It is official.  All this packing has been done for a reason because we are certified, legit home-owners.  After pretty much signing over our entire lives & killing at least one tree in the process, they gave us the keys & everything.
Although I truly felt that at any point, those big-time important people were going to ask us to leave and go back to Math class.  It is really unbelievable that we are old enough for all of this.

 We are obviously over the moon about this new chapter of our lives, but can’t help but feel a little emotional.  We moved into our current house six years ago as recent college grads who had little more on the agenda than riding our bikes to the bars & laying out all day at the beach. 

 It’s safe to say that life has changed.  And it’s all happened in this townhouse.  We got engaged here, married here, and of course, made a baby here.  Nine months later, it was this house that we brought her home to.

All of Waverly Maye’s firsts have been in this house, the house that she has helped us make a home.  Without a doubt, the hardest part of walking out the door on Sunday will be fact that she doesn’t know anything different.  The nursery we spent months perfecting and that she has slept in for the duration of her life will be taken apart.  We will have to say good-bye to our beloved swings at the neighborhood park & to our friends on our street that she waves to each night.  Somehow, we will leave the yard that I have played “momarazzi” in daily for the last year.
But with bittersweet endings come beginnings, and I can’t think of a better one than this.  Our new house is in a neighborhood with lots of kids, an elementary school & a park down the street.  While we have lots of work to do, that is just what we were looking for. And best of all, it is twice the size of our current house.  There is more than enough room for Waverly to play in, to make lots of memories in, and to store her ever-expanding wardrobe in.  And to someday, have brothers or sisters in. 🙂
Happy weekend, friends. 
PS – Thanks for so much love on our anniversary & Waverly’s 11 month birthday.  It’s been a big week and it has been that much more special with lots of support. XO 

Age:  Eleven Months

Weight:  18 Pounds & 5 Ounces

Height:  26 Inches

Milestones:  I am convinced that all parents feel this way, but my little lady is a certified rock star.  She has changed so much in the past month that it literally blows my mind & I swear we have a genius on our hands.  Waverly can wave bye-bye (although she actually does it towards herself) and does it ALL the time, wherever we are & to whoever walks by.  She also now picks up the phone – or really, any object she can get her hands on – puts it to her ear and talks on it.  It is seriously adorable, but at the same time, a sign that either we talk on the phone too much or we have a little socialite-to-be.  Probably both.  Just like last month, she continues to pull herself up but now she can walk with either her radio flyer or toy walker we got her.  Again, adorable & amazing.  We are pretty much obsessed with her and think she is the smartest 11 month-old there ever was.  Obviously. 🙂

Sleep:  Great news to report on the sleep situation!  Waverly Maye is still sleeping like a baby each & every night, from about 8 PM – 7:30 AM.  Since I got out of school last week, my goal to get her on a nap routine is well on its way.  After researching online (thank god for google & baby blogs), I decided on a 10:30 morning nap and a 3:00 afternoon nap.  I am seriously shocked at how well it worked.  This no-napping ninja has taken two hour & a half naps for three days in a row.  The whole “sleep begets sleep” thing really must be true, imagine that.  *Of course now that I have stated our success publicly, I am certain the whole entire thing will go to hell tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

Eating:  Waverly Maye’s eating regimen looks pretty similar to last month’s … mainly mac & cheese, grilled cheese, and cheese quesadillas.  Sense a theme?  Anything with cheese is at the top of her list and I can’t say that I blame her.  We also still start off most mornings with waffles & have snacks of yogurt, cheerios, & LOTS of fruit during the day.  This lady still does not like her veggies, any way I make them, so it looks like I will have to start getting creative in that arena.  Isn’t there a book on that?  I think I need to look into it.

Favorite Moments:  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say it.  This month is the best YET again.  Waverly is such a little person now & she makes me everyone around her unbelievably happy.  It is amazing how one little lady can bring so much joy.  Our most memorable moment from this month was probably Waverly’s first official vacation.  Traveling to Nashville with our trendy tot in tow was so much fun & I can’t wait for many more memorable moments to come.

Worst Moments:  None, nada, nothing.  Waverly is past her “teething” & sleep issues and we are one happy little family. 

Extra Comments:  My baby girl is one month from being one.  ONE – one whole year!  I would be lying if I said that I won’t feel a little sentimental on her big day, but overall, I will be full of joy.  I don’t know how I could feel anything but that when at look at this healthy, smart, beautiful girl who is progressing by the day.  I never thought I could love anyone like I love her, and catch myself staring in awe at MY baby girl.  And I definitely think the best is yet to come.  (Well, until she takes after me and plans a party at our house her freshman year of high school.  But why think about that now?)

Today marks our second wedding anniversary.  It’s been two years since I made my high school sweetheart my husband in a backyard, vintage-inspired garden wedding. 
 During our 18 months of planning (which was when I actually started blogging), I could definitely picture what our wedding day would be like.  Thanks to lots of support from so many special people in our lives, it was nothing short of perfect.  Our dream came to reality & that day, we became an official, legit couple.
Since I’m feeling nostalgic, our highlight video is here.

 Today, 24 months later, we are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl & are set to close on our first home at the end of the week.  THIS life we have created is beyond anything I could have imagined.  Though I always feel thankful, it’s days like today that really make me realize how far we have come.  Honestly, I still wonder if we really are old enough to do all of this.
And then I remember that I will be turning 30 next month, but no need to focus on that today.

Thank you to the man who makes us dinner most nights of the week (can’t believe I am admitting that), drives to pick up my wallet, keys, or cell phone in the random places I leave it (again, not my proudest moment), and let’s face it, the man who wraps gifts & cleans much better than me.  He deals with my need to celebrate events for weeks at a time & to take pictures most days of my life. 

And of course, to the man who is the most amazing dad ever, just as I knew he would be.  It makes me love him even more.  I can’t believe I get to keep him, as we continue to create this lovely little life. 🙂




We live in Virginia Beach & currently, at the beach.  To clarify, we obviously don’t snuggle up on the sand each night or take baths in the ocean (although that doesn’t really sound half bad).  But we live close enough to the oceanfront that it’s a short walk away.  So we take advantage of it.  Often.

This Friday, if all goes as planned, we will be closing on our first house.  A house that we are SUPER excited about, but that is a twenty minute drive from our current one.  In the fear I will completely kill the deal, I am going to wait to completely proclaim our joy for this move & count the reasons why this new house is perfect for us.  But in the meantime, we are savoring our last moments as official, within-walking-distance beach residents.
We spent most of our weekend at the oceanfront, soaking in the sun, splashing in the waves, & of course, chasing after our crazy girl.  Who we have quickly learned shares our love for the beach.

Lucky for me, I was able to work one of our summertime to-dos into our beach-themed weekend.  As I expected, Waverly Maye was more than happy to partake in a trip to our beach Farmers Market.  Any place with people, food, & an opportunity for the spotlight is a happy place for her.

 Though my non-VB friends think it’s weird that we ride bikes out here, it’s normal for us.  Since we are so close to the oceanfront, we ride our beach cruisers everywhere.  It’s completely convenient to go out, have a couple drinks, & make your way back home (which can sometimes be extremely entertaining.)  Though those nights are few & far between lately, we took our last beach weekend as an opportunity for a bike-riding date night.

It had been two years since I had been on a bike, seeing that I couldn’t master it while pregnant & this past year I have been a little busy.  Needless to say, the maxi skirt seen above is now in two pieces.  It was caught in the spoke of the bike on the way home.  I have since mourned its loss & determined a date night with my handsome hubby was much needed and well worth it.
And will obviously be at TJ Maxx soon to find its replacement.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Confession:  I have an obsession with making lists.  I am one of those typical Type-A, OCD people who have about ten of them going at one time.  And I really get pleasure from checking off items I have completed.
That is typical, right?
Now that my summer season has started, it’s time to make it official with a list of the festive fun to be had. Yea, I’m also one of “those people” who have to over plan lots of themed-out, family activities.  I just can’t get enough.  Since we live at the beach, it’s a given that we will be spending some major time in the surf & sand.  It’s safe to say that we have already been a time or two, and that we have one little beach babe on our hands. 

Side Note:  The need for this redhead to be covered in sunscreen is at the top of one of my to-do lists.  She gets it from her mama.  🙂
On to the list of all the rest of the excitement to come.  Half of our last summer was spent overly pregnant & the other half was spent inside with a newborn, so we are ready to take in the moments of this one with our growing girl.  Sweet summertime, gotta love it.
1 – Attend a baseball game.
2 – Make smores.
3 – Go on a family picnic.
4 – Indulge in homemade popsicles.
5 – Attend a farmer’s market.
6 – Go to the zoo.
7 – Go to the aquarium.
8 – Make homemade pizza.
Others not included were givens (not doing them would be like not having a Christmas tree) … fireworks on the fourth, lots of water time, sipping some festive adult beverages & celebrating all three of our birthdays this July & August.  Seriously, just writing this post is making me feel all summery inside.  That & (one more) sight of our beach baby.

Happy summer, friends!  Enjoy & take advantage of these special moments.