Five on Friday

Linking up to share five fabulous facts/finds in the world of Waverly Maye & family. 🙂
ONE – I definitely have a little free spirit, bohemian vibe in my overall sense of style.  Which means that at least for now, Waverly does, too.
Nothing says bohemian quite like a good feather, right?!  And this headband full of them, I can’t get enough!  I realize that it is a little crazy & over the top, but my little lady manages to pull it off.  I think the “feeling of the feathers” made her feel closer to nature, she was seriously rolling in the grass & having the best time ever.


TWO – She may be a total outdoor girl, but rest assured, Waverly Maye is a little lady.  Over the past week, she has taken a sudden interest in her baby dolls.  She holds them, rubs their backs, kisses their foreheads, strolls them …. and my heart MELTS.  Between that & her continued obsession with putting on necklaces herself, I might just burst from excitement over being blessed with this little girl.

THREE – Thanks to a past Five on Friday, I decided to set up Waverly her own personal email this week. There are SO many things that I want to share with her one day, especially now that she is getting older & her personality is evolving more & more.  I don’t want to forget a thing, and while I obviously have the blog for her to look back on, her own email just feels so much more personal.  Besides, I really have enough to say about her that I could probably post a page a day, but I don’t want to come off as completely obsessed.
FOUR – Other than snapping photos & living in a Waverly world this week, I actually have gone to work!  I really do think I have some of the best students I have ever had this year, and they have made my time away from my girl so much easier to handle.  I even got the cutest package from one of my senior’s parents this year, with a “good luck this year” card. 
As a high school teacher going on 9 years, this was a first. 
Note to self:  Send Waverly Maye’s high school teachers something, even small, they will so appreciate it!
FIVE – This weekend will be a GIRLS weekend.  My husband is going out of town to see a friend & pick up some materials for a house project (post to come).  We will miss him & family time, but are super excited for GIRL fun!  Maybe dolls & necklaces will be the mix?!
Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. September 20, 2013 / 6:13 pm

    Miss Waverly laying in the grass melts my heart!!! And I'm right there with you…SO excited about the newfound love for dolls and necklaces! Let the girly fun begin! 🙂

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