Eight Month Update

Age:  Eight Months

Height:  25 Inches

Weight:  16 Pounds 9 Ounces

Milestones:  OK, so I know I said it last month, but my baby girl really is about to be mobile.  I seriously think that any moment now, I am going to set her down and she is going to book it across the room.  And although she isn’t officially crawling, she can go from sitting to laying down and the other way around, and this keeps her anything but stationary.  She also can pull up really well now, on the side of her crib or really anything that she can get those little hands on.  Waverly Maye is making really clear sounds, and it really is the cutest thing I have ever heard.  Ever.  I could listen to it all day and night, and sometimes really do.  And as previously posted, Waverly now gives kisses, which seriously melts my heart.  Although as of now, she has only done so to Mommy.  Which obviously makes Mommy feel pretty special.

*UPDATE!  Being the Type-A, over-prepared person that I am, I wrote this past last Friday.  And since then, she is now a crawling little cutie.  It happened, my girl is crawling. 🙂

Sleep:  This month, we have had both highs and lows in our sleeping situation.  Some nights, she sleeps without a peep and we never even so much as walk into her nursery.  Others, she is up every hour, refusing to go back to sleep without a little comforting, consoling, & feeding.  The girl is anything but predictable and definitely keeps us on our toes. 

Eating:  Waverly Maye likes to eat.  She is still eating three meals a day with two snacks in between, and still has only had breastmilk and no formula (I’m really proud of that one.)  She LOVES puffs and a current favorite, Mum-Mums.  We have also given her Gerber Yogurt and Ella’s Organic Pouches.  And every now and then, I will sneak a bite of my frozen yogurt, jello, and bits of bread or pancakes.  So yes, my mini-me still has a major sweet tooth and will not take another veggie (on its own) besides sweet potatoes.  We are slowly mixing them in though, and are hoping to find another veggie soon that she will take.

Favorite Moments:  Like every other month, moments with her just keep getting better & better.  Our favorite things to do are very similar to what they have been … My Gym classes, pool dates, trips to Target or the mall, and runs in the jogging stroller.  But as she gets older and more alert, those weekly actitivites are more exciting and fun.  She truly wakes up each day with wide eyes, so anxious to start a new day and experience all life has to offer.  This month marked Waverly’s first St. Patrick’s Day, first visit with the Easter bunny, a family hike, and lots of time outside since the weather is finally starting to warm up.

Worst Moments:  This month has been a great one, but a low point was definitely Mommy & Daddy getting the flu.  As a mom, I’ve quickly learned that you can’t afford to get sick.  But luckily, Waverly Maye stayed well through the epidemic and was the ray of sunshine that made us feel better.  This month also brought Mommy’s first trip away from Waverly.  It was so hard to leave my girl, but I did lots of baby girl shopping to ease the pain.

Extra Comments:  It’s official.  I am obsessed with Waverly Maye and with being a mom,  It’s not that I haven’t been since her birth this past July, but with each passing month, my connection with her grows stronger.  Just when I think my heart couldn’t get any bigger, it does.  I don’t remember life before her and feel so fortunate that I never have to again.



  1. March 27, 2013 / 1:07 pm

    Happy 8 Months, Waverly Maye! It is easy to see why your Mama is obsessed with you! You are so pretty! (Way to go, Ashley, for sticking with nursing for 8 months! That is a huge accomplishment! 🙂

  2. March 27, 2013 / 3:23 pm

    Happy 8 months sweet girl. She is adorable

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