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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Going Gold

Happy Tuesday!  We hope you are enjoying November so far, can you believe it is already the 5th?!  Before we know it, we will be serving up stuffing & strategically planning for BLACK FRIDAY.  :)
Fashion friends, it definitely doesn't get any more exciting than that!

In the meantime, we are going GOLD!  And are so very excited about it.
Headband & Old Navy Shirt (No longer Available)
I have a total love affair with all things gold, both for decorating & for fashion.  I incorporate it year-round, but there really is no better time than November.  Gold is the color of the leaves changing color & of that turkey we will be eating later this month, right?!!  It's just perfect.
In terms of fashion, I have always been more of a gold girl than a silver.  I just think the shade looks better on redheads & on those with fair skin. 
For the most part, Waverly Maye inherited my red hair.  Hers is definitely lighter than mine so on most days, I would consider her a strawberry-blonde.  And as sorry as I am for it, I am pretty sure I passed on my fair skin, too.  So yes, we are beach girls who just have to make sure we re-apply the sunscreen all day long. :)
Whatever the case, girl looks good in gold.  I do think it is totally her color.
She clearly agrees, I just can't get over her poses these days!  In other gold news, we are loving this sequin headband almost as much as we are loving these fall leaves.
 I may have overstepped my over-the-top head accesory boundaries with this one.  But she is only young once, right?!!  There will come a time with this is totally not acceptable, like ever.  For example, when she is my age ... which I so wish was not the case. :)
We hope you are all having a fabulous week!  Thanks to Kelly, Megan & Lindsey for hosting this link-up, as always. 


  1. What a little precious!! I can't get enough of Waverly's outfits and adorable expressions!! So CUTE!

  2. I'm so sad that ON shirt isn't available anymore! I LOVE the gold polka dots!

  3. I love those shorts! And I love that she LOVES to be outside...her and Sadie would be baby bff's for sure! xoxo

  4. She is the cutest! And the gold, oh so adorable. I am a fan of that headband. It's perfect! I am into gold right now. I ordered a gold iphone case yesterday and today I went to Target and their dollar bins were full of gold goodies! I couldn't help myself!

  5. I've gotten into gold a lot more lately. I found an adorable gold polka dot shirt at Target that looks just like the one Waverly Maye is wearing that I bought for Maddy. I was uncertain about it but now that I've seen your post, I feel far more confident continuing with gold! I also love the feather head band. Where do you find all of her cute hair accessories?? So adorable!

  6. so adorable! I'm kind of loving the fact that gold seems to be making a come back in a big way!

  7. That first picture is so adorable!!! I'm still a fan of silver jewelry and such, but I love mustard/gold clothing!

  8. Oh she is the most stylish baby I have ever seen! I love her flapper headband!

  9. Gold is my new obsession and nobody wears it better than Waverly!

  10. Drew actually got daddy's skin too so spf 5,000 it is! :)

  11. Omg!!! Her style is out of this world cuuutteeee!!! Can I have her and one of everything she wears please;)

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