Being Brickner : Trick or Treat TTT: Waverly's Weekend Wear

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat TTT: Waverly's Weekend Wear

We went three for three this weekend.  And by that, I am referring to an entire weekend of kid-friendly, Halloween themed events.  And for one more clarification, the "we" refers to only Waverly Maye & I.  While my husband is a good sport, we both felt it was best for his sanity to only attend one "boo-palooza" on Saturday. 
Which I completely understand.  Maybe if it was a BOOZE-palooza, it would have been a little more male-friendly for 3 days in a row!!

We kicked off the weekend with a Halloween party at Waverly's kid gym.  It was so much fun & pretty much the definition of what Halloween with kids should look like.  Waverly Maye wore her costume but because I can't help myself to keep it a surprise for the big day, I'm going to wait for Thursday. :)

On Saturday, we took this cutie kitty to the Boo Zoo.
Our local zoo was set up with kids games, candy, & lots of Halloween decor.  Waverly was in awe of ALL she had to look at, and I was in awe of the sight of her in that adorable trench coat.  Really, is there anything cuter than a toddler in a trench coat?!  We originally bought it at H&M for her to wear last year, but her little arms couldn't fit into it.  So even though it's sized at 6 months, it's perfect for this fall/winter.  You can find at similar one at Gap in toddler sizes here, if your child isn't a sweet little shortie like mine. :)  

And like we have many times before, we paired the trench coat with one of our faves, leopard!  Both the hat & pants are from Gap & we can't wait to wear them all season long. 

As if we hadn't had enough, Sunday brought us one final holiday-weekend celebration & outfit!  This time, Waverly rocked some bright orange in honor of Halloween.
I can't say enough good things about freshly picked moccasins.  They are expensive, but totally worth the money since they are so easy to get on & stay on, are comfy, & incredibly cute.  We have a few pairs, but the orange ones (appropriately called pumpkin!) have been so festive for the month of October.
Gap Hat, Not Available Online
And for a few family shots, I am LOVING this hat I found at Target (in stores).  It's the ideal color for fall & even more importantly, perfect for those days you don't have time to wash your hair!  #momlife 

Other than the fun fall fashion, it was so much fun to celebrate all weekend long with Waverly.  She is at SUCH a fun age right now & I just can't get enough of her sweet little self.  We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We are super excited to share pictures of Waverly's costume later this week & to see what all of your little ones are wearing.
  Happy Halloween Week!
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  1. her leggings and matching hat! I can't wait until Austin is old enough to walk (and enjoy these activities!)

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    Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

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