there are many sounds we haven't yet mastered.  She repeats them over & over though, so we know that they mean something to her!  The biggest breakthrough this month is the fact that she can now really communicate with us, she answers questions with the cutest "yea" ever.  And I'm convinced that she understands way more than we give her credit for, so we are totally moving into the "watch everything you say" territory!

Other than her vocabulary, a definite memorable milestone this month is that Waverly can say (& show us) that she is ONE!

Naturally, every time she puts up that finger we ALL give her the biggest round of applause ever!  So now, she will do it all day long (especially when we tell her no) & then laugh when we freak out over her accomplishment.  I'm pretty sure she really thinks we are a bunch of morons for how impressed we are with something so easy. And I am also sure that is not even near the last time she will have that thought.

Waverly Maye also knows all of her body parts, including her belly button!!  It's the little things, right?!!

Teeth & Sleep:  One nap a day for this little lady which ironically, lasts about 2 1/2 hours on the days I am at work & about 20 minutes on the weekends.  Obviously, this doesn't give me anytime to get anything done pretty much ever, but how can I complain?!  Instead, I just chalk it up to the fact that she obviously wants to spend more mama & mini time! :)  No new teeth this month but the ones she has are too adorable when she flashes that sweet smile.

Favorite Foods: Waverly's favorite food of the moment is lima beans, hands down.  Edamame follows as a close second.  No lie, we will give her a plate full of carbs, sweets, you name it ... & she throws back the veggies like they are french fries before even thinking about anything else.  Ummm, wish I could feel that way?!

Favorite Toys & Activities:  A big change this month is how much more independent Waverly has become.  Some days it makes me so sad, I will try so hard to get her to pay attention to me but girlfriend is busy with her toys & way too cool for her mama!  For the most part though (thank goodness!), we will spend lots of togetherness time with her puzzles, jewelry, crayons, & most of all, her babies.  She still loves those baby dolls to pieces & even insists that her favorite sleeps with her each night.  Totally the cutest thing ever.

Least Favorite Activities:  Anything that involves staying still is very much a challenge, this girl is wild as they come!  (We actually call her "spirited," a book I was reading said that was the more positive way to phrase it!).  Waverly really is so full of energy & while that is one of the many things I LOVE about her, it also makes for really challenging trips to Target or the grocery store.  We are slowly working through it, thanks to a special stop at the front of Target for a smoothie each time we go.  Maybe not the best parenting move, but sometimes a Target addict has gotta do whatever she can do. ;) I also have found that letting Waverly walk below the cart & "help me" push it is very effective, yet this never lasts long before she is running through the aisles like a mad woman.  With me desperately chasing after her, more times than I am willing to admit!

Extra Comments:  Watching this little lady's personality grow by the day is just too much fun. More than ever, we are getting a glimpse into the kind of girl she will grow up to be ... one that is silly, sweet, full of life & oh so dramatic!!  Totally her mama's daughter. :) Just like every other month, we have had the highest of highs & a few lows.  Even 18 months into this whole parenthood thing, I still feel like I learn something new all of the time, & that Waverly & I are both figuring out this whole life thing together.  I love her TOO much, words really can't describe it, & I cannot wait to continue to watch her grow!!

We hope everyone is having the best weekend, looking forward to our "It's the Little Things" link-up this Wednesday. thanks again for your support!!  We can't wait! :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  We have had one of the BEST weeks ever, the first snow of the year & two days off school because of it!  I obviously loved being home with Waverly Maye all day long & now can be even more jealous of all you SAHMs. ;)

Here is what else I am LOVING this week!

1.  Jean Jackets.  I always love a jean jacket, anytime of the year & for most occasions.  They are so versatile, classic & are good for both grown-up girls & our little ones, too. 

My Jacket & Waverly's Jacket (Similar)

Waverly & I did a guest post at Nessa's World this week (go over & check out her blog!), we talked all about our momma & mini must-haves and I would definitely classify a jean jacket at the top of that list.  For both of us, even sometimes at the exact same time. ;)

2.  Valentines Garland.  New holiday, new garland.  I am officially calling it Valentines season at our house, we are knee-deep in pink, red & hearts & I adore it!!  I am excited to share some fun details soon, but for now, this Valentines garland is too fun not to include on this list!

And even better, it is currently on sale online!  I just may buy one for every room in the house.

3.  Heart Brownies.  With lots of extra quality time together & Valentines Day on the brain this week, it was the perfect opportunity to make heart brownies!  I am loving the fact that Waverly is now at the age that she can help me with these sorts of things.  (I say help, it was obviously more of a huge mess, but so memorable & yes, very worth it.)

4.  Simply Sophisticated.  My friend, Kelly has opened up the cutest online boutique & I am so happy for her!  I got this gold bracelet from there & can see lots of outfits with it in the future!  My obsession with gold continues so it is just perfect, & for what it's worth ... my mini-fashionista totally approves, she said "oooooh" as soon as I put it on!

5.  Other than all of the extra time with Waverly, a special highlight of this week has been so much positive feedback for our "It's the Little Things" project that officially kicks off next Wednesday, January 29th.  Jess & I are beyond grateful for all of the support & would LOVE for everyone to join in!  See this post for more details. :)

Thank you to Darci, Liz & the rest of the hosts of this link-up.  Happy weekend to all of you, sending (thoughts of?) warm weather your way!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's the Little Things Link-Up

We hope that everyone is having the best beginning to 2014 & that all of your hopes, dreams & wishes for this new year are starting off just right. I am happy to report that my word of the year, "present," has really helped me be in the moment with Waverly Maye more than ever. We have made some changes to our daily routine & schedule to allow for more focused time with her. I can't wait to share details soon, I have had some of my best moments with this sweet girl yet. :)

Today, I am SO very excited to share with you a new weekly link-up I am hosting with my dear friend, Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique.  It fits in perfectly with being present in this year, it couldn't come at a better time!  "It's the Little Things" will officially kick-off one week from today, next Wednesday, January 29th.

This beautiful logo was created by Tosha at Hello Tosha Designs to represent the idea behind this project & she captured our idea perfectly.  Jess & I wanted a special place to document some of the sweet little moments that make us stop & truly appreciate life. The moments that make even the totally crazy days worth it! A place to be reminded that it's not "stuff"& perfectly executed plans & projects that matter, but rather that "it's the little things" that count.  We want to take more time to slow down, spend true quality time with our girls, & make as many sweet memories with them as we canAnd like others, we want to do it without getting caught up in social media & comparing ourselves to everyone else.  Our plan is to highlight the little things like having a sweet mommy & daughter lunch or a craft project.  And especially those sweet mama moments we know so well, like when our little one melts our heart when she waves hello & says "hiiii" to the birds at the park.

We would love if you would join us, here is what you need to know:

1.  Starting next Wednesday, January 29th, share ANY "little thing" you would like!  Look back through old pictures to include or even just share a sweet memory that you haven't forgotten!  That is what makes this so easy, who doesn't have those heart-melting mama moments to share?
2.  Help spread the word by linking back to Sadie Sky Boutique or to myself!  The button will be available on both of our blogs as well a digital download at Hello Tosha  Designs as a pretty reminder that "It's the Little Things that Count."
3. We will also be posting photos on Instagram using the hashtag #littlethingslinkup to share some of our sweet moments (they could be anything!) whenever we have one to share.  We thought that would not only be a great way to get some encouragement & inspiration, but also a fun way for non-bloggers to participate in the project as well!  
4.  In celebration of our kick-off, we have several amazing shops lined up to offer giveaways for some really great items ... everything from a copy of the artwork download, items for mamas, clothing & accessory items for little ones & more! 

We are so excited about this project & would love, love, LOVE for you to join us.

Thank you all for so much support in this exciting project!!  We have already had so much positive feedback & it means the world to us.  Meet us back here one week from today for the start of many giveaways & head over to Instagram NOW to join in on the fun with the hashtag #littlethingslinkup!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentines Looks We Love

I usually try to wait for the actual month of the holiday before actually embracing all of its goodness, but since February is such a short month & Valentines Day falls so early during it, I consider this one an exception.  Besides, this one is definitely one of my faves!  What is there not to love about the sweetness, the affection, the cute little X's & O's?!  And spending it all with these two, it just doesn't get much better.

For us, preparing for a holiday means adding some festive touches to the house, heading to Pinterest for some fun food ideas, yet most of all, dressing to the occasion!  I am such a fashion-addict & have always been that girl who planned her outfits well in advance, something about being dressed just right to the occasion always made it that much more exciting.  Now that I am a mom, nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than seeing Waverly Maye dressed in theme.  I'm totally addicted, I hope she will agree to it forever. ;)

Even though I definitely consider myself a girly-girl, I actually don't dress Waverly in as much pink as I thought I would.  I actually lean towards less traditional & more contemporary colors, especially now that she is a little bit older.  For this sweet month of love, we obviously plan to embrace some pink & red, but I am also loving accents of silver, chambray & white.  Pieces that she can wear after this month & so we can get some more use out of!!
1: Raglan Sweater, 2:  Scarf , 3: Satin Dress, 4: Striped Heart-Print Dress, 5: Basketball Boot with Buckle, 6: Heart Chambray Dress, 7: Heart Skinny Jeans 
I had to include some pieces for myself, too. :) I don't feel you are ever too old for hearts, & actually think it's a fun, versatile print to wear any time of the year.  I scored #3 in the shirt version last week & can't wait to wear it, it is currently on sale for half off! 

I also plan to use many of the red accessories & basics from our festive fashions at Christmas, the greatest thing about investing in scarves, necklaces & elastic headbands are the fact that we can wear them season after season, year after year.  I also love the fact that many of those things are pieces we can already share, which is something that totally melts my mommy heart.
A total perk of having a little lady.
(Although boy mamas, I am LOVING this red jacket on sale right now, I almost considered buying one just in case we have a boy one day.)

In the meantime, it's these two that will have my heart on Valentine's Day!  I am so excited to get Waverly Maye more involved with some crafts & baking this year AND to have a long-overdue date night with the hubby ... in which I'm convinced we will talk about Waverly the entire time.

We hope everyone had the best weekend & is getting ready for the holiday your way!  Less than one month away, LOVE is in the air!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, an extra-special Friday because it is the start of a long weekend!  Having one more day to spend with Waverly Maye makes this working mama so very happy, I can't wait!
Here are FIVE other things making me (& my mini!) happy at the moment ...

ONEAccesories.  I mentioned it earlier this week, Waverly Maye is a total accessory lover!  I obviously love it, nothing warms my fashionista heart more than watching her sit in front of her jewelry box as content as can be.  We spent some major girl time this week, this diva decided that just one extra accent to her tutu was clearly not enough.

I usually try to live by the "less is more, stick to one-statement piece" style mantra, but how could I resist a major fashion moment like this?  As we all know, toddlers can pull just about anything off & the fact that she even was efficient enough to use a necklace as a belt?  I mean, am beyond proud.

TWOToddler Slippers.  What better way to beat the winter blues than with the sweetest, softest, fuzziest slippers you ever did see?!

Waverly loves wearing them, I love looking at her in them. It's a total win-win. Thanks again, BabyGap! I really don't know how we would ever live without you. ;)

THREEPJ Nightgown.  I've said it before, this is yet another look I would never recommend for an adult but I cannot get enough of on a toddler.  A nightgown for a little lady (on sale right now), taken too another level with those sweet slippers.  Too precious for words.

I paired with leggings for bed to make sure my little lady was nice & cozy all night long.  Love that the hearts are so Valentines Day friendly, getting close, friends!

FOURMom's One Line A Day Book. My mom got me this book for a baby shower when I was pregnant, it's meant for moms to write one "special" line a day for five years. The idea is so perfect, I love the fact it helps moms remember those little things that are so easy to forget. Well, somewhere in that crazy new mom no sleep, just trying to get through the day phase I went through when Waverly was born, it got lost in the shuffle. Since I am trying to be present in 2014, I pulled this gem back out & it has been the most fun to write in each night! The only downfall is my desperate attempt to get my thoughts into a single line, imagine that?! ;)

FIVE:  Valentines Day.  It's less one month away & we are in total preparation mode!  That obviously involves lots of red, pink & heart-shaped apparel, is there anything better?!  Loving this heart sweater for Waverly Maye & of course, a coordinating one for mama.

Happiest weekend to you all, hoping that you get to take advantage of some extra time off, too!  A special thank you to Darci, April & the other hosts of this link-up.
(And for so much support of our heart & soul looks last week, I took advantage of letting my hubby know that I clearly am not the only mom out there who has a need to match my mini!).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Waverly Wore, & More.

Happy halfway through the week!
What better way to kick off a Wednesday than to chat about what Waverly wore?!! ;)

Just like the rest of you, we spent all of last week frozen & in layers upon layers.  Not to mention, super disapointed it was that cold yet there was no snow in VB.  In my opinion, if it's going to be so frigid we can't feel our fingers, we obviously deserve some pretty flurries.  I know Waverly would just LOVE to see snow & we might just have some adorable snow gear I have been dying to put her in! ;)

Regardless, the weather warmed up over the weekend & we gladly took it!!  Waverly Maye is such an outdoor girl & some of our favorite memories are from family days spent outside.  We have the best park near our house with lots of open area for my little lady to explore, pick up rocks, run endlessly & to say hi to all of the people walking by.  All of the above which I would classify as some of her favorite things to do.

As if we didn't accesorize Waverly enough, she felt it was important to steal each & every one of my accesories, too.  I guess I should just get used to nothing being mine ever again. :) 

Waverly's "nature" outfit is one of my favorites, I am addicted to plaid on her & having been buying shirts like these big so we can wear them for the next few seasons.  Fur vests are also an obsession I just can't kick, for me or her.  I'm not so sure every little girl necassarily needs one for a walk outdoors, but she looked pretty damn cute in it.  And the shoes ... I can't even deal.  They just have "hiker" written all over them, right?!

On a personal note, this daddy's girl.  Waverly & her "da-da" are two peas in a pod, a really cute pod that I love to watch together.  Her obsession with him is at an all-time high, she repeats his name all day long & lights up like a Christmas tree when he walks through the door.  I hate admiting this, but as much as I adore their relationship, it's been making me a little bit jealous lately.  I mean, I know I'm not nearly as cool as him ... I don't make a habit out of holding her upside down or pulling her on a skateboard.  But I do everything for her & then some, I am the one she is with the most of the time! 
Why can't she repeat my name all day?
Then moments happen like this.  Moments that I know she needs me, loves me & knows that I am her mama (& how special that really is.)  She may not express it all of the time, but when she is in a new situation & or is not feeling well, it is me that she reaches for first.  That is the mother & daughter relationship that only those who have it understand, that I have with my own mom & I am so grateful to be able to have again. 

As you other mamas know, I can't even describe how much I love her, or how it's even possible that that love grows stronger every day.  This motherhood thing is the craziest ride I have ever been on, yet definitely the best!

PS - If she is anything like me, I'm assuming I'll probably have some similar feelings when she tells me she hates me in high school.  Reminder to self, don't forget about how "special" this relationship is then! ;)