Being Brickner : Celebrations to Come

Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrations to Come

My favorite kinds of festive events are ones that celebrate someone other than myself.  I was definitely that kid who lived for Christmas & my birthday (for the presents and spotlight, obviously).  Yet as I have gotten older, I have definitely grown to appreciate days dedicated to others.  In reality, I lose endless hours planning details & perfecting plans for some special people in my life.  And it's totally worth it.

These days, my Type-A (over) obssesive brain is in overdrive since I'm getting ready to celebate my two FAVORITE people in the world.  Even though my hubby had a baby on the way last June, this Sunday will mark his first official Father's Day.  I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Waverly Maye & I have been busy and definitely have a few tricks up our (always fashionable) sleeves.  Yet since it's possibly my hubby may read my blog sometime this week (although that's a total maybe), let's just say that he will have the day that he deserves - complete with a yummy breakfast, a couple sentimental suprises, and of course, lots of beer.

 And speaking of Waverly (as I often do!), our baby girl's first birthday is getting closer & closer.  In fact, today's date will make it exactly 47 days away.  Make no mistake, in between our everyday lives, holiday hoopla, and packing our entire house for a move at the end of the month ... I am in TOTAL planning mode.  I have pretty much transformed what is left of the decor in our house into a yellow, pink & orange hysteria - complete with frames, banners, food containers, & naturally, a sun-shaped pinata.  And (who doesn't?), I successfully staged Waverly Maye for a save-the-date on our street.

You may also expect that Waverly has two themed-party outfits & some festive headbands on the way for the occasion.  That sweet hubby I was mentioning?  He doesn't quite understand my need for a couple months of planning for a one-year old's birthday.  Thank goodness he is rolling with it, because I, on the other hand, think it's entirely appropriate. :)

A special thank you to Shapes on A String, Truly Sanctuary, Sleepytime 4, & Sadie Sky Boutique for already working with me on goodies for Waverly's You Are My Sunshine theme.  More details to come in the official party post!


  1. so cute! love the save the dates! my husband totally doesn't get the whole party-planning either. must be a guy thing!

  2. Can't wait to see what themes/colors/festivities you have planned for her first birthday! Ledoux's is August 10th, so I might have to steal a couple ideas for inspiration :)

  3. That save the date is the cutest!!!

  4. Waverly is so precious! I just love how much of a little fashionista she is :) And love the save the date! Excited to see what you plan for her first birthday. I'm already planning Charlotte's... Men just don't understand what a huge deal it is!