Monumental moments are happening around here!  Waverly’s series of firsts continues today with her FIRST time in the pool.  Over our out-of-town weekend, the hotel we were staying at came fully equipped with a pool & spa.  And although I didn’t realize it prior to arriving and therefore didn’t pack a swimsuit, we decided to take advantage.  
Waverly Maye couldn’t have loved it more.  We think her love of water must have to do with her name,  but whatever the reason … she definitely has an affection for it.  I think I see Mommy & Me swim classes in our future, and I obviously can’t wait until this summer. 
In which, by the way, I will adorn my sweet girl in some rather stylish swimwear.  Since we didn’t have any of the sort over the weekend, her naked little body had to do.  And even though I am definitely a fashion fanatic, her lack of clothes was pretty darn cute all on its own. 🙂
My water baby.

Although nude, she still had to accesorize.  We found her bracelet on Etsy and she wears it almost everyday!

Doesn’t swimming tire you out?  She was asleep in her towel before we even made it back upstairs to our hotel room.

After experiencing snow on Friday, Waverly’s series of firsts continued with her first road trip on Saturday morning.  We packed the car to head to Harrisonburg, VA to surprise my sister at college.  I must admit that the drive from our house to JMU isn’t a really long one (four hours total), yet I was totally hesitant & completely nervous.  For the initial two months of her existence, Waverly Maye pretty much flipped out every time she was in her car seat.  And although she has since certainly gotten more tolerant since, I had attempted to mentally prepare myself for four hours of constant crying.
Thankfully, I worried for no reason (my husband says that happens a lot … it must be a girl thing.)  Our Waverly Maye was pretty much a rock star the entire car ride.  She (mostly) slept, played, and smiled for the duration of the drive.  And I, therefore, was a very happy mommy.
The drive was actually incredibly relaxing.  I actually read an entire copy of US Weekly, and that hasn’t happened since before Waverly was born. 
Here are some of the essentials I brought to help ease the pain of traveling with a 6-month old …
1 – Graco SnugRide Car Seat; We obviously use our car seat each & every day, so we have gotten to know it well.  Long gone are the days (pre-birth) when I was practicing hooking together the straps, as now I could practically get Waverly tucked in with my eyes closed.  For practical reasons, I have been nothing but happy with this car seat.  It is easy to use, as lightweight as it can be, and most importantly, keeps her safe!  And for a car seat, the colors & pattern are chic.
2 – Pacifier; YES, I admit it, we use a “paci.”  It is incredibly effective at those times that our sweet baby bee is a tad fussy.  She definitely isn’t one of those babies with it constantly in her mouth, but at times, it is a lifesaver. 
3 – Ella’s Kitchen Organic Foods; This is a new favorite of ours.  We make all of Waverly’s food with the Baby Bullet, but those foods are tough to pack & heat outside of our own kitchen.  LOVE these … they are 100% organic, have a ton of flavors, and are so convenient.
4 – Fisher Price Love-U Zoo Mirror;  We used to have the standard mirror in front of her car seat, but recently upgraded to this one because of the lights, music, and remote control it comes with.  It is SO much better!  Waverly really is entertained by it and the remote control is great for me to keep in the front seat so I can turn it on & off as need be.
5; Ziploc Slider Bags;  I have always loved Ziploc bags, and used them long before I became a mom for a variety of reasons.  But now, I use them more than ever.  For the road trip, I packed each outift (with clothes, accesories & shoes) in a bag so I could keep track of everything.  I also always keep a bag in the car with some go-to toys for when we are going into a restaurant, a store for a quick shopping trip, or for her to play with while driving. 
My Tiny Traveler. 🙂

Waverly Maye turned six months over the weekend, and although not planned, her milestone birthday coincided with some pretty exciting firsts.  And as her very proud mommy, I will of course document these important moments with great detail. 
It rarely snows in Virginia Beach, and when it does, craziness occurs.  At the slight mention of some precipitation … the weatherman gets super excited (he immediately becomes a lot more important), schools close (I’m definitely OK with that one), and Walmart is packed with shoppers stocking up on bottled water & batteries (I stick to Target, but definitely get locked & loaded.)
This past Friday was certainly no exception.  Even though I was disapointed that the flurries didn’t fall early enough for an early dismissal from school, I was so anxious to get Waverly in the snow that I didn’t care.  I knew that my curious little cutie was going to be in awe of a winter wonderland.
OK – So I know our 1 1/2 inches may not classify as a wonderland, per say, but for VB, it was pretty significant.
 I was right.  Waverly was one happy little snow bunny.
(After I took her outside, that is.  While I was dressing her in millions of layers, she was certainly not impressed.  Anyone else have that problem?) 
Waverly’s jacket is by Corky Kids from Zulily, her jacket is from Zulily, her pants are from Gap, gloves & shoes are from Carters. (That is a lot of clothes!).

What is this, Mommy?!!!! 
She couldn’t stop staring.  And was soooo quiet.  Although normally extremely vocal, she gets quiet when she is trying to figure out her surroundings.
But once inside, was her loud self once again.  And of course, eating the snow.  Just like everything else these days.

Happy FIRST SNOW, Waverly Maye.  And Happy Monday, friends.

I obviously was off on some of her measurements …. new mom syndrome!!! 🙂

Age:  Six Months; Halfway to a YEAR!

Height:  23 1/2 Inches

Weight:  14 lbs.

Milestones:  SOOOO many … this was a huge month for our little munchkin.  She finally rolled over a couple of weeks ago, and although it only happened twice, we at least now know she is capable of it.  I definitely think she would do it more if she was more interested.  It’s just that she has a strong, stubborn personality and doesn’t want to do anything she doesn’t want to do. (It’s cute now, but I have a feeling I’m in trouble later!!!).  She will now lay on her tummy for a longer period of time and seems to like it more than she used to.  Waverly also can now sit on her own!  YAY!  This makes life so much easier as she will now play for longer and our photography sessions are much more effective.  And it’s just so darn cute.  I have also noticed that she can grab on to her toys much better, laughs more & louder, and is overall just figuring out our little world on a daily basis. 
Sleep:  Nights at our household have definitely gotten easier since last month.  I am almost nervous to write this, as I can be superstitious … but she has even slept through the night twice this week.  She still sleeps in the magic sleep suit at night, but has been napping in her crib without it.  Her nap schedule, at the moment, is unpredictable.  She pretty much takes a nap each morning two hours after she gets up, but the afternoons are another situation.  Some days she goes without one entirely and is content as can be, while others she definitely needs a long rest to be her happy self.  I think she really is just so social that she doesn’t want to miss anything during the day and tries to stay up as much as possible.  And for me, that’s just fine since it means more Mommy & Waverly time!

Eating:  Thanks to our new high chair, Waverly Maye is officially eating more than breast milk these days!  So far, she has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and avocado.  The oatmeal seems to be her favorite, although I’m trying to get her more on the veggies.  We are making them in our new baby bullet, which we love!  I think adding in these foods have contributed to her better sleep at night, and also have helped to extend my milk supply for a longer period of time. (I am still pumping and we have yet to give her any formula; my goal is still one year!).  I never realized how fun feeding our little girl would be, but it is seriously one of my favorite times of the day, and I think hers too.

Favorite Moments:  Um, exactly how much can I write here?  There have been so many memorable & exciting moments this month that they all kind of come together as one overall (perfect) memory.  What makes them that much more special is that they all have been doing habitual, everyday activities that used to be so ordinary & mundane.  Like, for example, bath time?  Who ever thought something so routine could be so much fun?  We also love jogs in the stroller, shopping at Target with Waverly sitting in her new cart cover, and snuggling together at night.
Worst Moments:  Without a doubt, the hardest part of my day is still leaving for work in the mornings during the week.  When she is asleep, it is bearable.  But when those bright baby-blues are wide open, it’s pretty much torture.  I am already counting down the days to summer break. 🙂

Extra Comments:  I imagine that I may say this again in the months to come, but I am pretty sure that this month has been my favorite yet.  Waverly is just SO fun these days, and other than her occasional fussy moments (which now can almost always be tracked to hunger or sleepiness), each moment with her is (in one word) – amazing