Being Brickner : Trendy Tot Tuesday: Waverly's Weekend Wear

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Waverly's Weekend Wear


For this week's Trendy Tot Tuesday, I thought it was only fitting to join my mini-me.  Not only did we have a fabulous mother & daugher weekend together (which is really every weekend), but we are also in a single-digit countdown to summer vacay.
Which in other words, means fabulous mother & daughter time ALL.THE.TIME.  Everyday.
I am slightly dying over the excitement. 

On Saturday, we followed a morning of cleaning, packing & the grocery store (we are clearly party animals), with a cookout at my sister & brother in-laws. 

My Forever 21 Dress No Longer Available
Waverly's Shorts
 Currently, I am addicted to anything with studs.  Even though my own closet has been full of them for a while now, it's only been recently that Waverly Maye's has been taken over, too.  I'm not sure that there is anything cuter than seeing my sweet girl in a feminine outfit with some rocker edge (shoes).  It kind of matches her personality.

On Sunday, we spent the morning at our weekly My Gym class & the afternoon at a friends baby shower. 
Side Note:  Again, party animals.

My Forever 21 Jumpsuit No Longer Available
Waverly's Dress
Because we hadn't had enough, Waverly rocked a few more studs on her sweet denim dress.  And we had to pair that dress with some gladiator sandals.  Obviously.

There is no hiding from us, Waverly Maye.  We know just how much of a trendy tot you are!

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  1. I love everything about the last outfit! Those shoes kill so so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is so cute, and so stylish! And she knows it too, haha! Where are both pairs of shoes from?!

    1. You know, I think we have one about an hour away, and I always forget to look online there too! But, now I will! Thanks girl! :o)

  3. She looks so cute in those gladiator sandals!

  4. She is such a DOLL! I love her head bands, especially the one in the first outfit! You look amazing too, mama :)

    Yay for summer and more mother daughter time!

  5. Love her jean dress and how she is posing! And, I love that F21 jumpsuit! Cute!

  6. Really, you two have such great style!

  7. LOVE her headband in the second outfit! precious!

  8. oh, that last picture is the best!! Love har little outfits and blingy sandals!

  9. Love the headband! so adorable

  10. Love those headbands, too cute!

  11. So glad you said hi over on my blog! You have such a gorgeous family, and I'm excited to follow along with you too. :)

  12. New follower!! My little man's birthday is 7-31, so I'm in all out planning mode too in the midst of selling out house. Your little girl is adorable! Excited to follow along since our baby's are the same age!!