Being Brickner : Trendy Tot Tuesday: Polka Dot Perfection

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Polka Dot Perfection

I love to rock a print, and without a doubt, one of my favorite prints is polka dots.  There is just something so fun, playful, and youthful about them.  I just can't get enough.

Old Navy Sunglasses
Clearly, neither can Waverly Maye.  Her closet is full of polka dots ... polka dot shirts, dresses, sunglasses, bathing suits, you name it.  We certainly don't leave anything out.  Here are some of our favorite polka dot picks of the moment. 
1:  Mixed Print Pleated Top; 2:  Printed Flutter-Sleeve Dress; 3:  Polka Dot Pleated Dress; 4:  Printed Bubble Rompers; 5:  Polka Dot Blouse; 6:  T-Shirt Dress

 I can't be the only one to love a polka dot print, because there were about 100 more options I could have chosen.  Online, in the store, and Waverly's closet, of course.


Old Navy Romper

H&M Dress

Hope you ladies are having a wonderful week!  Thanks to Kelly, Megan, and Lindsey for the weekly link-up.

PS - Anyone else on royal baby watch?!  We LOVE Kate & her pregnant polka dots. :)


  1. I love polka dots!!! Mya has the chambray romper too, and it's seriously the cutest thing ever!

  2. We love polka dots too! It's a good thing because it seems like that's all Autumn has in her closet! I'm on total Kate baby-bump watch! lol.

  3. I love polka dots, too! Love her outfit in the first picture!

  4. I love polka dots also and #3 dress is my fav. So cute! I am also on bump watch of Kate.

  5. polka dots are the best! and her little converse are so cute

  6. What a doll! She rocks those converse and dresses. And love the dots!