Being Brickner : A Memorable Mom Day

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Memorable Mom Day

Happy Mother's Day ... to new moms, expectant moms, & to those moms who have been celebrating for a while (as you should.)  And of course, to MY mom.  The woman who has shown me how to be a mom & who I only hope I can live up to one day.  I now understand her unconditional love for me, and the reason why she has always been the person I can count on.  For anything.
Like when she called the dean of Radford University because I couldn't stand my roommate or pulled me back into the hair salon when I hated my prom hair but was too scared to tell my stylist.  Or when she paid for multiple personal trainers because I couldn't figure out the back-handspring I needed to make the cheerleading team.  And obviously, when she calmed me down during my 48-hour labor & when Waverly Maye wouldn't sleep for during her third month.  The list goes on ... 

  I can only hope that Waverly Maye & I have the same close relationship one day.  That one day, she will look up to me, count on me, and love to the same extent that I love my mom.

My first moments as a mom this year have been nothing short of amazing.  I love being a mom.  Every part of it.  And obviously need nothing more than Waverly Maye to celebrate my first official day.

Happy Mother's Day.  


  1. Beautiful..and yes, your mama is a wonderful lady.

  2. You are stunning and so is your mama! Your love for Waverly Maye shows through all of your photos and she's lucky to have you as her mama :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo