Being Brickner : January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Time in the Pool

Monumental moments are happening around here!  Waverly's series of firsts continues today with her FIRST time in the pool.  Over our out-of-town weekend, the hotel we were staying at came fully equipped with a pool & spa.  And although I didn't realize it prior to arriving and therefore didn't pack a swimsuit, we decided to take advantage.  

Waverly Maye couldn't have loved it more.  We think her love of water must have to do with her name,  but whatever the reason ... she definitely has an affection for it.  I think I see Mommy & Me swim classes in our future, and I obviously can't wait until this summer. 
In which, by the way, I will adorn my sweet girl in some rather stylish swimwear.  Since we didn't have any of the sort over the weekend, her naked little body had to do.  And even though I am definitely a fashion fanatic, her lack of clothes was pretty darn cute all on its own. :)

My water baby.

Although nude, she still had to accesorize.  We found her bracelet on Etsy and she wears it almost everyday!

Doesn't swimming tire you out?  She was asleep in her towel before we even made it back upstairs to our hotel room.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A (First) Road Trip with Waverly

After experiencing snow on Friday, Waverly's series of firsts continued with her first road trip on Saturday morning.  We packed the car to head to Harrisonburg, VA to surprise my sister at college.  I must admit that the drive from our house to JMU isn't a really long one (four hours total), yet I was totally hesitant & completely nervous.  For the initial two months of her existence, Waverly Maye pretty much flipped out every time she was in her car seat.  And although she has since certainly gotten more tolerant since, I had attempted to mentally prepare myself for four hours of constant crying.

Thankfully, I worried for no reason (my husband says that happens a lot ... it must be a girl thing.)  Our Waverly Maye was pretty much a rock star the entire car ride.  She (mostly) slept, played, and smiled for the duration of the drive.  And I, therefore, was a very happy mommy.
The drive was actually incredibly relaxing.  I actually read an entire copy of US Weekly, and that hasn't happened since before Waverly was born. 

Here are some of the essentials I brought to help ease the pain of traveling with a 6-month old ...

1 - Graco SnugRide Car Seat; We obviously use our car seat each & every day, so we have gotten to know it well.  Long gone are the days (pre-birth) when I was practicing hooking together the straps, as now I could practically get Waverly tucked in with my eyes closed.  For practical reasons, I have been nothing but happy with this car seat.  It is easy to use, as lightweight as it can be, and most importantly, keeps her safe!  And for a car seat, the colors & pattern are chic.
2 - Pacifier; YES, I admit it, we use a "paci."  It is incredibly effective at those times that our sweet baby bee is a tad fussy.  She definitely isn't one of those babies with it constantly in her mouth, but at times, it is a lifesaver. 
3 - Ella's Kitchen Organic Foods; This is a new favorite of ours.  We make all of Waverly's food with the Baby Bullet, but those foods are tough to pack & heat outside of our own kitchen.  LOVE these ... they are 100% organic, have a ton of flavors, and are so convenient.
4 - Fisher Price Love-U Zoo Mirror;  We used to have the standard mirror in front of her car seat, but recently upgraded to this one because of the lights, music, and remote control it comes with.  It is SO much better!  Waverly really is entertained by it and the remote control is great for me to keep in the front seat so I can turn it on & off as need be.
5; Ziploc Slider Bags;  I have always loved Ziploc bags, and used them long before I became a mom for a variety of reasons.  But now, I use them more than ever.  For the road trip, I packed each outift (with clothes, accesories & shoes) in a bag so I could keep track of everything.  I also always keep a bag in the car with some go-to toys for when we are going into a restaurant, a store for a quick shopping trip, or for her to play with while driving. 

My Tiny Traveler. :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Few Firsts: Part One

Waverly Maye turned six months over the weekend, and although not planned, her milestone birthday coincided with some pretty exciting firsts.  And as her very proud mommy, I will of course document these important moments with great detail. 

It rarely snows in Virginia Beach, and when it does, craziness occurs.  At the slight mention of some precipitation ... the weatherman gets super excited (he immediately becomes a lot more important), schools close (I'm definitely OK with that one), and Walmart is packed with shoppers stocking up on bottled water & batteries (I stick to Target, but definitely get locked & loaded.)

This past Friday was certainly no exception.  Even though I was disapointed that the flurries didn't fall early enough for an early dismissal from school, I was so anxious to get Waverly in the snow that I didn't care.  I knew that my curious little cutie was going to be in awe of a winter wonderland.
OK - So I know our 1 1/2 inches may not classify as a wonderland, per say, but for VB, it was pretty significant.

 I was right.  Waverly was one happy little snow bunny.
(After I took her outside, that is.  While I was dressing her in millions of layers, she was certainly not impressed.  Anyone else have that problem?) 

Waverly's jacket is by Corky Kids from Zulily, her jacket is from Zulily, her pants are from Gap, gloves & shoes are from Carters. (That is a lot of clothes!).

What is this, Mommy?!!!! 
She couldn't stop staring.  And was soooo quiet.  Although normally extremely vocal, she gets quiet when she is trying to figure out her surroundings.
But once inside, was her loud self once again.  And of course, eating the snow.  Just like everything else these days.

Happy FIRST SNOW, Waverly Maye.  And Happy Monday, friends.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy One-Half Year, Waverly Maye!

I obviously was off on some of her measurements .... new mom syndrome!!! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Waverly Maye's Six Month Report

Age:  Six Months; Halfway to a YEAR!

Height:  23 1/2 Inches

Weight:  14 lbs.

Milestones:  SOOOO many ... this was a huge month for our little munchkin.  She finally rolled over a couple of weeks ago, and although it only happened twice, we at least now know she is capable of it.  I definitely think she would do it more if she was more interested.  It's just that she has a strong, stubborn personality and doesn't want to do anything she doesn't want to do. (It's cute now, but I have a feeling I'm in trouble later!!!).  She will now lay on her tummy for a longer period of time and seems to like it more than she used to.  Waverly also can now sit on her own!  YAY!  This makes life so much easier as she will now play for longer and our photography sessions are much more effective.  And it's just so darn cute.  I have also noticed that she can grab on to her toys much better, laughs more & louder, and is overall just figuring out our little world on a daily basis. 
Sleep:  Nights at our household have definitely gotten easier since last month.  I am almost nervous to write this, as I can be superstitious ... but she has even slept through the night twice this week.  She still sleeps in the magic sleep suit at night, but has been napping in her crib without it.  Her nap schedule, at the moment, is unpredictable.  She pretty much takes a nap each morning two hours after she gets up, but the afternoons are another situation.  Some days she goes without one entirely and is content as can be, while others she definitely needs a long rest to be her happy self.  I think she really is just so social that she doesn't want to miss anything during the day and tries to stay up as much as possible.  And for me, that's just fine since it means more Mommy & Waverly time!

Eating:  Thanks to our new high chair, Waverly Maye is officially eating more than breast milk these days!  So far, she has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and avocado.  The oatmeal seems to be her favorite, although I'm trying to get her more on the veggies.  We are making them in our new baby bullet, which we love!  I think adding in these foods have contributed to her better sleep at night, and also have helped to extend my milk supply for a longer period of time. (I am still pumping and we have yet to give her any formula; my goal is still one year!).  I never realized how fun feeding our little girl would be, but it is seriously one of my favorite times of the day, and I think hers too.

Favorite Moments:  Um, exactly how much can I write here?  There have been so many memorable & exciting moments this month that they all kind of come together as one overall (perfect) memory.  What makes them that much more special is that they all have been doing habitual, everyday activities that used to be so ordinary & mundane.  Like, for example, bath time?  Who ever thought something so routine could be so much fun?  We also love jogs in the stroller, shopping at Target with Waverly sitting in her new cart cover, and snuggling together at night.
Worst Moments:  Without a doubt, the hardest part of my day is still leaving for work in the mornings during the week.  When she is asleep, it is bearable.  But when those bright baby-blues are wide open, it's pretty much torture.  I am already counting down the days to summer break. :)

Extra Comments:  I imagine that I may say this again in the months to come, but I am pretty sure that this month has been my favorite yet.  Waverly is just SO fun these days, and other than her occasional fussy moments (which now can almost always be tracked to hunger or sleepiness), each moment with her is (in one word) - amazing

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Total Rookie Move

Since my sister-in-law caught the flu epidemic that is going around right now, I glady took a half-day yesterday to hang with my baby girl.  I obviously enjoyed every minute, and really could get used to this whole stay-at-home mom thing (not the first time I have thought that!).  Waverly & I had a coffee date at Panera, ran some errands, ate some sweet potatoes while laughing/dancing, and finished the day off playing at our kids gym.  I'm not sure I can think of a better way to spend a Tuesday.

It was our time at Panera that caused my epiphany and reason for this post.  Waverly definitely needed to be changed, but I remembered how frustrated I had been months earlier.  My baby girl wasn't much older than two weeks and I had brought her to meet two of my girlfriends for lunch at Panera.  Lunch went well, until I realized that my newborn needed a new diaper and there was no where to change her. 
Those days are a little hazy, but I am pretty sure I complained to both my friends and proceeded to call my husband & mom to complain, too.  Really, a family-friendly place like Panera doesn't even have somewhere to change babies?  Ridiculous.

Well, it seems I owe Panera an apology.  I was about to change Waverly in the back seat of my car yesterday (not the first time I have done that!) when I decided I needed to go to the ladies room myself.  And there, practically glowing, was a perfectly suitable & sufficient changing table.  Apparently, I failed to actually walk inside the stall the first time.  And have, in fact, been back over three times since without ever walking in because I already knew they didn't have one.
Really?  Who does that?
In my defense, I was a little sleep-deprived & overwhelmed at the time.  And am not always all there since.

So ... note to self.  Panera does have a changing table.  It's inside the stall ... just like a majority of the other changing tables in America.  Imagine that.
Mom, no changing table?!  Come on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Beloved Boon

About five years ago, my favorite possessions in life pretty much all surrounded my wardrobe & beauty regimen.  Looking back now, I am pretty sure I could have been awarded with the Most Frequent Shopper at both Forever 21 and H&M in the Virginia Beach area.  
Do you think they really give away that award?  I really feel that they should.  And the winner (me) should get a gift card.  

Oh, how times have changed.  These days, it's all about onsies, bibs, and toys.
Well ... almost.
 I was beyond excited for our new high chair that we asked Santa for.  After some research on blogs & reviews, we decided on the Boon Flair High Chair.  And it was SUCH a good decision.  I can't say I have anything to compare it to, since I definitely haven't ever used another high chair, but I can't imagine another one better.  

There are so many reasons to love the Boon (the modern look, the wheels, the ability to easily clean it,t the extra tray it comes with ...).  But for us, the best part is how much Waverly loves being in it.  Sitting in it makes her so happy, and that, of course, makes me happy.  And furthermore, it has helped her to actually like to eat something other than my milk.  This was a milestone for us, since she had pretty much dismissed everything we had given her previously.

See below for all that our Waverly Maye has tried since we got our Boon High Chair

Other than the avocado (which she was obviously a little unsure of!), she has been eating away ever since we got the Boon.  I'm pretty sure this just shows her diva ways starting early ... she wasn't going to eat in just any ordinary chair.  She needed the real deal.  And that real deal was our beloved boon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fact Friday

My quest to add some weekly series into my blog goes on today ... and this one was mostly inspired by my post about Waverly's newborn photos this week.  Although I remember the details of the day we took those pictures so vividly, I know that there is going to come a time that all of these memories aren't so clear.  At five months, my baby girl is certainly developing & progressing on a daily basis.  I can hardly keep up.  (I swear I left a basically bald baby the other morning to come home to one covered in a full head of hair.)  So with all this growing going on, it's easy to get confused or forget her latest "thing."

And by "thing," I'm sure all you moms know just what I mean.  The tendencies your little one has that may seem silly or trivial to others, but make you deliriously happy and proud.  The ones that you never knew would be so downright adorable until you gave birth.  You get my drift, right?

So while I realize that these Friday facts may not be as interesting or entertaining to others, I plan to use my end-of-the-week posts to record some of Waverly's current mannerisms, facial expressions, and habits. 
The ones I don't want to ever forget.

Since this is my first Fact Friday, there is a lot I could include.  But in an effort to not come off as a completely obsessed mom, I've done my best to narrow it down.

My baby girl currently has an infatuation with faces.
This started a couple of months ago with her Uncle Austin.  Waverly Maye LOVES to touch faces ... specifically noses, cheeks, and lips.  It's almost as if it is her way of being affectionate.  And even though (as previously posted) she is experiencing a bit of separation anxiety at the moment, she typically doesn't discriminate her object of affection.  I (of course) love it and let those little fingers grab on to my face all day long.

Waverly grabbing on to her Aunt Kim.  

About to grab on to her first boyfriend, Baby Brad.

Is Waverly Maye the only one?  Are there years of "KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!" in my future?    Right now, I don't feel that I'll ever mind it ... but I have a feeling it might not be so cute when she is ten.

Happy Friday! :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love to Lexie & Gigglemoon

Waverly wanted to take an opportunity to wish her Aunt Lexie a Happy, Happy Birthday!  

She also wanted to give some love to Gigglemoon for outfitting her for this latest chalkboard photo session.  To say we are obsessed with this absolutely precious, adorable brand is obviously an understatement.  LOVE!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Crest & The Crash: Day One

One of my goals for 2013 is to add some weekly series into my blog. 
The others?  To keep working on my post-baby body, to try to get a handle on my major shopping addiction, and to (obviously) cherish each moment with Waverly Maye.  More about those later.

One of those weekly series is going to begin today.  I must admit that I initially came up with the idea for this one while watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" a few years ago. 
Yes, I admit that I am a dedicated follower of their show, fashion, and lives in general.  Not my proudest obsession, but I'm obviously not the only one.  And I admit that while entertaining, 95% of their antics are completely absurd. 
 This one, however, was actually realistic & worthwhile.  As children, the Kardashians would share the pit & the peak of their day each night at the dinner table.  After seeing this on an episode, I started the tradition with my husband in our own home.  And now, I can't wait to (one day) do it with our Waverly Maye.

In the meantime, I thought it would be a perfect weekly series for my blog.  But instead of the pit & the peak, I (obviously) needed my own creative name.  So after much thought & consideration, I decided on the crest & the crash ... a play off of Waverly's name.  Get it? :)

So what is this week's crest & crash?  Well, our high & low points of the week are exactly the same thing.
(You know, one of those moments that you can look at the glass half full or empty?)
Waverly has officially entered the seperation anxiety phase.  I should have known it was coming, as I was warned in the 5 month chapter of my "What To Expect the First Year" book.  The tears are now flowing when she is with someone that she doesn't completely recognize.
This is a crash for obvious reasons.  I don't want my sweet girl to EVER be sad, if I can help it.  And why does this also classify as a crest?  Quite honestly, for selfish reasons.  I can't help but feeling a slight sense of warmth, relief, and pride when my baby girl appears to be the happiest in the presence of my (and a few others!) company.  It does feel pretty good.  This whole mom thing is really working out well.

No separating the two of us.
Waverly's outfit is from Zulily & her headband is from Dillards.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Photos with My Flashbacks

One of the highlights of my of day (other than obviously spending sweet, precious time with Waverly Maye) is catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  I can't believe there was this whole fascinating world in cyberspace that I wasn't even aware of.  It has now become a part of my daily routine.  And while reading one of my go-to's the other day ... I was inspired for a post of my own.

Charlene @ Becoming the Barr's recently shared such a sweet, inspirational post about her baby girl's newborn photos.  While reading it, I realized that I hadn't posted my favorites from Waverly's yet.  
So today's the day. Waverly's photos were taken by Stacey @ Little Baby Blue Photography (Virginia Beach, VA.).  Even though it was five months ago, I still can remember the day they were taken quite well. And so, I'm going to document it now before I forget even one slight detail.

Waverly Maye,
You were a mere 5 days old when we tucked you into your car seat to drive you to your first photo shoot.  My heart was more full than I ever thought it could be, although now looking back, I didn't even know the sweet, perfect YOU yet.

What I did know?  How beautiful you were.  So stunning that I remember wanting you to look exactly the same way forever.  When your dad used to say how much you were changing everyday, I used to tell him he was crazy.  I didn't want to believe it.  But he was right.
(Don't ever tell him I said that.)
Though I didn't think it could happen, you have only gotten more beautiful since that day.
Inside & out.

I was so proud of your red hair; just like me.  Somehow, it made me feel more like you were mine.
(Even though I still sometimes really can't believe it.  I get to keep you forever?  I really can't be that lucky.)

From the moment you were born, everyone has said that you have my lips and your daddy's eyes. 
That hasn't changed at all. 
(Lucky girl ... From the time I was in high school, daydreaming of my future life with your Daddy ... I hoped our children would have those baby blues.)
You kept those eyes closed during all of your newborn pictures, though.  We "tip-toed" around the room while you slept, even as Stacey moved you in a million different positions.  I have a feeling the same thing wouldn't happen now.  Maybe if you were in your magic sleep suit, but that probably wouldn't make for the best pictures.

Beyond your irrestistable face is your little body.  Height certainly doesn't run in our family, and you are no exception.  Even five months later, your little arms & legs haven't gotten much longer.  You have certainly gotten chunkier, though, and I just love it.  Those cheeks have filled out, your tummy gets big (especially after eating), and I even have spotted a few baby rolls.  And that baby butt.  I really would like you to put it up like that when you sleep forever.  Can you make that happen?

Although even our doctor didn't believe it, you have been smiling from the start.  It first happened while you were sleeping.  Those lips would creep up in the cutest way, and still do.  You must have the best dreams to smile like that in your sleep.  They can't be as great as the many I have for you, though. 

Oh, how that little body fits so perfectly in your Daddy's hands.  Although I don't like to admit that he does much better than me, he can hold you and get you to sleep like magic. 
(Even more magic than that magic sleep suit.) 

Sweet girl, we both can't believe that we created someone as perfect & precious as you.
I remember looking at you that day, when we were first getting to know you, absolutely amazed.
  We were extremely nervous, anxious, bewildered, and (obviously) sleep-deprived, but we had you. 
And always will.  There is nothing better than that.

And on one final point  ...
That day, and truly, everyday with you since, was so memorable & magical.  Everything about you - including your physical features, facial expressions, and daily nuances - are nothing short of perfection. 
Me, on the other hand, not so much.  Five days post-partum, and a brand new mom with a lack of sleep & not much confidence or clarity in caring for a newborn ... I was a mess.  I barely got my hair dried that morning and threw on the first black dress that I could find to fit my post-preggers/no longer cute with a belly body.  I had the "belly bandit" tightly velcroed around my midsection in hopes to bring my bloating down, which caused the 80 degree July weather to feel more like 180 degrees to me.  And my nails?  As you can see below, they were half-painted with the bright pink I had put on the week before anticipating your arrival.  Therefore, for obvious reasons, I wasn't much up for pictures.  It certainly wasn't my most shining moment of fashion through the years.  But I am glad I did, because it shows the bond that I was already creating with you, one that has only grown since.  And that I know will continue to.
(And furthermore, posting this picture in COLOR definitely shows that strong love too, don't you think?) 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Workout with Waverly

Before I got pregnant, I was in a pretty good workout routine.  I rarely went a week without going to the gym six times.  And that had been going on for about four years.
Before I sound too impressive, I must point out that my time at the gym rarely lasted for more than thirty minutes on a cardio machine.  And while in that machine, I was usually reading a gossip magazine & watching a TV show.  But nevertheless, I was there.  

Once the constant nausea and exhaustion hit during my first trimester, an afternoon at the gym was obviously out of the question.  In fact, some days it was a small miracle for make it out of bed for work.  And although I eventually started feeling better, it's safe to say that I took advantage of my pregnancy and certainly did not "over-exert" myself for the duration of the nine months.

I had big plans to get myself back into shape once Waverly Maye was born.  I obviously did not realize how much my life was about to change.  Although I certainly fit in some post-baby workouts before returning to work, now that I'm back ... the last thing I want to do after reuniting with my babe is leave her for a date with the elliptical.  So I've had to get creative.  On the weekends, I'm able to leave Waverly with my husband for a quick workout.  And I've picked up a few fitness DVDs to put in while Waverly plays in her jumper some during the week.  But neither of the two are ideal.  I honestly hate leaving her at all if I can help it (Option 1) and my sweetie doesn't much like a lack of attention (Option 2).  So instead, here is our latest plan of action.

1 - IPhone; For music & of course, to take pictures of Waverly Maye when we get halfway through our run at the oceanfront.
2 - Northface Baby Bunting; Perfect for bundling Waverly up when it is cold out.  She loves the outdoors and the cold doesn't seem to bother her at all, but this is perfect for making sure she is nice & cozy.
3 - Pink Yoga Pants; For mommy to wear while working on her fitness. :)
4 - Bob Jogging Stroller:  Disclaimer - This is not the jogging stroller we have.  We were passed down ours, and have been more than happy with it.  Although Waverly had issues with being content in her stroller when she was younger, she has never made so much as a peep in the jogging stroller.  She loves it.  And from the reviews I had read, this is the best one.
5 - Minky Blanket; For extra warmth, I always bring a blanket for Waverly.  And Minky blankets are my absolute favorite.  

And for a sweet picture of us in action ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Girls at the Gym

I don't know if I put this in my head, but I don't think our Waverly Maye is a homebody type of girl.  If my hunch is correct, she certainly would have gotten that trait from me.  I get "cabin fever" if I'm home for more than a few hours in a row.  I have to get out, and most likely that "out" equates to browsing the aisles at Target, TJ Maxx, or the mall.  If I'm honest, we (me & my mini-me), can be found at ones of those forementioned most days of the week. And as a result, my bank account may have seen better days.

So in an effort to start 2013 with a better financial philosophy without requiring Waverly & I to stay homebound until the on set of Spring ... I had to come up with a plan.  I (of course) turned to Google to research "activities for moms & babies" in our area.  And after making some calls and inquiries, Waverly & I were signed up to try classes at two different little gyms.  
We (both of us) were super excited. 

Our first class was at a Gymboree gym.  It was thirty-minutes long and jam-packed full of singing, dancing, and climbing. Waverly only had one minor meltdown and other than that, was happy as could be.  I considered it a success.

Waverly & her first teacher.

The second free-trial class was at Little Gym.  Although Waverly was by far the youngest in her class, she was a stellar student (if I do say so myself.)  We had the best time. 
However, I must point out that there were several different occasions that I was in disbelief that I was singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while marching in a circle with other moms I had never met.  And really enjoying it.  Didn't see that one coming a couple of years ago when I was on the dance floor at my local bar.  

Waverly & her second teacher.  

Seeing that Waverly couldn't help me with this major life decision, I had to make this one on my own.
(I'm guessing that I should enjoy my sole input into her life now, as I am sure she will have a lot to say later.
Since Waverly seemed to have a great time at both classes, I decided to go with the simple fact that one was closer to our house than the other.  Perhaps not a deciding factor before I had a child ... but Waverly is not the biggest fan of her car sear at the moment, so it's currently, less time in the car, the better.

We are officially members at the Little Gym.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roll Tide & Rit Dye

Even though I do not live in Alabama, did not attend the University of Alabama, and quite honestly, do not know anyone personally who has ... I am a fan of the Crimson tide.  The reason?  My brother & dad are both are mildly obsessed, to the point that I am pretty sure that both of them would jump into bed with Nick Saban to discuss last night's victory (if given the opportunity.)  Nonetheless, their adoration of the team has been passed down to me, and I have now passed that down to Waverly Maye.  For now, anyways.

I am proud to report that I got quite crafty for Waverly's Alabama attire.  Although oxblood is the color of the season (Check, and my baby girl currently has more clothes hanging in her closet than I do, I couldn't seem to find a garment festive enough for Alabama's big day.

I have since added a burgundy/oxblood/wine hued ensemble to my list of items to get for Waverly.

I had read about Rit Dye on Pinterest, and had specifically "pinned" a link from someone who used the dye to color onesies.  So I purchased the closest color to Alabama's that I could find at Micheals, and planned to dye a White Carters onesie that Waverly had already worn.  It was super easy (And coming from me, that totally means it is.  I claim to be crafty, but truthfully lack the patience to be that successful at it.)
Here is all I did:

1.  Started a cycle on my washing machine using the warmest water setting and let the water fill up.
2.  Put half of the Rit Dye bottle in the water.
3.  Put the onsie in and let the cycle go.
4.  I repeated this twice to make the color darker, but could have stopped there.
5.  Put in the dryer.
6.  Use detergent and run the washing machine through one cycle without anything in it (To not dye my other clothes!)

So there you have it!  I plan to do it with some other colors, too!  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fall Family Photos

Even though I completely love & adore the holiday season, now that they are officially a memory, I feel a slight sense of relief.  My OCD personality certainly welcomes an opportunity to clean, organize, and pack things away.  And that is just what I have done over the past week.

Additionally, the "blogging side of my brain" has felt that I have neglected some newsworthy moments over the past month.  I will admit that I often will be in the middle of a life moment with my baby girl when I think about how much I look forward to reliving the experience on the blog (not my proudest moment, I promise.)  
The pictures from our recent fall photo shoot is one that I have been looking forward to sharing ...

The pictures were professionally done by Stacey at Little Baby Blue Photography (Hampton Roads area).
Waverly's entire outfit is from Gigglemoon & my entire outfit is from Forever 21.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Month Faves

1:  Nuby Softees Hard & Soft Teether Set;  I could have filled this list completely with teething toys, as they are definitely our "go-to" product of the moment.  Waverly eats everything these days (the remote, my IPhone, the side of the table, really nothing is exempt). These are simple & affordable, and keep her completely content.

2:  Bright Starts Lots of Links;  Another product that Waverly Maye can put those cute lips on. These come in a huge pack, so when she drops one (a common occurrence), there are plenty of replacements. These are also great for hanging toys from her car seat, crib, or play mat.

3:  Spectra Dew 350 Pump & Tote; Holy lifesaver!  About one month after returning to work, my milk supply started to deplete.  Heard of living paycheck to paycheck?  We were living milk bag to milk bag.  It was stressful for me, which in turn made my supply go down even more.  After deciding that part of the problem could be the fact that the pump I was using was passed down and had definitely seen better days, we decided to make the investment for a new one.  Best decision ever!  The new pump is faster, lighter, and efficient.  I have now saved up quite the milk supply that I am very proud of.

4:  Bumbo Floor Seat:  I am pretty sure that the Bumbo has made my list of favorites before, but we have been using it this month more than ever so I felt I should include it.  Waverly loves her Bumbo seat and sits in it at least once a day.  I know about the recalls, but I will sit on the floor with her (and her millions of toys) when she is in it so I feel we are safe!  She has also started to sit up on her own now, and I think the Bumbo definitely helped in that development, since it helped give her the opportunity to practice her head & back control.

5:  Balboa Baby High Chair Liner:  So I know Waverly may seem a little young & small to be sitting in high chairs or carts, but she truly likes it so I'm going with it.  I have seen high chair liners before, and for some strange reason, have always thought they were super cute and couldn't wait to put my own baby in one.  For practical reasons, the liner is great because it props her up since she really is still too small to be in either a high chair or cart.  And also, it is much more sanitary when she is eating the side of the chair or cart.

6:  Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair:  My current favorite product, without a doubt!!!  Santa brought us this fashion-forward high chair and Waverly Maye (and mommy) are super happy with it.  We can easily strap her in, so we are able to use it already even though she is still so young.  And it is so easy to clean, has wheels so you can move it, and is definitely not an eye-sore sitting at our kitchen table.  Love it. :)

And of course, a five-month favorite photo of my munchkin ... 

Waverly's sweater & jeans are from Baby Gap, shoes &  headband  are from Carters.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!