Update:  My cousin is getting married in Nashville this weekend, which means that Waverly Maye will be embarking on her first official vacation & flight.  We are getting our cowboy boots & hats ready and this beach babe is heading west.

Naturally, I am in total (over)planning mode.  My bags during my Pre-Waverly days came close to exceeding airline weight limits, so it’s safe to say that we will be packing a few items for our 3-day excursion.  Honestly, if possible, I would prefer to charter a plane and would be able to fill it entirely with items just for Waverly.    

Since we will be sharing the flight with several other passengers, I have done my best to create a list & effectively plan to attempt to appear as a prepared, have-it-all-together kind of momma.  That will most likely work until the moment that Waverly has a blowout in her peach ruffled Gap dress & fabulous headband I had altered just for the occasion.
Yep, that’s right.  I said it & it actually did happen.  I went to a tailor to have big girl headbands shortened to a little girls size.  And it was totally worth it. 
Lucky for me, Waverly still is pretty adorable without any clothes on at all.  And quite honestly, is happiest that way (even though I hate to admit it!).
Yea, we have been wearing our cowboy hat in the bath.  Just to get FULLY prepared for Nashville.
And if packing for this 3-day trip wasn’t enough to throw me for a loop (#OCD), our house has also been turned upside down with boxes.  Boxes & tape.  Everywhere.  Because (fingers crossed!), our offer has been accepted on a house and we are set to close at the end of June.  We are completely over the moon, stressed & anxious … all at the same time.  But above all, we know that things will work out as they were meant to.  And that wherever we go, this little lady is coming with us.
Because of all of this “moving” talk going on lately, Waverly Maye decided that it was the perfect week to officially learn to say bye-bye.
Bye-bye for now.  Enjoy your weekend!



Before having Waverly Maye, I really had no reason to document much about our weekends.  It wasn’t that we didn’t do anything worthwhile before.  It’s just that now each & every weekend is more special.  Because of her, we take advantage of every moment that we have together, and each of those moments is incredibly memorable.  And I don’t ever want to forget any of them.

We started off the weekend like we do most weekends – at the mall.  Waverly loves to watch the crowds of people & (obviously) to touch all of the clothes.  Now, many of the sales associates even know her name.
Not my proudest statement & a clear indication that I shop too much.

On Saturday, we took this beach babe down to the oceanfront.  It was a little cold for Memorial Day weekend, but someone didn’t care.  

My mini-fashionista definitely has a little tomboy in her, too.  My mom said I played with dolls.  Waverly Maye covers herself plays with sand.  Lots of sand.And just like everything else these days, she loves sand so much that she would prefer it in her mouth.  We decided this was our cue to go. 

It’s so much easier to wake up on Sunday morning without the fear thought of work the following day, don’t you think?  Waverly Maye clearly wasn’t concerned either way & was more focused with her Puffs.

I have been looking forward to taking Waverly to the Stawberry Festival in our area since she was in my belly.  It is one of those events that is perfect for families, but really isn’t socially acceptable until you have one.  Lucky for me, I have a cute little one who was more than happy to take part in this year’s excitement.

That night, our families came over to celebrate the holiday weekend with a patriotic cookout.  We indulged in good food, drinks & games.  I love a festive cookout, especially when it coincides with the start of summer!

We were in such a celebatory mood that we decided to let Waverly Maye practice for her cake smash next month.  I don’t think we will have any issues.
On Monday, I got to play SAHM and obviously loved every second.  We happily headed back to the beach.

And once again, Waverly took the opportunity to cover herself (& eat) the sand.  Other than the obvious need to hose this little lady down after our excursion, the only fail of the day was my own lack of packing.  I’ve decided that in order to be fully prepared for the beach with a baby, you really need a U-Haul.  I guess I will looking into that shortly.
Finally, because twice in two days just wasn’t enough, we headed back down to the oceanfront one final time.
 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend & took time to think of our Vets and the reason we celebrate Memorial Day.  And that you are like me and LOVING the fact that we are already halfway to another weekend.  Happy Wednesday, friends. 🙂

I love Waverly Maye in anything & everything, but there are some extra special days that I just cannot get enough of her attire.  Days that I take over a million pictures of her & can’t stop staring at her perfect little being. (Or is that everyday?!!)
Last week, we had one of those days.  Even Waverly was jumping for joy over her fashion.

I’m not sure it was the scarf, the harem pants, the turban or the sandals.  I’m thinking it was the combination of all of the above. And obviously above all else, the cute little lady in it.

Scarf, Pants, Shoes
DVF Headband No Longer Available

I have always loved the color turqouise, especially during the spring & summer months.  It looks good on everyone, is bright & fun, and always makes a statement.  And lucky for Waverly & I, it is perfect for a redhead.

1:  Strappy Sandals, 2:  Harem Pant, 3:  Romper, 4:  Floral Jacket, 5:  DVF Shirtdress, 6:  Basic Jumpsuit, 7:  Colorblock Cardigan

I kind of die over the DVF dress.  It is crazy cute.  And I may just actually die over the fact that my 10-month old is going to wear Diane Von Furstenberg before I ever get the chance.  They do say you want to give your kids everything you don’t have. 🙂

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Age:  Ten Months

Height:  26 Inches

Weight:  18 Pounds

Milestones:  We are in a whole new world over here these days.  Waverly Maye is a wild woman – and getting stronger, quicker, and more mobile everyday.  She can pull herself up without even blinking an eye, and then can manuever herself from one spot to the next.  If my mom intuitions are right, she will definitely be walking before her first birthday.  And we are in trouble – this little lady is a crazy one.  She says momma & dadda all the time, and has said bye-bye a couple of times, too.  She LOVES to imitate us and it is the cutest thing ever.  And the biggest milestone of the month is definitely her teeth!  She currently has three. 🙂

Sleep:  As always, I am nervous to state this … but Waverly Maye is sleeping better than ever.  And therefore, so are we.  She has been going down without an issue each night around 8 and sleeping until about 6 the next morning.  It has been pure bliss, for everyone involved.  Naps are a different situation.  This baby girl fights naps on a daily basis – she doesn’t want to miss a thing!  It’s hard for me to get her on a good nap schedule while working & with different sitters during the week.  And obviously, when I get home, I don’t want her to sleep!  But the countdown is on for summer & my number one goal is to get her on a
good routine.

Eating:  We got the green light for legit, big people food this month and we totally took it.  We started off by trying pastina, steamed broccoli, mac & cheese, waffles, ravioli and lots of fruits.  Her favorites are definitely waffles and mac & cheese.  I am pretty sure she would eat them all day, everyday if we would let her, and then lick the bowl.  I am also proud to still be breastfeeding, although definitely not as much.  We are down to a small feeding in the morning & at night, but I feel so lucky to have that special time with my girl, even if it is just twice a day.  My goal is still one year – almost there!

Favorite Moments:  Waverly Maye’s spunky, crazy personality definitely keeps us on our toes, but is so much fun.  She is seriously the happiest baby ever (I am biased), and everyday with her is completely entertaining.  Highlights of our week are anytime spent outdoors, Sunday mornings at Little Gym, meal & and bath time.  Um … I guess that is all day, everyday?!!  She is the best. 🙂

Worst Moments:  I always want to be honest on this blog, the good, the bad & the ugly … so even though I would rather not admit our worst moment, I will.  This one was definitely ugly.  Waverly got a hold of my curling iron over the weekend.  My hot curling iron.  I looked away for a millisecond and she had grabbed the handle and dropped the rod on her sweet little arm.  She only cried for a couple of minutes & has been happy as ever since, but I have obviously never felt worse.  Waverly’s first injury would be with a hair appliance.  I have had about a 100 of those, but I was hoping Waverly Maye would at least be exempt until she hit high school.  TOTAL crash of the month.

Extra Comments:  My hubby & I looked at each other last night, as Waverly was shrieking, clapping, and racing across the living room floor (all at once) … and simply proclaimed our fear of the future.  In a good way.  Without a doubt, Waverly Maye is going to ensure that our lives are never going to be boring.  She is so animated, the life of the party, and as outgoing as they come.  We couldn’t love her more. 

As Waverly Maye gets more hyper-active everyday, life continues to change & so does our need for new products.  These days, I am convinced our entire house looks like a daycare.  We are constantly striving to keep our curious cutie entertained, and even our favorite finds are only effective for about ten minutes.  So thanks to glamma, amazon, & some of my favorite blogs … we have assembled quite the collection of items in an attempt to satisfy “Wild Waverly.” 🙂

1:  Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper – We got this because it was the #1 rated toy of 2012.  I can see why.  Even I am thouroughly entertained by this adorable elephant and the balls that pop out left & right.  Playing with it may even rival an episode of the Real Housewives. 🙂
2:  Fun Balls – Speaking of balls … these bright, colorful adorable balls are a total score.  Over the weekend, we covered a baby pool with them & that kept her busy for an entire 15 minutes.  Day to day, Waverly loves to hold one in each hand and to (obviously) suck on them.  Her favorites are the pink.  A total girl.
3:  Beaba Stackable Formula & Snack Container –  We love Beaba products and this one is no exception.  This is perfect for bringing a variety of snacks without them ending up in a crumbled mess all over the diaper bag. 
4:  Baby Mum-Mum Biscuits – Waverly is now bored with Puffs and has moved on to these.  One pack of Mum-Mums does its job in holding her over during meal times while I am making her food – a complete neccesity since those moments can bring some major anxiety.  Plus this “three-teeth tot” gets a big kick out of biting down on these.
5:  Neat Solutions Table Toppers – We have the Tiny Diner placemat which does the exact same thing, but lately I prefer the disposable version.  They are smalll enough to pack in your diaper bag, which eliminates the need for you to carry another item in addition to the 20 rhat you already are.  While carrying the baby. 
6:  Skip Hop Sprout Whale Cover – Even though we have about 400 bath toys, Waverly would rather just play with the faucet & drain in the bath tub.  For safety reasons, this is a must.  And it’s pretty cute.
In addition to these products, I could certainly include Waverly’s other favorites … any & all of our baskets full of household items, the vacuam cleaner, VCR, & of course, the dog.  Let’s face it, she would rather be occupied with any of those than the child-friendly toys we purchased for her.  
Such is life, one day she won’t be so fond of cleaning items.
We have also done lots of research for our new food regimen & obvious need for baby-proofing.  Posts to come, right after Waverly’s 10 MONTH Post this Sunday.  Yep, this little lady is less than a week from being in the double digits.

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the holiday weekend. 🙂