Being Brickner : Fall Family Photos

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fall Family Photos

Even though I completely love & adore the holiday season, now that they are officially a memory, I feel a slight sense of relief.  My OCD personality certainly welcomes an opportunity to clean, organize, and pack things away.  And that is just what I have done over the past week.

Additionally, the "blogging side of my brain" has felt that I have neglected some newsworthy moments over the past month.  I will admit that I often will be in the middle of a life moment with my baby girl when I think about how much I look forward to reliving the experience on the blog (not my proudest moment, I promise.)  
The pictures from our recent fall photo shoot is one that I have been looking forward to sharing ...

The pictures were professionally done by Stacey at Little Baby Blue Photography (Hampton Roads area).
Waverly's entire outfit is from Gigglemoon & my entire outfit is from Forever 21.


  1. OMG Love your forever21 bow headband! Perfect fall look!

  2. Since Grandma bought the outfit I can tell you that it is Gigglemoon--not Mudpie darling daughter!!

  3. Thank you! Love Forever 21! Sorry mom ... you are right! I will fix now. :)

  4. You and your family are beyond cute! You baby girl is a doll! Love her whole outfit!

    1. Thank u! I teach Fashion so I obviously love reading your shopaholic blog!!!! I look forward to it. :)