Being Brickner : November 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Week of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving EVE!
Just like we do with birthdays, we like to pay tribute to the holidays for an entire week!  There is just too much fun & excitement to narrow it down to one day. :)  So we have been celebrating this "Thanksgiving week" the best way we know how, by having lots of fall family fun, eating lots of food, & by dressing in the colors of the week!


My hubby & I both come from big families and we ALL live in VB.  So with each holiday comes a struggle to try to fit everything into a 24-hour time period.  We have so many special people to want to see & want to spend some time just the three of us, too.  We do the best we can & it typically always works out.  At the end of the day, we do always remember that this is a really good problem to have! :)

This past weekend, we had Thanksgiving round #1, dinner at my in-laws!

Waverly's Headband
 Waverly Maye was so excited to have time with her cousins.  She really does LOVE them & I love the fact that she has kids near her age to grow up with.  Until we have a baby #2 in the mix, it's the closest thing she has to a brother or sister.  And by watching her with them, I just know she is going to be the BEST big sis.  One day! :)
On Sunday, we hosted a "friendsgiving" at our house.  It really is the best tradition ever ... friends, food & (lots of) adult beverages.  Times may have changed by most of us now bringing our babies to these types of events, but it honestly has made it that much more fun!

Also because most of us now have sweet little babes, we went with a brunch this year.  With early bedtimes for both us & the kids, it just makes more sense!  Everyone brings something to share & we did a mimosa bar.  I also tried out these pumpkin parfaits I found on Pinterest.  They are healthy & easy to make, a total win in my book.  The loss was the fact that I forgot to set them out, but I have had one myself each day since.  So very perfect for this holiday week & would make a great Thanksgiving day breakfast!

Our Thanksgiving day plans include a cinnamon roll & fruit turkey breakfast followed by an early afternoon dinner at my parents.  I cannot WAIT for an entire day with nothing to do but be with family!  We are so very thankful for the people in our life & love this time of year to be able to celebrate just that!  And of course, I have to point out my excitement for BLACK FRIDAY ... which is totally a reason to celebrate, too.  My mom, sister & I go every year and I can think of no better kick-off for the holiday shopping season!

Waverly Maye, on the other hand, is so thankful for her first boyfriend.
Look at my little lady making the moves. :)  I think she may want to invite this cutie to our Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope everyone is having the BEST holiday week & that you have a fun & family-filled Thanksgiving! 
Eat lots of good food & then shop 'till you drop.  We definitely will. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sixteen Month Update

Happy Thanksgiving week & Happy 16 Months to Waverly Maye, the little lady we are MOST thankful for!
Stats:  21 lbs. & 19 inches.  Waverly is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, but the arms on shirts & legs on pants are almost always long on her.  We just roll them up and see the bright side, that means she can wear her clothes for longer! :)  Honestly, I really have found that buying clothes big is the way to go, we have worn 2T dresses as shirts & plan to wear them later for their real purpose!

Current Words & Other Milestones: It really does blow my mind how quickly Waverly is learning by the day & just how much she understands already. She really does have a wide vocabulary now but favorite words are hi, dada, Bogger (our dog) & la-la (for songs). This month we have learned to go down the slide all on our own, adorably dance by rocking our head side to side, & to identify our eyes, nose & mouth. Yet maybe most notably, we have learned to throw ourself down for a temper tantrum when things don't exactly go our way! Oh yes, Waverly is now REALLY good at that move & has even shown off in the middle of the mall. *Momma is now reading books & slowly learning how to take on this new phase of parenting! Possible post to come, I would love advice on this topic! :)

Teeth & Sleep: That little mouth is sprouting teeth by the day! Waverly now has 7 teeth completely out, but there are many more we can see up & coming. And the sleep situation started out rough this month (probably because of those teeth!) but is now back to normal. Thank goodness, looking back now it's hard to imagine all of those newborn sleepless nights!  I remember thinking that we would never get to the point that Waverly would lay down & sleep in her crib all on her own with no issue, but we are there!  And it feels good!  Mommas of little ones, it will happen!!!!!
Favorite Foods:  Pasta, turkey, goldfish & ice (does that count?!). 
Favorite Toys & Activities: Waverly Maye is obsessed with her babies & I just LOVE it! It is so incredibly cute, she will rock them, hold them tight, & even "shh" them! Between that & her love of shoes & putting on jewely for hours, I could just die. She also adores music & pretty much demands to hear her "la-la" all day long! Recent signature moves are her high-pitched screaming (in the cutest way!) and when she just lays down to take a little break. Although let's face it, never for long!!!
Least Favorite Activities:  Girlfriend still doesn't love to be still, but the good news is that she actually doesn't mind having her diaper changed now. :)  This is big since diaper changes have been on the list of least favorite activities since week one!  Waverly actually says "diaper" when she needs to be changed & will even walk over to the diaper bag to let me know.  It really amazes me everytime!  My husband it convinced that we should start potty training because of it, but I still think it's a little early?!
Extra Comments: My husband looked at me the other day and commented on how she really gets more fun every single day ... I think it was right around the time we were playing ring around the rosie, just the three of us! :) I couldn't agree more.  I am aware that I am on repeat, but being a mom is the hands down, absolute best thing that ever happened to me!  Watching Waverly grow is so rewarding & as special as those newborn days were, I am LOVING this stage!  Waverly amazes me everyday & I really find myself just literally sit there & watch her in awe.  Thank goodness I really didn't know how amazing this would be before, I might have 100 kids already!! 
Mommas of little ones, get ready!  It just keeps getting better & better!!!!!
Happy Tuesday, friends AND two days to Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday & Happy ONE WEEK until BLACK FRIDAY! 
Just think, exactly one week from today we will in the complete madness & hysteria of all that this "holiday" has to offer. To say I am excited is an understatement. :)
In the meantime, here are my five!

ONEPolka Dot Print.  As a true fashion lover, there are really few prints I discriminate against.  With that being said, there are some tried & true options that are my absolute favorites.  Polka dots are one of those & without a doubt, Waverly Maye can rock them like the best of them.
Really, is there anything cuter than a baby girl in this classic combo?!  This one-piece from BabyGap is sold out, but there are a couple of holiday options that I totally have my eye on (here & here).  Yes, both have polka dots AND holiday goodness all wrapped into one, which is clearly polka-dot perfection.
 TWO:  Target Paper Goods.  The Target dollar bins can suck me in any day of the year, but right now they are better than ever!  I picked up these labels & glitter tape this week & plan to use them with kraft paper to wrap all my presents. 
Now onto making that list & checking it twice!  I cannot believe Santa is about to make his debut!
Three:  We are definitely feeling the Christmas cheer over here, but are still embracing November & all things thankful.  We make goodies for our family & friends for each holiday, but there is obviously no better time than Thanksgiving.  After turning to Pinterest for some inspiration, I decided on a classic autumn mix this year.
I totally have a weakness for a sweet & salty mix, so we filled our own canisters with the extras!  Which made me so thankful & so not thankful for all of this festive food of the season at the same time.
FOUR:  This Thursday will be Waverly Maye's second official Thanksgiving, so I felt it was time for her very own thankful tree.  I can't help but love a tradition & feel like this is completely a worthwhile one!  Since Waverly isn't quite ready yet to do it on her own, I felt comfortable giving her a helping hand this year.  I'm sure she will "thank" me later. :)
FIVE:  I'm certain that if my hubby was to do his own tree, after his wife & child, his next branch would list Bud Light.  Apparently Waverly Maye has picked up on how very thankful he is.  My parents took her to Target this week while I was at work ... and said she ran to a huge beer displaying pointing & saying "dada".  Proud dad moment right there, honey! :)  We know what his drink of choice will be at Thanksgiving dinner!
I am grateful for this link-up & really do look forward to it each week!!  Thank you to Darci & the ladies for hosting it & thank YOU for reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Turkey Day Trends

We are officially in the single-digit countdown to Thanksgiving, NINE days to be exact! :) 
Waverly Maye & I are both so very excited to have a few days off to do nothing but be together, spend time with loved ones, eat & of course ... to dress in our best Thanksgiving threads!
I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons & one of those is definitely that it really is the perfect opportunity to rock your finest fall fashions.  We obviously love to dress-up, yet there is only so much we can get away with for a Tuesday afternoon at Target.  With a big occasion like Thanksgiving dinner, we can really pull out all the stops. :)
To get in the turkey trend mood, we have been practicing wearing our favorite neutrals, tights & boots.  I love an ensemble that incorporates whites, tans & browns, especially in the fall.  Neutral shades are so versatile, easy to accesorize & I love how sweet & innocent they look on my Waverly!
Here are some other looks we are loving for Thanksgiving day, both for mini & momma, too!
I really LOVE these looks & the fact that by dressing in neutrals, momma & mini coordinate perfectly for all of those special holiday pictures we will obviously be taking. :)  Also, finding the perfect headband to complete the look is super easy with classic looks like these!  We ordered Waverly's gold headband from Georgia & Jane for the fall and it could not be more perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!
While we obviously love fashion, we do realize that the most important part of November & Thanksgiving is to realize how thankful we are!  There is nothing more important than FAMILY, & now that I am a mom, I cherish that more than ever! 
Over the weekend, we were so grateful for (unseasonable!) warm weather.  We took advantage by spending some sweet family time and making memories with our #1 girl.
 I am SO very thankful for them both & cannot wait to celebate!  We hope that everyone had a great weekend & are as excited for the holiday as we are!  And a special thank you to Kelly, Megan & Lindsey for hosting this link-up, which I am also grateful for. :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

TGIF & Happy HALFWAY through November!
So excited to be linking up with Darci & the ladies for another edition on FIVE ON FRIDAY!

ONE:  Waverly Maye is obviously my #1 obsession, but there are lots of other things I just cannot get enough of!  Three of those would incude (1) shoes, (2) leopard, & (3) matching my mini.  This week, I combined ALL three!

I have had my leopard loafers (similar here) for a while & love to pair just about anything with them.  We got Waverly's this fall & as usual, BabyGap did not disapoint.  I forsee many more future outfits with these little gems!  And as for my mini, I am so proud to report that she shares my love of shoes!  "Soos" are one of her go-to words & she really can be entertained by playing with them.  Oh, she warms my heart! :)
TWO:  What about a little leopard hat to match those loafers?! 

Since it is now freezing in VB, hats have become a must & this one is TOO cute!  I am also loving that Waverly Maye now understands "cheese" and will smile immediately when hearing it!
THREEThanksgiving Festiveness.  I am (MORE than) excited for the Christmas season, but I am still trying to embrace all that sweet November has to offer!  Our mantle is officially "Thanksgiving-friendly", Waverly's bookshelf is fully stocked for November & we have been eating in theme, of course!
 Don't get me wrong,  we have already purchased a few red & green PJs, a Santa sippy, & the Christmas decor has been taken out ... but I just don't want to forget about Thanksgiving!  It needs love too! :) 
FOUR:  Speaking of Thanksgiving, last week I shared how thankful I was for Waverly Maye.  This week, it's all about the hubby.
We had a rare night out last week for a friend's wedding & as always, it was so fun to be able to get out & spend some alone time!  I love him so & am so thankful for him!!!!  I love this little life we have created together & I am forever grateful that he is my hubby & best friend. :)
FIVE: Christmas Card Pictures.  Told you I was already had visions of the holiday dancing in my head!  This weekend we are taking our family pictures and I CANNOT WAIT!  I obviously love any excuse for a picture & there is no better reason that Christmas!  I ordered Waverly Maye this plaid headband for the pictures & just LOVE how festive & very on trend it is! :)
We hope that everyone has a perfect weekend!  Enjoy these November moments, before we know it will officially be the hustle & bustle of the holiday season.  SO VERY exciting, I cannot wait!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

12 to 15 Month Favorites

We had Waverly Maye's official 15 month doctor's appointment last week.  Like I'm sure most mommas feel, I have a total love-hate relationship with going to the pediatrician.  I really do look forward to getting recent "stats" on Waverly & to hearing how she is progressing compared to other babies her age.   And the part I hate?!  Those damn shots, I really do wish I could get them for her.

.Waverly's stats were really similar to what they always have been, super low on the spectrum for height & right about average for weight (10th percentile for height & 60th for weight).  Her head?  In the 70th percentile, girlfriend has a big brain in there. :)

We really do have the best pediatrician, she ALWAYS tells us that Waverly Maye is basically a  perfect child & we are the best parents ever.  Many of our friends go there so we are certain she tells everyone that, but it still does feel pretty amazing every single time.  I should probably get it on a recording to replay during those 15 month tantrums Waverly has been so sweetly showing off lately. :)

My sweet girl really was a rock star for those FOUR shots she had to get & as usual, dealt with them way better than I did.  As soon as the nurse left the room, Waverly immediately quit her crying, sat straight up & put her headband on.  She grabbed her shoes as she put out her feet & said "soos" to let me know to put them on ASAP.  She then proceeded to prance right out of the office shouting "bye" & not looking back.  
Someone knew that she was clearly over this afternoon date.  Have I mentioned I love this girl?! 

As a mom of a certified, legit TODDLER now ... there are some other things I am loving at the moment!  Just as Waverly Maye is constantly growing & changing, so are her needs.  Here are some of our current product favorites, items we truly couldn't live without!

1:  Snack Catcher with Click Lock:  We have been using snack catchers since Waverly's first birthday & have always loved them, but recently had to upgrade to this one with a click lock.  Turns out 15 month olds are SO much more clever than 12 month olds, imagine that?!!  Clever little Waverly Maye figured out how to take the lid off the original one & before my backseat turned into a official goldfish pool, these were a necessity.
2:  Ergo Carrier:  While I always knew I wanted a baby carrier, I never thought I would still be using them with a toddler!  Yet honestly, we are using our Ergo now more than ever!  Waverly's first place of choice when we are out is running around on her own, but when that isn't working (you know, when she is pulling down each & every product down from the Target aisles), this is magical.  I now get why it was the highest rated, it is still super comfortable even with a toddler & she loves it, too.
3:  Toes Ears and Nose Book:  We love board books & read them each night, but the ones with the bright pictures & flaps are by far Waverly's favorite.  This one is cute, fun & educational. :)
4:  KidKraft White Vintage Kitchen:  My parents got this for Waverly's first birthday and we LOVE IT!  Waverly loves to open & close the cabinets and hide all of her favorite dolls in it.  And I love that it can grow with her & that it looks absolutely adorable in the playroom.  Best.Gift.Ever.
5:  Wub-Nub Pacifier:  YES, we are still addicted to the wub-nub over here.  It is totally Waverly's "thing", so I couldn't do a true favorites list without it.  I really am nervous for the time we have to take it away, but my pediatrician said she could have it until age 2.  It will probably take until then to mentally prepare myself for that moment! 
6:  Boon Snack Carrier:  It might be ridiculous that 2 of my 6 faves are devoted to snacks, but let's face it, having food can save a total meltdown any day of the week.  For momma & mini.  Love this one for bringing a variety of options & also love the way it looks!  Boon is one of our preferred baby brands!

Am I allowed to say that this is my favorite age so far?!!  We definitely have our challenges, but I really love life with this little PERSON, who certainly developed her own little personality.  She makes everyday so fun, unpredictable & without a doubt, EXCITING. :)
Our life has definitely turned into a "Waverly world", & we are (happily) living in it. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: What Waverly Wore

It is definitely FALL now in VB, there is no mistaking it.  Just like the leaves, the temperatures have fallen & so rather than complain about the cold we have waited for, we are embracing it!

Waverly Maye really is an outdoor girl.  When she was really little, I used to take her outside to calm her down when nothing else worked.  Now that she is older, nothing has changed.  She LOVES being outside & will stand at the door and say "side" until I layer us both up to go out.

So that is exactly what we have been doing lately!  I love an infiniti scarf, & this oxblood one is from the kids section.  Even though it's a little big, it really is perfect to keep Waverly Maye all bundled up.  And these leggings from Babies'R'Us, there really are no words.   I clearly have an obsession with gold (see post here), so I just know we will get lots of use out of these all season long.

Besides being beach girls, me & my mini have been playing in the leaves! 
How so very FALL of us. :)

I usually am not much a pink girl & like to dress Waverly Maye in less traditional colors, but this ensemble was definitely an exception. 

Corduroy pants are perfect for fall, & although we had to roll them up for my little lady, they were ideal to keep her warm & comfortable!  And the plaid shirt & vest, LOVE both and cannot wait to pair them with other outfits in the months to come.  That vest really can be put over any outfit & we may do just that. :)

We really are having the best time taking advantage of the fall season!  I have to admit that between the two of us, my husband has always been more of the nature lover & I definitely think he was the one who passed that down to Waverly Maye.  But just like everything else she has taught me the last 15 months, she has shown me to love the outdoors, too.  I cannot get enough.

Of her or spending time outside.  I think it's mostly her though.
We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend & that you guys are enjoying the weather your way!  The countdown is on friends, Thanksgiving & Black Friday are DAYS away!
And as always, a thank you to Kelly, Megan & Lindsey for hosting this link-up.