Being Brickner : Christmas Cards & Photos

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Cards & Photos

Merry Christmas Week!! 
I can't think of a better way to kick off this very exciting week than with our holiday pictures & cards.  
 I am totally that girl who wants to keep our pictures a surprise until we send the cards out. :) We took these pictures back in November at our favorite park near where we live & I couldn't love them more.  I have already made a new photo wall with these & smile everytime I walk by.

A special thank you to Nicole at N.A. Barrett Photography.  Her work is always amazing & best of all, I love the fact that is patient to work with our family & our crazy personalities.  Some of my favorite pictures are the "outtakes", the pictures that really show how we live life on the day to day.

I am totally all about plaid right now & instantly knew that we would incorporate the print into our pictures!  Waverly's Zara jacket is one of my favorite jackets EVER (no longer available) & I was so excited when it coordinated perfectly with both this headband and my dress from Asos.  I  really love the opportunity to style outfits for these sorts of things (& everyday!) and am definitely adding this to the list of dream jobs that are on my resume. :)

 For our cards, we went with this design from Shutterfly, my love of gold sold me on it immediately!!  I jazzed up the envelopes with our custom made stamp from Etsy & holiday tape from Target.  I can't even explain how much I love Christmas cards, both sending them & recieving them.  I would definitely list fashion, photography & stationary as three of my favorite things so I just LOVE this holiday tradition.
We wish everyone the BEST Christmas & the HAPPIEST New Year!  I am so very excited to be hosting a weekly link-up with Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique as as we kick off 2014.  Stay tuned for details, there will be giveaways & some really special stuff for the everyday. As much as I love the holidays, I am already getting excited for what I know is going to be a great year, too!!


  1. I love them!! I'm obsessed with plaid but always have a hard time finding it :/

  2. love that photo of her holding the string of ornaments! Great idea and what a great smile you got too!

  3. beautiful photos! love the plaid!

  4. You are such a beautiful family! Love all of these!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  5. oh my gosh, how adorable! new follower... love your blog!

  6. What wonderful pictures to have for the years to come! Merry Christmas :-)

  7. Your family is gorgeous!! Love y'all's outfits and the pictures the photographer captured! Merry Chritmas!

  8. you are such a beautiful and radiant mama!
    i love these photos. especially the one with that tiny christmas tree! how CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

  9. These are beautiful! I LOVE your blog and I love the name Waverly!!

  10. Such a beautiful family, friend! I adore all of these photos. I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas.