Happy New Year’s Eve!  We are finishing off this year feeling so very lucky, 2013 has been so good to us & definitely one of our best yet.  The holidays were no exception, Waverly’s second Christmas Day ended up being just as special as I thought it would be.

Seriously, watching Waverly come downstairs to find a living room full of goodies was just too much fun!!  She was really confused – it’s not everyday mommy & daddy are videotaping her arrival to the first floor of our house – yet within minutes she was talking on her phone & pushing her new babies around in the stroller.

As for me, between the excitement of the day & the sight of Waverly in her gown & pigtails, I really could have just died.  I seriously wanted to bottle up the entire morning with our little family & do it over again, again and again.  Like each month.  I told my husband & he reminded me that it wouldn’t be as special that way & I think he was right, damn it.  It was a good thought, though.
That afternoon, we dressed in our Christmas best & got our house officially dinner ready. It was our first big dinner at our own home & that obviously called for a snazzy little ensemble for Waverly Maye.  And us too, but that obviously was an afterthought.  We know who really matters now. 🙂
This girl, I love her so much & can’t be more thankful that I get to experience the holidays through her eyes.  Christmas with kids is even better than Christmas as a kid yourself, & that’s something I never thought could be topped.  So that says a lot.

Overall, the entire day was so memorable & just perfect.  A few weeks back we had decided to scale back this year & really try to spend time at our own house as much as possible.  Though it was definitely bittersweet to miss some traditions with each of our families, starting our own is so very exciting!!  I love the fact that these traditions are ones that Waverly will grow to know & look forward to each year.  Yet also that these are traditions are ones that we adapted because we loved them so much as children.  We love each of our big families so much & feel grateful that they understand.
As of now, we are currently playing with the 1 million toys my lucky lady got from Santa & the many family members that love her so much.  I’m not sure we will ever need to leave the house again or if I need to decorate anymore, there are THAT many. 🙂
PS – We are so very excited to share pictures from our dinner table, my husband MADE it  – the table & the dinner – so I thought it deserved a post of its own.
PPS – Have fun tonight.  I’m hoping I can stay up until 12. :0

I am totally that kid thirty-year old who gets a little depressed the few days after Christmas.  There is so much anticipation & without fail, each year it comes & goes all too quickly.  Yet there is only so much sadness I can feel now that I am a mom to this little lady!!

 Our Christmas Eve was spent getting last-minute to-do’s checked off the list, I knew we had 21 people coming to dinner the following night & wanted to get anything we could do ahead of time done.  Best decision ever.  It made that night & the next day way less stressful so I could put all my focus on Waverly Maye.
We had a great night with family, food & lots of gifts, & then it was back to our own house to set up shop & play Santa!!  In addition to the gift list we already had for our #1 girl, we ended up adding two refinished desks to her little collection.  At the last minute, we found these school desks at a garage sale and painted the tops chalkboard with the rest yellow & white.  Even though she is still a little small, the thought of her sitting in one just melts my teacher heart. 
I used to not be able to sleep the night before Christmas because I was so very excited to see what Santa had brought me (like maybe even up to a couple of years ago), but this definitely beat any of that!!  I could not WAIT for Waverly’s sweet little voice to let us know she was up, the thought that she had no idea what was waiting for her was just too much to handle.  Being a mom is officially the best thing ever.  Better yet, something tells me each year is just going to get better & better.
You know, until that year she is a junior in high school & demands a car …
We will be back to recap Christmas Day soon, there was just too much excitement to fit into one post.  We hope everyone had a great last weekend in 2013, can you believe it is New Years Eve EVE?!!  So very exciting. 🙂

We hope everyone had the most festive & fun Christmas!!  We are extending the celebration one more day over here, Waverly Maye is seventeen months!  Happiest birthday to our best gift ever. 🙂
Yes, we still consider month birthdays real birthdays, because why not?!!
Stats:  No doctor’s appointment, but guessing 22 lbs. & possibly 30 inches?!  Thinking we may have made it to the 20-range for length after 17 months … 🙂  Waverly is still wearing mostly 12-18 month old clothes, with some 9 month bottoms & 2T tops mixed in as dresses.  I am loving the fact that now that she is a little older, we don’t have to box up clothes after every few months!  Did anyone else find that painful?! 

Current Words & Other Milestones:  Waverly’s two favorite words have not changed, bogger (the dog) & dada.  Other most commonly used words include ice, “side” for outside, hiii (to anyone & everyone, especially other little kids) & baby.  She has the cutest dance moves which pretty much melt me everytime & has successfully figured out how to swim like a fish during bathtime.  This month, Waverly has added her belly button to the body parts she knows, uses silverware like a boss & can handle an Iphone better than I can.  Yea, I’m pretty sure we are going to start applying to colleges next month.  She is learning THAT fast & it blows.my.mind. 🙂

 Teeth & Sleep:  No new teeth this month & sleep, for the most part, has been great!
Favorite Foods:  Waverly still loves “fiiiish” (goldfish), pasta salad, mac & cheese & most lunch meats.  She loves to eat & usually does with no issue at all, until she is “alllll-done.”  At that point, she starts feeding anything & everything to the dog.  Or at least holding the food in his face before quickly pulling it back.  That little trickster, I think she is going to have quite the sense of humor. 🙂

 Favorite Toys & Activities:  A new favorite this month is Sesame Street.  It’s more of an obsession.  I really never thought this always-on-the-go lady would ever like TV, but something about Elmo just draws her in.  We ended up recording every episode that plays on DVR, but girlfriend knows what she wants!  Waverly has two favorite episodes & yes, every person in our house has them memorized beginning to finish.  Other loves are her “la-las,” cell phones, her babies & being outside!

Least Favorite Activities:  For the most part, we have not seen as many tantrums as last.  The one thing that will set her off without fail each & everytime is the cell phone.  I have tried to fake her out with play phones, but she knows the real deal & there has been more than one moment that I nearly gave in, drove to Verizon & signed her up for a plan.  Kidding … sort of. 🙂

Extra Comments:  This month has been our busiest yet with the holidays, but definitely the most fun!  Toddler life is totally chaotic & definitely has its challenges, but I really would like to push the pause button RIGHT now!  Everyday brings new excitement, new words, new moves … I just LOVE it!!!  And her, of course!

We are so excited to share highlights from our holiday soon & to hear updates from all of you.  How perfect is it that we are already one day from another weekend?!  I will take it, more time with my seventeen-month old!! 

Can you believe it is here?!  What a month of celebrations this has been & this past holiday weekend was no exception.  I had planned on trying to slow down a bit to get some last minute to-do’s crossed off the Christmas checklist … yet then I remembered who I was & knew that wasn’t going to happen. 🙂

Flannel Shirt & Gap One-Piece
 In between some final shopping, cleaning & wrapping, we managed to fit in some memorable family fun.  There were a couple of holiday happenings going on that we hadn’t yet been to & with the weather being absolutely beautiful, it was a no-brainer.  Plus, Waverly has gotten used to at least one extravaganza a weekend lately & is less than impressed with only looking at our faces two days straight.
We took Waverly to Hunt Club Farm, she loved the animals, the slide she wanted to ride down 200 times straight & of course, the opportunity to run around endlessly.  Better yet, Santa didn’t arrive until later that evening so she didn’t even have to see him.  Total win for Waverly Maye.
The following morning, we had our own Christmas breakfast with just the three of us.  With two big families to see, it goes without saying that Christmas day & eve we will be running around like those chickens (see above) with our heads cut off.  So this one was just for us. 🙂
 And then we just had to take advantage of the heat wave that hit VB.  Seriously, it was like Christmas in July hot!  Of course it’s predicted to be in the 40s by Christmas day, but we took what we could get.  We went to two parks, the beach & had the best outdoor lunch. 
We loved the warm weather.  Like really, really loved it.  Is it summer yet?!! 🙂
Kidding.  We could not he happier that our very favorite holiday is here & that Santa is officially on his way!!  We cannot wait to celebrate & wish you all the best celebrations, too.  CHEERS friends, enjoy every minute.  Thanks for being a part of our holiday season this year!!

Merry Christmas Week!! 
I can’t think of a better way to kick off this very exciting week than with our holiday pictures & cards.  
 I am totally that girl who wants to keep our pictures a surprise until we send the cards out. 🙂 We took these pictures back in November at our favorite park near where we live & I couldn’t love them more.  I have already made a new photo wall with these & smile everytime I walk by.
A special thank you to Nicole at N.A. Barrett Photography.  Her work is always amazing & best of all, I love the fact that is patient to work with our family & our crazy personalities.  Some of my favorite pictures are the “outtakes”, the pictures that really show how we live life on the day to day.
I am totally all about plaid right now & instantly knew that we would incorporate the print into our pictures!  Waverly’s Zara jacket is one of my favorite jackets EVER (no longer available) & I was so excited when it coordinated perfectly with both this headband and my dress from Asos.  I  really love the opportunity to style outfits for these sorts of things (& everyday!) and am definitely adding this to the list of dream jobs that are on my resume. 🙂

 For our cards, we went with this design from Shutterfly, my love of gold sold me on it immediately!!  I jazzed up the envelopes with our custom made stamp from Etsy & holiday tape from Target.  I can’t even explain how much I love Christmas cards, both sending them & recieving them.  I would definitely list fashion, photography & stationary as three of my favorite things so I just LOVE this holiday tradition.
We wish everyone the BEST Christmas & the HAPPIEST New Year!  I am so very excited to be hosting a weekly link-up with Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique as as we kick off 2014.  Stay tuned for details, there will be giveaways & some really special stuff for the everyday. As much as I love the holidays, I am already getting excited for what I know is going to be a great year, too!!