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Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends. 
And if it gets any better than a Friday, which is obviously really hard to do, happy LESS THAN ONE WEEK until Halloween.  We are getting pretty holiday happy over here. :)
Linking up with Natasha, Darci & the ladies, here are my five!
ONEDaddies & Daughters.  I mean, does it get any cuter than a dad & his daughter?!  I cherish my relationship with Waverly Maye & just know we will be BFs forever, but I can't help but get all sappy over my hubby & his girl.

Those two (& the dog) are just too adorable for my ever-emotional mommy heart.  Waverly LOVES her daddy to the moon, without a doubt, & I just know she is going to be as close to him as I am to my own dad.
Because I don't want to be left out, I just have to have a moment for me & my mini, too.  I clearly can't do badass things like ride a skateboad with her like he can, but oh I love her so!
TWOSoup & Pumpkin Carving Night.  Last weekend, we hosted a Halloween-themed dinner for friends.  We made the yummiest chicken & vegetable soup and halloween cupcakes for dessert.  And of course, we served adult beverages in the most festive of ways. 
THREEHalloween Pasta.  Speaking of festive foods, I picked up a couple packages of this halloween-shaped pasta last month at TJ Maxx, and have had the best time making it for Waverly Maye this week.  I totally get that she sees no difference in this pasta & her normal dinners, but it's the thought that counts, right?!  I also came across pumpkin-shaped tortilla chips & skeleton-shaped cheese puffs at Bed, Bath & Beyond and am so excited to add some fun into snack time next week!
FOURRadio Flyer Wagon.  My mother-in-law passed down this wagon to us, and it is just the most fun!  Waverly loves her wagon rides, almost as much as she loves pushing the wagon herself.

I plan to use this for our first official trick-or-treating adventure next week & obviously for lots of family walks this fall.  It has enough room to even bring the 1.2 million essentials we need for traveling with a toddler AND to fit more than one child ... one day. :)
FIVE:  It's a weekend full of Halloween festivities for us, including a kids costume party tonight at our kids gym, a day at the "boo" zoo tomorrow, & delivering some special holiday treats for friends & family. 
Here is to the holidays!
We hope that everyone has a festive, FUN, & safe weekend!  I am getting so excited to see Waverly Maye in her costume, and to see what all of your little ones will be wearing, too!  Am I the only one who has been working on my daughter's costume since August but haven't yet put one thought into what I will be wearing? 
Just checking.


  1. baby on a skateboard=presh. Love that idea for the booze at your party, if we were having a get together I would def copy you! Happy weekend:)

  2. Loving all of the pictures of you all! Daddy and daughter moments are the best :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. I love that BOOze pumpkin! I love this time of year too! My daughter's costume was purchased in July! You can tell we are teachers!

  4. Cutest family ever!!!! I can't get over the first few pics...SO precious!

  5. your daughter is gorgeous! I love the pumpkin with the booze word on there. so cute!

  6. I'm putting a wagon on BG's birthday list...what a fun alternative to a stroller! Love the booze pumpkin too.

  7. Squealing over her little shoes! Oh my goodness! Visiting from the Five on Friday linkup! :)

  8. I'm so excited about my little guy's costume! Can't wait to see what Waverly is wearing! Have a great weekend!

  9. 1. how precious are your pictures?! love the skateboarding ones. what precious memories.
    2. your boots rock. i love them!!!
    3. looooove the "BOOze" - Ha! brilliant!!!

    happy friday, lovely!

  10. Those pictures of your baby and husband!? Oh my gosh, to die for! you can just see how much she loves her daddy! You look beautiful PS! i love your hair! happy friday!

  11. The daddy daughter pictures are melting my heart!!! So sweet!!!

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! I love how excited you are about the Halloween snacks, pumpkin chips and skeleton cheese puffs?? I want some for myself!

  13. Thanks for stopping by the Cushy Life! Newest follower :) Your sweet girl is adorable and I love the "Boo"ze pumpkin. So clever :)

  14. GAH! Love the little family pics. Super cute.
    I have a "Here for the Boos" wine glass that I painted just for the holidays :)

    Found you through the 5 link up...

  15. Such precious pictures! Y'all are so adorable.