Thank you for sweet birthday wishes for our ONE-YEAR old baby girl. 
We have been in recovery mode since Sunday morning, all exhausted with a birthday hangover … and not the kind that result from too many free shots at the bar.  Whatever the case, it was worth it, & Waverly Maye is now one!  She rocked it out all weekend long, just as I knew this party girl would.
Since Waverly’s actual birthday was a Friday & her party wasn’t until Saturday, it worked out so we could have an entire weekend of festiveness. 
(Waverly & I planned that out last year when deciding the day she would arrive, obviously.)
  On Waverly’s birthday eve, we started the tradition of covering her floor with balloons so that she would see them first thing in the morning.  I saw the tradition on Pinterest months ago and knew I had to start it with Waverly Maye this year. 
And of course, Friday morning my hubby & I busted into her room singing Happy Birthday.  In between that & a floor full of balloons, Waverly was clearly confused & was convinced we had both lost our minds.
For Waverly’s birthday breakfast, she had her first DONUTS.  A totally big moment, since her daddy loves them dearly & she definitely takes after me with her sweet tooth.  And of course, she was dressed in her first “You Are My Sunshine” themed outfit of the weekend. #LOVEATHEME

After some last-minute party preparations, a birthday lunch, & an afternoon at the kids gym, we had family over for Waverly Maye’s first birthday celebration … you know, the party before the party.  We went with a pizza picnic theme, since our new house is still a work in progress and there is no seating at the moment.  It didn’t matter, as long as the birthday girl was there.  And she definitely was, in all her glory.  My girl loves some attention, and we like to give it to her.

Of course, my sweet-tooth sweetie was more than happy to indulge in her first of two cake smashes of the weekend.  She appreciated the audience she had while covering herself in cake and clapping every time we did.  I’m pretty sure she is now going to be less than impressed when it’s only mommy & daddy sitting near the high chair this week.
What I was most excited about was my personal gift to her, a birthday knife, which was the second of two traditions I planned to start with Waverly Maye on her birthday. 

 The box is now even complete with icing from her first birthday cake.  The poem reads:
“Here’s a gift for your birthday
Something for you to usec
In a very special way.
This knife shall be a tradition
Year after year.
For cutting your birthday cake
Until you wedding day is here.
Many memories will be made
From now until then.
And with your groom
Let new ones begin.
This heirloom will bring
Through all the years much joy
A gift it will then become
To your little girl or boy.
Thank you to Trish at Pink Preppy Lover for sharing this sweet tradition on her blog, I can’t wait to use it year after year & just know Waverly Maye will truly appreciate it one day.
 The entire day was so special, memorable, & best of all, spent with the happiest little birthday girl.  Thank you to our family for loving Waverly Maye just as much as we do, she is one lucky one-year old.  More to come on Waverly’s You Are My Sunshine party! 🙂

Since I now have a ONE YEAR OLD, here is Waverly Maye’s 12 month update!  
Thank you for sweet wishes, birthday & party details to come. 🙂

Weight:  19 Pounds
Height:  27 Inches
Milestones:  The biggest milestone of the month is that Waverly can stand … on her own!  It started slowly but surely and now happens throughout the day.  She is so proud of herself and it is too cute.  Even though I was convinced she would be walking by now, she technically isn’t.  YET.  She is more than capable and has taken a few steps here & there, but like always, she isn’t going to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  She’s not ready yet, but it will definitely happen any day now.  Waverly also waves hello & bye-bye on the regular now, while saying it, too.  And of course, her favorite words of choice are momma & dadda.  Which we LOVE.  At the moment, she can say it as much as she wants to.
Sleep:  For the most part, Waverly’s sleep situation is still pretty positive.  Which is pretty remarkable, considering she has been in an entirely new environment this month.  At night, she sleeps from about 8 PM – 8 AM.  Our new nap schedule has definitely been affected by the move, although her first 10 AM nap is still pretty consistent.  The afternoon nap is hit or miss.  Some days it can be an hour, and others she skips it entirely.  I can’t complain, the girl parties so hard when she is awake, she is a pretty good sleeper.
Eating:  It seems that Waverly takes after her dad when it comes to eating, and is as picky as they come.  Although she loves to eat, it is pretty unpredictable as to what she likes and doesn’t like.  The only no-fail food, all of the time, is waffles.  She still likes most macaroni, turkey, & cheese but fruits & veggies are still a struggle.  We definitely know when she doesn’t like something, or when she is full, because the dogs totally luck out.  As far as breastfeeding, we are done!  It is definitely bittersweet, because I loved the time with precious time with her, but I am MORE than happy to store away that pump.  Post on my breastfeeding experience to come.
Favorite Moments:  Waverly’s last month of her first year has been a chaotic one, since we are in between houses and living out of a suitcase.  But through it all, we have had some special mommy & daughter time and have grown closer than ever.  We have had many walks, days at the pool, lunch & dinner dates, and time at the park.  Her personality comes through more each day and she is SO fun, animated, and full of life.  Once again, each month gets better & better.  She makes each day better than the last and I can’t wait to see what is next!
Worst Moments:  Since my hubby has been living in our new house getting it ready for our arrival, we haven’t had much family time this month.  Although I always have thought highly of them, my respect for single moms & families who have to live without dad for a while is at an all-time high.  Life without daddy is hard, both emotionally & physically.   
Extra Comments:  Just as everyone said, Waverly has changed by the day over the past year.  You don’t realize it as it is happening, but looking back, no week was the same as the next.  Being able to look back on these updates is so rewarding to me, and I hope Waverly will appreciate them one day, too.  Although I have gone back & forth on it, I have decided to continue doing them.  The content may change a little, and the picture layout DEFINITELY will be different. (Total new mom fail, did I really think she was going to look up & sit still at eleven months old?  I’m pretty sure I was sweating at the last photo session).  So stay tuned. PS – I have promised my husband I will stop the monthly updates by the time she hits middle school.  Although I think a photo of Waverly Maye in front of her locker would be precious. 🙂  



It’s official.  Waverly Maye is a one-year old TODAY. 
Happiest birthday to this beautiful, crazy little lady.

Photo Credit; N.A. Barrett Photography
 Waverly Maye,
It has now been one year since you made your (fashionably late) debut and changed our lives forever.  I remember the day so well.  After carrying you in my belly for nine months and some odd days, I was SO ready to meet you.  Though I was hesitant to share you with others after having you all to myself, I had waited to become a mom my entire life.  And I knew that the second you came into this world, it would be official.  What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would immediately love you.  That night, you stole my heart and will forever have it.
Along with a few others.  The nurses said that one little baby had never had such an entourage.  You are loved, baby girl.
The weeks following your birth were crazy, tough, & definitely emotional.  Your daddy & I had a lot to learn with this whole parenting thing and honestly, I don’t think either of us were prepared for how much life was really about to change.  The 365 days since your birth have been some of the most challenging of my life.  And also, without a doubt, the BEST.
I wake up each morning with a giddy feeling that I get to spend more time with you.  Watching you smile, explore, and experience all aspects of life for the first time is too rewarding for words.  You, Waverly Maye, are so happy & full of life.  You are smart, kind, full of personality, and beautiful inside & out. You continuously amaze me and I am so proud (and still in disbelief) to call you my daughter.  You have become my sidekick, the person I want to spend all day everyday with, and my entire world.
Thank you for teaching me about life & about myself.  As you have grown this year, so have I, and that is because of you.  We have experienced so much together & you have given my life new meaning and excitement.  You have made me realize what really matters.  You, Waverly Maye, are so important to me and ALWAYS will be.  I would do anything for you, and remember that you will be forever be my baby.  The one who made me a mommy.
As we say good-bye to your first year, I can’t wait to see what is next.  You have such big things ahead, I just know it, and I am so lucky to be your biggest fan every step of the way.  I love you to the moon and back, baby girl.  And a little bit more than that.
Your Momma


*In addition to celebrating Waverly Maye today, my hubby & I also celebrate one year of parenthood.  I saw this quote when Waverly was about six months old, loved it, and still completely agree.  It seems appropriate for today.

“The hardest part about being a mom: the heaviness of it all.  Life was much lighter when I didn’t have to worry about another person so intimately.  The best part:  the heaviness of it all.  Life is so much better knowing that I get to have the most intimate of connections that humans are capable of having.”



Happy Birthday Eve to this almost one-year old!
I love the idea of celebrating as much as possible, so without a doubt, a big event like Waverly’s birthday will be no different.  In between getting settled into our new house, this week has been full of preparing for Waverly’s party & enjoying some sweet moments with our toddler-to-be. 
It’s pretty fitting that Waverly’s actual birthday has been extended past one day, since her birth was much in the same.  Throughout the entire month of July, I was convinced she would make her debut at any moment.  I was wrong, and made it to the full 40 weeks of pregnancy.
My doctor decided to go ahead with an induction scheduled for July 24th.   I was convinced that our daughter would arrive on this day, but she clearly had different plans.  In total, it was 48 hours after we checked into the hospital that we finally met Waverly Maye.
Clearly, she was more than worth it.  And furthermore, it was a total indication of her determined personality to come.
More on her birth story here.
Tomorrow, for her actual birthday, it will be a mommy & mini day and dinner with family.  And Saturday will be all about partying with our sweet sunshine.  I am super excited to celebrate my sweet girl and our first year as parents.  It has been – without a doubt – the best year of our lives & we can’t wait for all that is to come.  With her, every day gets better & better.
 Happy Birthday Eve, Waverly Maye.
And happy almost weekend, friends.

We love color.  Although green is most likely our fave (redhead thing), we always like to keep our options open and avoid wearing the same look each day.  Yesterday, it was all about the purple.  Royal purple, that is.
My friends & family know that I have been on official royal baby watch lately.  I can’t help but love Kate, her fairytale story, and best of all, her fashion. So if I’m honest, once her pregnancy was announced, the thought for Waverly & I to make our way to London for the due date crossed my mind.  A couple of times.
But since that obviously wasn’t going to happen, the next best thing had to do.  And that was wearing purple in honor of the heir-to-be once Kate’s labor was announced this morning.

Well, that & a little festive afternoon tea & a couple of candids with the Duke & Duchess.
Yes, the official souvenir cup & flag both belong to me.  Thank you to my sweet sister-in-law for the gift at my bridal shower a couple of years ago.  It totally came in handy.
Especially when my hubby came home to this craziness this afternoon.  Poor thing married a crazy little lady! 🙂
Happy Trendy Tot Tuesday, Happy One Day Old to the Prince, & (most importantly!), Happy Almost Birthday to Waverly Maye.  Three more days until you are ONE!!!!
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