It’s Tuesday and time to talk fashion.  As always, thanks to Kelly, Megan, and Lindsey for hosting this weekly link-up.
 I have officially started a countdown until summer break. 
It’s 33 days, including exams.  Just in case you were wondering.
With the conclusion to this school year in sight, thoughts of entire days with Waverly Maye at the beach, pool, zoo, & little gym are really all I can think about.  An entire 10 weeks as a SAHM?  This is totally why I became a teacher.  (And to change the lives of our youth, on a daily basis.  Obviously.)

Yet until then, I am going to continue living for the weekends.  And using them to soak in every last moment with my sweet baby girl.

1:  Onsie, ShoesSimilar (Hat& Overalls No Longer Available); 2:  Leggings & Shoes (Onsie & Hat from a Daily Deal on Zulily), 3:  Top, Jeans, Shoes, Hat – No Longer Available, (Scarf from H&M, Not Online)

1:  Friday Fashion:  We are LOVING this weather and want to take FULL advantage of it.  We kicked off the weekend with a walk in the neighborhood and this little lady couldn’t have enjoyed it more.  Neither could her parents …
Yep.  That’s Bud Light with ice cubes.  Our beer was warm and so sometimes … you gotta do what you gotta do.  Cheers to the weekend. 

2:  Sick Saturday:  Since becoming a mom, I have quickly realized that there is nothing worse than a sick baby.  It is gut-wrenching.  And this past Saturday, we had just that.  Friday night Waverly woke up with a fever, a runny nose, and not herself at all.  Even mommy cuddles & a bath couldn’t help.  We decided to take her to the doctor and thank goodness we did – our sweet girl had a double ear-infection, one in each ear.  Poor baby.  At least we found the issue and even the first dose of medicine made her significantly better.  After a good long nap & some of her favorite foods, Waverly Maye got some good much-needed sunshine.
3: Stylish Sunday:  Waverly was ready for some action on Sunday.  She was feeling SO much better, which made me feel so much better, too.  (And I was extra happy since I got to use the excuse of her sickness to bring her in bed with us all night long.)  Breakfast at Panera & some retail therapy was just what we needed. 
Only four more days until another weekend.  And did I mention I only had 33 days left until summer break?  Just had to remind myself one more time. 🙂

Age: Nine Months

Height:  25 1/2 Inches

Weight:  17 lbs. 8 oz.

Milestones:  This little lady is changing by the day.  She is officially a mobile, interactive, and super curious baby girl – and definitely nothing like that newborn that we brought home nine months ago.  She can pull herself up and does just that on just about anything that she can get those little hands on.  Waverly is more vocal everyday and can now say both momma & dadda.  She will continuously repeat both, and at this point, our hearts still melt every time.  One of the cutest milestones so far?  Waverly now claps her hands when we clap ours.  It is so fun to watch her imitate and clearly understand what is going on around her.

Sleep:  Our sleep situation is still unpredictable.  We have had some nights of pure bliss (uninterrupted sleep), and others when she was literally up every hour.  On the hour.  Naps are another area that we could certainly use work on.  Since Waverly goes to quite a few different places each week, it is really hard to get her on a solid schedule.  We are so lucky to have family that can watch her everyday, but I am really looking forward to being off this summer and getting her on a routine. 

Eating:  This girl LOVES to eat.  We have no problems getting her on a good meal schedule, and if anything, I’m pretty sure she would like to eat just about all day long (wouldn’t we all?!).  Current favorites are the Gerber yogurts, Yogurt Melts, Puffs, Cinnamon Maple Wheels, and Mum-Mums.  Sense a theme?  She is a total sweets girl, just like her momma.  We are SUPER excited to start table food this month and see just what else those little taste buds crave. 

Favorite Moments:  I have said it before and I’ll say it again … each month gets better & better.  Waverly now clearly has her own personality and it is SO much fun to watch it develop more by the day.  Her sweet laughs are contagious and I just can’t help but be my happiest when I am around her (duh?!)  Some of her favorite things right now are being outside, playing with my IPhone, Ipad or any other technology, her Wub-Nub, and getting her hands on anything & everything.  A highlight of our week remains our Sunday morning class at our kids gym – Waverly lights up when the music comes on & just loves being around other kids.

Worst Moments:  I have been convinced about ten different times that Waverly Maye is teething.  It is seriously the joke of the house (that every time Waverly is less than 100% happy she has a tooth trying to poke through).  The only low moments of this month have been when she was “teething” for a few days.  All the signs where there and she was totally unlike herself, but it is now a couple of weeks later and she is back to normal and all toothless.

Extra Comments:  This has been such a big month for Waverly Maye.  We are having so much fun with her, and seriously can’t stop talk about how wonderful she is.  Each month, we always say that it feels like the BEST age ever.  This one really does feel like it.  That is, until next month …

I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning.  Even though I obviously don’t view it as a favorite past-time, I LOVE a clean, clutter-free house.  Have you seen hoarders?  I am the total, complete opposite.  To a fault.  I recently tried to throw away store my husband’s box of childhood memories. 
Total wife fail, I know.
I have certainly had to adjust my Type-A, obsessive need for clean since finding out we were pregnant.  No matter how much organizing I did while in nesting mode, there was no helping the extravagant amount of baby gear that was going to overtake our home. And now that we have a mobile, curious nine-month old … keeping our house clean is pretty much a joke.  Some days, it seriously looks like a daycare.  It honestly gets me a nervous wreck, but I am slowly learning to just go with it.  Looking at the little face that is behind all of this obviously helps.

Shirt, Mint Jeans, Hat & Shoes (No Longer Available)

Each year, I take the “spring-cleaning” statement literally.  This year’s focus has been a little different than years past.  A few months ago, my husband & I decided it was time to buy our first home.  He had been pushing the issue since I first got pregnant, but my mind wasn’t in it.  Now looking back, he was totally right (even though I hate to admit that.)  As soon as Waverly Maye was born, finding a home for her to grow up in immediately became a top priority.

 So we have determined our price range, been approved, and found a realtor.  That was the easy part.  Since then, we have been looking for houses.  ALL the time.  We have probably walked into 25 houses already, and something tells me we will probably walk into 25 more.  I am trying to be patient (not my best asset) and remember that the home will happen.  Eventually.  In the meantime, when not house hunting, my spring-cleaning has consisted of organizing our stuff and getting it ready for when that house does come along.  Bins, boxes, baskets, canisters, and buckets have become my best friend.  And someone else’s, too.

And on a final note, we may just need to look into a U-Haul for Waverly Maye’s ever-expanding accessory collection.  We have picked up a few bows, hats, and headbands over the past nine months.

Hats are organized in her closet with a chain and clothespins. 🙂
 It’s safe to say that my husband thinks that I have gone crazy.  And that if we don’t have another girl in the future, we are going to have a son rocking some really pretty bows.

It’s Tuesday and time to link up with Kelly, Megan, and Lindsey. 🙂 
Black & White is one of the hottest color combinations for this spring.  Take it from me – as a Fashion Marketing teacher, I completely feel that I owe it to my students to spend any of my spare moments poring over fashion blogs & magazines.  Even though these days I don’t have as much extra time as I once did … I still have done my best to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.  For mommy and baby, of course.

1:  Striped Leggings, 2:  Scalloped Eyelet Dress, 3: Three Quarter Length Coat, 4:  Black & White One-Piece, 5:  Bow Bubble One-Piece, 6:  Striped Dress

Whether on its own or paired together, these two colors are classics and I LOVE a classic (more use, obviously!).  While brights are normally my go-to for spring, black & white provides a welcome change.  And with so many options out there right now, it is super easy for me to match with my little munchkin (yay!), and to add pops of color, too.


Dress by MudPie, Leggings from Carters, Shoes from Baby Gap (No Longer Available.)

Outit from H&M, Shoes from Amazon, and Headband from Etsy.

My husband and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary this June.  I loved planning our wedding, almost as much as I love the fact that it was at my Great Aunt’s house.  Her home is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and other than the obvious perfect backdrop that it created for our day, having it there was really special.
 I could seriously write pages about our wedding (which is why I started my blog during our 18-month engagement), but because I know I won’t be able to keep it short, I won’t even go there.
However, full details can be found here
Since it is only twenty-minutes from our house, we are able to visit and see where our little family first began. We had our engagement photos there, endless planning dates, and of course, our rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.  I feel lucky to now take our daughter there.  It’s crazy how much life has changed in just under two years. 

Other big news of the weekend?  Someone learned how to clap her hands.

And she is pretty proud.  I have yet to catch it on video, but I am determined this week.  It really does rank in the list of cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life.  That list, by the way, has completely been taken over by Waverly Maye in the last few months.
Happy Monday. 🙂