We are coming off the first official FULL weekend of Fall and I have to say, we have completely embraced it!  The weather has finally decided to cooperate & cool down, which means that our we can rock our favorite fall fashions & not look like complete crazies.  Thank goodness, Waverly Maye & I both were over pretending like to was chilly enough to wear our the fall clothes we bought months ago.

No, my obsession with Waverly Maye in necklaces has not come to an end.  I can’t help but reach for them with so many of Waverly’s outfits.  Yet in my defense, she really does love them, too.  Seriously, the days she doesn’t have one on, she tries to take mine and put them over her head. Oh, how I love this girl! 🙂
Another of my fave fall looks for Waverly Maye?  Knee-high socks … which actually just look like thick tights on my short little lady. #goodthingscomeinsmallpackages
One of Waverly’s recent favorite pastimes is to lay completely flat on the ground.  She seriously does it over, over & over again – while laughing pretty much uncontrollably everytime. 

She has been doing it for days now, most often when we are outside.  My little nature lover.  She must be soaking in all of this beautiful weather we have been having lately.  Along with her showing off her cute shoes & socks, of course.

Other than snapping cute photos of Waverly Maye in her fall fashions, other activities from our weekend include a bridal shower, family dinner & a trip to see the sand castles at the local festival in VB.  Yet the highlight of our weekend was definitely welcoming the newest member to our family!  On Friday, Waverly Maye got a new cousin & we got a nephew! 

Peaking into the nursery, Waverly was so mesmerized by her cousin.  It was precious.  The following day, they had their first official face-to-face meeting. 

Waverly took one little look at her handsome new BFF-to-be, and then looked back at her daddy to let him know she was a little more than unsure about this whole thing.  Tell me that face doesn’t say … who the hell is this?!!

Good thing this one didn’t come home to our house, Waverly Maye clearly isn’t ready for a little brother or sister just yet.
We know that these two sweet cousins are going to be very close & are so excited for Waverly to have someone so close in age to grow up with.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & are as excited as we are the it is officially OCTOBER tomorrow!  Let the Halloween hoopla begin!

YAY for Friday!
It is officially my fourth link-up with Darci, Natasha & the rest of the ladies for Five on Friday.  As always, I am so thankful for the opportunity.  I am loving all the ideas I have found & the chance to share what’s going on in our world. 🙂
ONE –   We officially have the pictures from Waverly Maye’s one year photos and I am so very much in love.  They are just adorable & show off her spunky personality perfectly.  Of course, I couldn’t resist an opportunity for a family photo.
 This is SO our life, Waverly Maye on the move & us (her very proud parents) gazing from behind.  At least most of the time.  Other moments we can be found desperately chasing after this wild woman!
Thanks again to Nicole at N.A. Barrett Photography, I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the pictures soon!
TWO – Our fourteen-month old.  Waverly Maye hit the big milestone yesterday & I’m convinced she has grown & matured since I shared her 14-month post 24 hours ago.  This age officially rocks & I am so very much loving literally watching her soak in the world around her.  This week she has learned to perform spins on command, slide down the jungle gym slide on her own, AND knows where her nose is. 
Certified genius. 🙂
 THREEJeans.  I have a major love affair with denim & one of my favorite parts of fall is the return of jeans.  Although I’m certain I would love them regardless, part of my obsession probably lies in the fact that I can’t wear them to school (you want what you can’t have … ).  Whatever the case, today is an especially amazing Friday because for once, we are allowed to wear jeans!  I am totally taking advantage & am so super excited that I decided to wear denim head to toe.
I am normally more of a skinny jean kind of girl, but the wide-legs that are everywhere this fall have taken me in. 🙂
FOUR – Other than jeans, my other fashion obsession is definitely shoes.  I am embarassed to admit how many shoes I have, it’s really an issue.  Yet the bigger problem is definitely Waverly Maye’s shoe collection, which actually probably doubles my own.  So although they are small (which makes them OH so cute!), we are currently in the process of finding a good way of storing all of Waverly’s fabulous footwear. 
*And when I say we, I am definitely referring to my mom & me, my husband definitely wouldn’t support this craziness.
Our current idea is this rolling cart from Ikea, it doesn’t hurt that it is super cute & can totally be used for other purposes.  Any thoughts or other ideas for shoe storage?   
FIVE – On a way more serious note, I was contacted last week about a partnership with Campus Book Rentals.  Although I am now an old mature 30 year-old & am definitely no longer in the market for college textbooks, I looked into their program (never too early to plan for Waverly’s college education, perhaps some of that money spent on shoes could be saved for that?!!).  As a new mom, what stood out to me was that with each book that is rented, Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is the largest volunteer-based charity in the world, providing free surgeries to those children born with a cleft pallette.  Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft, and 1 in 10 of those children die before their first birthday.  It’s reminders like these that make me hold Waverly Maye a little bit tighter & realize how lucky I am to have this healthy, thriving one-year old little girl.
*Check out rentback.com for more on Campus Book Rentals & their great new program!
Happy Weekend!

Stats:  Since we haven’t had an appointment this month, we are guessing 22 lbs. & 28 inches. 
Currrent Words & Other Milestones:  Dada is definitely the most used word of the moment (momma is a little bit jealous!), along with momma, bye-bye, mine, Bogger (our dog, which she calls every dog!), and a new words … hi, ice, no & uh-oh!  Other milestones include climbing up anything & everything and shrieking out of pure excitement.  This girl has NO fear and will dunk her head in water, run so fast it makes me nervous, and can climb up an entire set of stairs at the jungle gym.  She is officially a wild woman, and I have a feeling there is no turning back! 🙂


Teeth & Sleep:  We are at four teeth!  They are oh so cute & we can see two more on the way.  Her sleep is still about the same, sleeping from 7:30 PM to about 7 AM the following morning.  We are down to one solid nap a day, which varies between mid-morning and afternoon.

Favorite Foods:  Pasta, pasta & MORE pasta.  Just like momma, her preference is definitely carbs & she really likes to snack just about all day long.  Other favorites are ice, goldfish, muffins, strawberries, & turkey or chicken.  I have nothing to compare it to, but this baby girl can eat.  The first day we brought her to daycare, her sitter thought we had packed her food for the entire week.  She ate it all that day!  I don’t know where she puts it, I’m pretty sure she eats her weight in food each day.  She must get it from her dad, and I am super jealous.
Favorite Toys & Activities:  Waverly Maye still loves being outside, water, her teepee, wub-nubs, & anything that moves.  Recently, she has become more interested in books & puzzles, which I LOVE!  As previously posted, she loves her dolls & playing with momma’s jewelry.  Yet honestly, are favorite thing to do is to run around endlessly or to open & close our cabinets … both which we didn’t have to buy anything at all for.  As long as she is moving, she is happy.  (Seriously, when I take her to her My Gym with all other babies her age, she is the ONLY one who completely refuses to sit in the swing and instead wants to push the other babies in their swings.  She is also the only one who already taps her feet in her own signature dance.  The girl does not lack for energy or personality.) 
Least Favorite Activities:  Waverly Maye still hates anything that involves being still, which
includes being changed, getting dressed & sitting in the car seat.  And little lady is starting to develop a little sass when something doesn’t go her way, which I honestly think is super cute, for now at least.
Extra Comments:  This month has had definite highs & definite lows.  Leaving Waverly Maye each morning after three months of 24-7 mommy time turned out to be quite the challenge, for her & for me (post to come).  Yet with adjustments aside, this month has brought some of our best moments yet.  Waverly has the brightest, most infectious personality and we can cannot get enough!  She is definitely on the move, but in between her laps around the house, has become so incredibly affectionate and it MELTS my heart.  Her kisses & hugs (which come throughout each day) are really the best feeling & I love this wild child with all of my heartAnd then some.

I went back & forth about doing a breastfeeding post.  Something about anything with “breast” in the title was a little too much for me.  Then I remembered how I lost all sense of modesty during my entire pregnancy, labor, and the breastfeeding process itself.  That realization, & the fact that I hope this can be helpful to another momma or mom-to-be sealed the deal for me.  And of course, it will be a helpful reference for future Brickner babies … someday. 🙂
I am a total Type- A, over-planner kind of person.  Waverly’s nursery was complete months in advance of her July birthday, our bags were packed & hanging in the hallway for weeks in advance, & I drove around with an empty car seat for well over a month.  We took an 8-week birth class & read endless books & blogs to the point that I pretty much have a medical degree in child birth.  In fact, I may just forgo the whole hospital thing with my next child and do it all on my own.

What I didn’t prepare for, mentally or physically, was breastfeeding.  I had every intention of feeding my girl exclusively.  Yet for whatever reason, I never thought it would be an isssue.  I just figured that that she would come out, latch right on, and we would never turn back.  I was SO wrong.
Despite lots of help from lactation consultants, it took a couple of days for either one of us to even come close to figuring this whole breastfeeding thing out.  The “holds” were foreign to me, the parts to that weird-looking pump were anything but easy to identify, and to put it mildly, I was in pain.  Like even more than child birth pain.  Pair that with the fact that I had no idea how long this whole thing took (or about engorgement!) … and there was more than one moment that I almost completely gave up. 
You know, in a mad dash to the grocery store for a bottle for formula for Waverly & a bottle of wine for me.

There were MANY moments of frustration when I didn’t think we would ever make it through. Just like they say, when you think you have it all figured out, things change.  They did, ALL of the time! There were nights that I thought she wasn’t eating enough to find out, I was overfeeding her. After returning to work, my supply went down & I was convinced we wouldn’t even make it to half of my goal of an entire year.  We pretty much went day to day on my supply for the entire time I was back to work, and it was something I was always thinking & worrying about.

Long story short, the good news is that we made it through.  I am so proud that Waverly Maye never drank formula & exclusively had my milk until she was 11 months old.  Our breastfeeding dates went from moments I dreaded to time that I really cherished with her.  There really is nothing more of a bonding experience or feeling of accomplishment than being your child’s one & only source of nourishment.

With that being said … I am fully aware that for some moms & babes, it just doesn’t work out.  That may even be the case for me & a future Brickner baby.  But I couldn’t be happier that this time, for me & my Waverly, it did!  It’s something we will always have & I really do cherish it, and love this little girl beyond words.
 On a side note, as happy as I am that our experience was a positive one, I was almost as happy to pack that god-awful pump FAR away. Really far.  That is one piece of baby gear I can certainly do without.
PS – Back to Trendy Tot Tuesday next week!  Since this little lady is FOURTEEN MONTHS this week, I wanted to document my story before I forgot about it. 🙂 

The original plan for this weekend was for all 3 members of our little family to go to visit friends in Marion, VA.  We figured it would be the perfect opportunity for a memorable mini-family vacay, complete with festive fall scenery & activities.  Yet let’s be honest, driving 14 hours in less than 3 days with a one-year old would most likely have been a memory we wanted to forget.  My sweet girl can hardly take sitting still long enough to drive to the grocery store.  

So when it actually came down to it, we went with Plan B.  The hubby went alone & it was a girls weekend for me & Waverly Maye.


I would have obviously been thrilled if Waverly had been a boy or a girl.  But if I’m honest, having my mini-me is all I could have ever hoped for & I still find myself not believing I got this lucky.  The older Waverly gets, the more I appreciate the mother/daughter relationship that is developing more by the day.  And I might enjoy dressing her.  Just a little bit.

We kicked off our girls weekend with an ice cream date.  Miss Independent has learned to feed herself & that is the only way she will have it these days.
On Saturday, we headed back to the beach. 
The weather has cooled down & the tourists have left, so I planned a beach picnic for me & my girl. I spent Waverly’s nap time perfectly packing food for both of us, envisioning the sweet lunch on the beach we would have together.  Total mom fail.  Sand, food & this toddler don’t mix well together.  After the third time Waverly took a bite out of her sand-covered strawberries, we ditched that plan too & played (played, & played some more!).  Then we threw away the food & met friends for lunch at a restaurant instead.
Side Note!  As a mom, my Type-A personality is learning how to suck it up & realize that life with a toddler never goes has planned.  That may have been Plan C, but it turned out to be so much fun. 🙂

 We had the best time, made sweet mommy & little memories & of course, were super excited to see daddy come home on Sunday.
PS – Waverly Maye is lucky to have another special lady in her life, her “glamma.”  The relationship between Waverly Maye & my mom is too cute, & they both really do adore each other.  I am positive that most of my desire for my own daughter was because of the close relationship I have with mom.  She may not look like a grandma, but she is a damn good one.
 PPS – Happy FALL!  It’s officially here! 
Enjoy your week, friends.